Deliver consistent food and guest experience
with central kitchen management

Let your kitchen communicate with your front of the house, staff and integrations.

Maintain consistency

Take control of all your recipes and deliver consistent taste at every location

  • Maintain consistency, taste, and quality as per your restaurant standards with recipe management across all outlets
  • Create intermediate recipes to track the stock consumption in recipe preparation
  • Create central recipes and update the existing recipes from central panel in one single click
A chef carefully garnishing food in a restaurant
Restaurant staff picking up items from restaurant inventory

Predict and plan inventory

Forecast and order in real-time, and never run out of stock

  • Predict the volume of sales at each outlet based on past data and reports
  • Estimate the number of stock items needed to cater to the inventory requirements of each outlet
  • View the average stock consumption of last month’s daily average and forecast the stock requirements as per the date selected for ordering


Restaurant staff picking up items from restaurant inventory
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Most powerful platform in hospitality industry, I would define Posist as an easy to use, convenient, and support friendly team.

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Operations Head  |  Mr. Crab, Dubai

KDS made easy

Set up Kitchen Display Systems that best fit your workflows to improve speed, accuracy and service standards.

  • Serve customers, quicker, without hassle in your back of house
  • Push orders automatically from POS to the kitchen to reduce any manual intervention 
  • Keep your orders and preparations under control, and seamlessly communication with the front of house, with Posist’s kitchen management system
  • Integrate with hardware of your choice
Kitchen staff preparing drinks displayed in kitchen display system
Three chefs preparing orders in a restaurant kitchen

Efficient kitchen operations

Keep the stock supply running across all your outlets from a central panel

  • Monitor and circulate the processed and semi-processed items and raw materials to each outlet
  • Manage the storage and supply of stock from a central panel to kitchens across location
  • Circulate the processed and semi-processed raw materials based on outlet stock requirement.
  • Issue the raw materials for various outlets based on the indents raised with less stress and running around


Three chefs preparing orders in a restaurant kitchen

Manage food costing

Bring down your spiking food costs with an in-depth analysis of where you are going wrong.

  • View and compare the food costs of each outlet to reduce the food cost of your entire brand
  • Compare the variance between the ideal and actual food costs incurred
  • Make smart decisions with comprehensive item wise and ingredient wise reports
Food items with price tags

Accelerate transformation of your restaurant operations with Posist Kitchen Management  

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