Fuel your restaurant operations with robust supply chain management built for scale

Manage your inventory, menu and vendors with an integrated restaurant supply chain management software designed and built for scale.

Manage purchase orders across locations

Eliminate the need of issuing purchasing orders for every outlet separately.

  • View and manage the stock requirements of every outlet of your restaurant chain
  • Streamline purchase order issuing procedures associated with different vendors
  • Maintain authenticity of purchase orders and view the status of stock ordered and purchased at different outlets
  • View detailed reports of stock entry, stock wastage, and physical stock
Restaurant staff on a phone call beside the POS screen displaying the purchase orders from vendors
Restaurant staff placing purchase orders on a POS System

Collaborate with multiple vendors

Avoid discrepancies and keep a track of active vendors

  • Build vendor profiles with information containing ID proofs, TIN, registration number etc.
  • Manage vendors and keep a record of quotes for material across locations in a central dashboard 
  • Give vendors access to read, edit, and add comments in the purchase orders through the vendor management application
Restaurant staff placing purchase orders on a POS System

“​​Its  been over three years since we started using Posist at Mr. Sub, as an international chain we heavily rely on technology to keep our backend running smoothly. With Posist Stock & Inventory control we are able to manage our supply chain seamlessly across all locations.”

IT Head

Mr. Sub

Track consumption variance to improve margins

Figure out the sources of inventory wastage in your restaurant by tracking your food costs.

  • Keep your food costs in check with reports that compare actual food costs with ideal food costs
  • View real-time reports of the Stock Entry, Stock Wastage, and Physical Stock in kitchen
  • Keep your preparation optimized and track the stock consumption in preparation of processed items
Chef preparing food beside the POS Screen displaying the consumption variance report

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