Manage your restaurant inventory from anywhere

Posist’s Restaurant Inventory Management helps operators automate their workflows to optimize inventory usage,
reduce food waste, and improve bottom-line.

Real-time restaurant inventory management

Keep a clear check on your inventory and prevent pilferage with smart inventory management software.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on manual inventory tracking
  • Track the stock of all restaurant outlets in real-time and eliminate the likelihood of thefts and wastage
  • Determine daily inventory usage with stock-in and stock-out features
  • Make data driven decisions to optimize stock consumption
Restaurant staff checking the physical inventory
Restaurant staff holding a basket of tomatoes in inventory section

Optimize raw material procurement

Take full control over your inventory, track stock, inventory, purchases and other expenses, forecast your expenses and control food cost.

  • Know when to re-order raw materials with alerts that remind you to order whenever the item reaches the re-order level
  • Do not let your perishables get expired with alerts that notify you with items’ expiration dates
  • Simplify the management of daily, weekly, and monthly stock requirements of each outlet
Restaurant staff holding a basket of tomatoes in inventory section

“We are proud to have partnered with Posist in our digital transformation journey. Posist has replaced our legacy POS for 400 stores across Saudi Arabia. We have managed the project with 100% offshore support.”

Mohammad Hussein, IT Applications Manager

Herfy Food Services

Manage recipes centrally from base kitchen

Deliver the best quality food with consistent taste across all outlets with systematic recipe management.

  • Update recipes instantly and ensure the same consistency and quality standards across all outlets
  • Control your food costs by altering the main recipe and following portion control during item preparation
  • Track the stock consumption in the preparation of each dish
Eye view of a person looking at a recipe book
Chefs preparing food in a restaurant

Reduce food wastage

Tracking food waste is crucial for accurate ordering and forecasting. It provides managers with insights as to where more training might be required

  • Identify which recipes tend to produce the most waste and inventory variance across all restaurant locations
  • Monitor product usage to gain insights into sitting inventory, stock levels, and variances in projected costs
  • Easily determine which restaurant locations may require additional training to improve efficiencies
  • Track all of your data around sales, restocks, re-counts, and variances to help identify the best ways to reduce operating costs
Chefs preparing food in a restaurant

Boost your restaurant’s efficiency with Posist’s inventory management

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