Food Court POS Software

Expand and operate your Food Court effortlessly with Posist’s cloud-based Food Court POS Software & Management System


Robust features for managing food courts

Posist provides a variety of features to manage the operations of a Food Court with ease.

Card Management

Process orders and triggers to the kitchen while taking orders from multiple counters in Food Courts. Manage card validity configuration, card transfer, recharge, and ensures better customer service.

Central Kitchen Management

Provide consistently high standards of taste and quality to your customers with Posist. Keep a track of the stock requirements for multiple outlets, and manage them centrally from one place.


CRM Integration

Manage the customer data from a single database and easily share the data across all outlets. Send custom SMS and emails to encourage repeat customer visits.


Mobile Reporting

View real-time updates of your Food Court right on your mobile phone. Keep a track of the total sales happening at different outlets from anywhere.

Loyalty Program Integration

Create customized Loyalty Programs based on the CRM reports. Run local or multi-location offers from head office without the need of being at all locations.

Vendor Management

Manage all food court vendors with their menu items & prices from a single billing terminal.

“With Posist, we now have better control over every piece of our business to operate with higher efficiency and deliver exceptional dining experiences to our guests.”

Venkata Pentapati

CFO  |  Food Quest Restaurants

Mall Software Integration

  • Posist provides easy integration with the shopping mall software for reporting.
  • Upload the Food Court Reports to the shopping mall software in just a single click
  • Eliminate the hassle of manually updating the daily reports to the Mall’s software

Improve Customer Engagement

  • Keep a track of revenue generated at multiple outlets and brands in your Food Court
  • Manage different categories if membership cards like silver, gold platinum membership to offer customized benefits and discounts to diners
  • Reward and engage your loyal customer by offering personalized loyalty programs and gamification


    Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


    Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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