Hotel Restaurant Software

Simplify your hotel’s dine-in operations with Posist’s Hotel Restaurant Management Software


All-in-one hotel restaurant point of sale system

Manage hotel restaurants with ease using Posist’s Hotel Restaurant Management Software.

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Smart Order Taking

Automate the entire order-taking process using the Server’s App. It has the full menu displayed, through which the waiters can accept and push the orders directly to the POS.

Hotel Banquet Management

Automate the entire hotel banquet management process. Accept and track inquiries that you receive for booking the Banquet Hall. Create packages and the FP (Function Prospectus) easily.


Manage Customer Data

Run smart SMS and email campaigns to attract guests to dine at your F&B outlets. Collect the customer’s details and use the data across all your outlets, encouraging them to visit your other branches as well.


Stock Management

Keep track of the stock requirements of the hotel restaurant. Set re-order levels for individual stock items that send you real-time alerts whenever a particular stock item is about to be depleted. Also, analyze the Stock Trends and identify which items are

Point of Sale

Easily settle the bill on the spot or transfer the bills directly to the rooms through TTR (Transfer to Rooms). All orders placed by the resident guests are automatically assigned to the guests’ total bill and can be cleared at the time of checkout.

Mini-Bar Stock Control

Integrated with both the PMS (Property Management System), as well as the restaurant POS, the Mini Bar Stocking App automates the process of beverage stock management in hotel rooms. Simply check the items that have been consumed by the guests, while they’re checking out

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“I would recommend Posist to any hotel chain looking for an enterprise-level property management solution. Using Posist has been key to setting the right foundation  for us to scale our operations.”

Rishabh Gupta

Director, Technology  |  Bloom Hotels

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Integrate with PMS Systems and more

  • Set up seamless integration with Third Party Applications such as PMS (Property Management Systems), Online Ordering, Payments, Accounting, Cloud Telephony, Delivery Partners, and more.
  • Accept orders from multiple Online Ordering channels with ease.
  • Accept online payments from various Mobile Wallets.
  • Run Loyalty programs for attracting both walk-in and hotel residents, using Loyalty program integrations.

    Two hotel staff looking at a mobile phone

    Simplify Stock Management

    • Set reorder levels for individual items, and the system will send you real-time notifications when a particular item will be out of stock
    • Prevent stock-outs that can adversely impact your restaurant operation
    • Avoid overstocking to save costs. Keep an eye on stock discrepancies

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      Make Informed Decisions

      • Create insightful reports based on the performance of your menu items and sales of each outlet
      • Know what leads to more sales – breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and find out best-selling items across outlets
      • Track and analyze useful reports to make informed decisions to improve your restaurant operation

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      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

      A vector graphic showing various integrations for a hotel restaurant software


      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

      A vector graphic showing various integrations for a hotel restaurant software
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