# 2022 gave us a fresh new start – it brought us many steps closer to normalcy and exciting new opportunities. At Posist, it was no less than a gift because we achieved greater growth as a business, product company, and team. The year marks some of the most exciting milestones achieved so far. There’s a lot to be grateful for as we reflect on the year we have had. 

As a brand, we looked at ourselves in newer ways. We came a long way from being a POS platform and started helping businesses beyond the front-of-house requirements. It led us to reposition ourselves as a brand and take up a new identity.

Posist automates and streamlines workflows across various functions of restaurant operations like Front-of-House (FOH), Back-of-House(BOH), CRM, Analytics, and Out-of-House/ Integrations. This evolution from being a POS platform to becoming a unified restaurant technology platform has been phenomenal. It has brought us to where we are today, with a clear vision and purpose – to make restaurants prosperous, efficient, and scalable. 

Posist is here to help fast-growing restaurants and enterprises simplify and automate their restaurant operations. These businesses are usually limited by staff shortage, complex processes, and digital tools; and Posist is here to help them become more efficient, and make their team productive, ultimately helping them scale their business. Unlike other players in the market, we differentiate ourselves with the ease, support, and value we provide to our customers and stakeholders. 

2022 was a year full of new launches, feature enhancements, event debuts, awards, and recognitions, making us excited about the newer directions Posist is heading into. Below we have taken stock of all the incredible things that transpired in 2022 as we plan for even better things in the future.

A year full of innovation and exciting new features

This year we consolidated different facets of our platform and brought them together as a single platform, helping our customers achieve more, reduce complexities, streamline disparate operations, and much more. As the restaurant industry continues to adopt technology, we see ourselves bringing much-needed cohesion, simplicity, and visibility. We are making it easier for brands to manage their restaurant business. 

On the integrations front, we onboarded several new third-party partners and increased the number of integrations we support from 150 to 400+. Some of these are Careem, Panasonic, Seven Rooms, PaymentSense, and HungerStation. It gives our customers greater flexibility to reduce operational costs and complexity. 

Strengthening our platform’s capabilities to support the security and risk management needs of our enterprise customers, we achieved compliance with global standards in security such as SOC 2, GDPR, ISO 27001, and ISO 27017

In order to strengthen our community, we took some new initiatives. We have rolled out our much-awaited self-paced learning portal, Posist Academy. The platform is available in 4 languages – English, Spanish, Thai, and Hindi. We see the academy playing a crucial role in helping our customers make the most of our platform and boost their teams’ productivity. 

Also, we started our podcast Restrocast to get you the best insights and lessons from the legends of the restaurant world. We sat down with some of the most popular names such as Duncan Muir, Naim Maadad, George Kunnappally, and Tapan Vaidya and learned about their journey into the hospitality industry. 

A year full of awards & recognition 

We have always focused on doing the right thing for our customers and employees – which is why it feels extra special when recognition comes our way without chasing it. 

Among some of the biggest recognitions, Posist was the only restaurant technology platform that got named as the leader in three categories: Restaurant Management Software, Restaurant POS Systems, and Restaurant Business Intelligence and Analytics Software.


We got named in G2’s 2022 Best Software List as one of the top #10 India Software Sellers. It puts us in the top 1% of the 1,000 best software vendors in the country. These awards are a great testament to the value we have been able to deliver to our customers, and the trust they have in Posist. 

We also got recognized as the Great Place to Work®. 93% of our employees find Posist to be a “great place to work”. The certification by Great Place to Work® highlights Posist’ workplace culture as one that creates a positive work environment where team members feel supported, content, and happy. 


We believe in the idea that the employee experience directly impacts the customer experience. In other words, a happy team equals happy customers. You can’t produce a great product and deliver superior service without prioritizing your team and ensuring that they feel supported and valued in their roles.

A year full of growth 

2022 marked our debut in several top global restaurant industry events and conferences. We attended Abastur (Mexico), Foodex Saudi (Riyadh, KSA), FSTEC (Texas, US), Restaurant Bar & Tech Live (London, UK), MURTEC Executive Summit (California, US), Restaurant Finance & Development Conference (Las Vegas, US), Global Restaurant Leadership Conference (Dubai, UAE), Saudi Horeca (Riyadh, US), and many more. These conferences and events took our team to over 7 countries and helped us make meaningful connections with over 5,000+ industry professionals.  

During these events, we met with restaurant owners, executives, operators, and franchisees – for networking, learning, happy hours, and lots of fun. With unique booth designs that piqued visitors’ curiosity, the team’s infectious energy, and the readiness to go and build our presence in the new waters – our presence was an absolute hit! 

We thank everyone who has been a part of this ride – customers, partners, and well-wishers. Most importantly, we thank our team members who poured their heart and soul every day into making Posist a great product, company, and customer experience. 

There’s so much more to come in 2023, and we hope to have your faith in our vision continue. We wish you a great year of opportunities, growth, and success.