Enterprise Restaurant Chain
Management System

Run your multi-unit operations from HQ, manage sourcing, teams, and stores.


Manage multi-unit restaurant operations with ease

Posist empowers businesses with end-to-end control, actionable data, and insights to improve efficiency and focus on what matters the most- serving great food.

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Multi-location Management

With Posist, you can manage multi-outlets inventory, staff, integrations, accounts from your head office.

Agile Architecture

BFCD – Brand, Format, Cluster, Deployment architecture enables a multi-dimensional view of business to drive efficiency.

Vendor Management

Keeps track of multiple vendors from the central dashboard. Track and place fresh orders from HQ.

Staff Management

Onboard new team members directly from your head office. Manage access rights, and track team-wise performance.

Central Menu Management

Simplify menu configurations, pricing, promotions across stores from central HQ, saving precious operating hours at store & enterprise level.

Reporting & Forecasting

Predict sales, stock requirement & stock consumption. View revenue and sales data of all outlets from a single dashboard.

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“From 4 to 300+ stores, we’ve scaled with Posist.  Working with Posist has been absolute delight, it was a choice for its scalability, finesse, and simplicity.”

Shrey Aggarwal

Founder  |  The Belgian Waffle Co

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Central Menu Management

  • Maintain consistency in menu and recipe ingredients across your outlets
  • Manage orders efficiently by consolidating off-premise and online orders
  • Update menu, pricing, and promotions in specific outlets through one central panel
  • Cross-device compatibility aid in managing data from any web-enabled device

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Intelligence & Enterprise Reporting

  • Make informed decisions with real-time analytics, sales and inventory data 
  • Measure staff performance at store level and help improve their output
  • Get valuable insights on your menu’s performance and feature your best-performing dishes
  • Track how your customers are ordering, what they like and when they order

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Restaurant marketing campaign

Meaningful Marketing Campaigns

  • Build your guest profiles and database across brands and outlets
  • Segment data based on customer behavior and create custom campaigns
  • Identify their likes and dislike to create marketing campaigns for better ROI
  • Run your loyalty program in multiple locations

Restaurant marketing campaign


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

Integration Logos


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

Integration Logos
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