Prevent internal pilferage at your restaurant, even when you are not around

Keep a close check on your restaurant finances and prevent internal pilferages with Posist’s anti-theft software.

Recognize potential thefts

Using ML and AI, Posist’s Anti-Theft software is able to analyze transactions and personalize patterns of bills processed by any employee to detect possible fraudulent transactions.

  • View total bills generated with comprehensive hourly, daily, and monthly sales reports
  • Keep a check on bill re-printing or edits that may be taking place in the outlet
  • Regular health check of bill and employee reports to know the probable source of pilferages
Restaurant staff looking at a POS system displaying restaurant antitheft dashboard
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“We are using Posist for four brands under Suzette. Posist has made work much easier, giving us the flexibility to track and analyse real-time sales. Anti-theft is a great add to keep a check on pilferage.”

Pierre Labail

Co-Owner  |  Suzette Gourmet

Restaurant owner checking live mobile alerts from a restaurant anti theft software

Get live alerts to monitor risks

Posist runs deep analytics across 63 patterns to predict and notify any potential theft happening in the restaurant.

  • Identify the edited bills and compare them with the original bills to identify fraudulent activities
  • Categorize your risks and keep tabs of high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk frauds to act accordingly
  • Eliminate the likelihood of pilferages with notifications that alert you for any potential thefts
Restaurant owner checking live mobile alerts from a restaurant anti theft software

Create a healthy work environment

Individual scoring for team members allows restaurants to create a meritocratic way of reward and recognition to promote a healthy work environment.

  • Regularly check the reports and identify the employee(s) who might be responsible for internal theft
  • Take proactive measured to address employee concerns to avoid the pilferage and internal thefts
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Discover how you can control theft and pilferage with Posist Anti Theft Software

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