MURTEC (Multi-unit Restaurant Technology Conference) is one of the most respectable restaurant industry technology conferences in the US. Each year restaurant technology executives gather to meet with restaurant technology vendors as well as to hear from industry thought leaders. Typically over 300 restaurant companies attend MURTEC and in addition to a floor with vendor exhibits, there are featured speakers and a variety of restaurant technology-related seminars.  This year our team at Posist partnered with the conference as a technology sponsor. 

Over three days, we stepped behind the curtain with the industry’s most innovative operators and solution providers to discover what’s driving restaurants upward and onward. The show was held in Las Vegas from March 8, 2022.

Jon Taffer Predicts Restaurant Tech Boom Is Here

We all know Jon Taffer as a larger-than-life television personality who takes a no-holds-barred approach to helping hotels, restaurants, bars, and businesses reach their full potential. He’s also an international celebrity, New York Times best-selling author, highly sought-after hospitality and general business consultant and creator, and is the creator, executive producer, and star of Paramount Network’s number-one show, Bar Rescue. 

Jon in his keynote address very well said “The door has never been wider for us (post-pandemic). We just went through hell. We are just getting on our feet. The solutions are in this room. We are around the corner from boomtown”

Here’s a moment after the keynote address of our co-founder Ashish Tulsian with Jon Taffer at the show. 

Posist at MURTEC 

We also got an opportunity to demonstrate our all-in-one restaurant technology platform. It helps restaurateurs streamline operations for:

  • Front-of-house: Restaurant POS, Server Management, Contactless Dining, Online Ordering, and Loyalty Management
  • Back-of-house: Inventory Management, Kitchen Management, Supply Chain Management, Pilferage Control, and Staff Management
  • Out-of-house: Manage integrations with delivery aggregators, payment merchants, table reservations, gifting, and more. 


MURTEC turned out to be a great networking opportunity for Posist this year. We got to get first-hand experience of interacting with customers and closely understanding their needs and challenges. We look forward to our participation at the MURTEC Executive Summit in November 2022.


Posist: A Unified Technology Platform for your Restaurant

Posist is a B4B (Business-for-Business) company partnering with global restaurant chains in their digital transformation via its restaurant technology platform. Posist powers 10,000+ restaurants globally. It allows enterprise restaurant operators to grow at scale, improve bottom-line efficiency and deliver a consistent guest experience.

Posist’s unified technology platform streamlines restaurants’ Front-of -house (FOH), Back-of-house (BOH), Out-of-house/integrations, Analytics, and CRM. Renowned restaurant chains including Taco Bell, Nando’s, Carl’s Jr, Häagen-Dazs, and Jamie’s Italian are among a few brands using Posist to manage their processes, people, and place of operations.

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