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Taco Bell Case Study

Saving Cost & Driving Efficiency For Taco Bell India Operations

Format: QSR   |   Outlets: 88   |  Region: India

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Case Study- Sbarro

How Sbarro uses Posist to increase transparency and operational efficiency

Format: QSR   |   Outlets: 30   |  Region: India

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Belgian Waffle Outlet

The Belgian Waffle Company Scales To 300 Outlets, using Posist

Format: QSR    |   Outlets: 335   |    Region: India

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First Fiddle Outlet

First Fiddle Restaurant Gains Control of 28 Multi-Location Outlets, with Posist

Format: Pubs/Bar   |   Outlets: 30   |  Region: India

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Bloom Outlet

Bloom Brand On Revolutionizing Mid Market Space, with Posist’s Enterprise Solution

Format: Hotel     |    Outlets: 13     |  Region: India

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K Hospitality Case Study

K Hospitality On Gaining Enterprise Control Over Its Sub Brands With Posist’s Cloud Technology

Format: Multiple Format    |    Outlets: 100    |  Region:  India/GCC/London/Sri Lanka

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Matsu Outlet

Matsu On The Power of Data & Analytics In Delivering An Ultimate Fine Dine Experience

Format: Casual Dine    |    Outlets: 1     |  Region: UAE

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FoodQuest Outlet

Improving Bottom Line Efficiency With Data Backed Insights

Format: QSR    |    Outlets: 10      |    Region: GCC

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Wok Boyz Outlet

Wok Boyz On Venturing Into Cloud Kitchen With a 6% Increase In Average Sales

Format: QSR    |    Outlets: 4     |      Region: UAE/Africa

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Biggies Burger Outlet

Biggies Burger Enhances its Profitability by 10% with Posist

Format: QSR     |    Outlets: 50     |  Region: India

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Melt and Roast Outlet

Melt & Roast On Increasing Online Orders By 45 % Amidst The Pandemic, With Posist

Format: Casual Dine    |    Outlets: 1    |      Region: UAE

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Bevarabia Outlet

Bevarabia On Managing Inventory To Attain Operational Excellence

Format: QSR     |    Outlets: 2    |      Region: UAE

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