This year’s Restaurant Leadership Conference (RLC) followed the December 2021 show. Sessions were crafted to delve into supply chain disruptions, margin-eating inflation, and how the pandemic redefined leadership. The theme was: The Path Forward.

RLC is best known for its networking tracks and innovation forums with industry leaders. The thing that steals the show is the outdoor expedition. The conference offered everything from a hiking excursion to a Sur La Table cooking class, but the most popular outing was the RLC Golf Tournament.

Apart from all the fun and networking activities, the industry discussed three broad trends shaping the future of restaurants:​​

1. Understanding technology beyond the obvious

Restaurants that want to take advantage of the deeper benefit of the technology should identify where they are in their digital transformation journey and whether they’re measuring the right KPIs. A brand should know answers to questions like these:

  • Is my technology ready to scale?
  • What data is available to me today
  • Is my tech supporting all the departments with the information 
  • Has my net efficiency improved over time?
  • How can I get that data to speak to each other?

 2. Unified approach to restaurant technology 

It’s no secret that today’s dinners want a fast, personalized, consistent experience across all channels. And when restaurants get it right, they are rewarded with greater loyalty and lifetime value from their guests. But to achieve a truly unified experience, brands need to think more than a multi-product strategy for technology and consider a unified approach to restaurant management. 

As a B4B (Business-for-Business) company we take pride in partnering with global restaurant chains in digital transformation, Posist powers 10,000+ restaurants globally. Our unified technology platform allows enterprise restaurant operators to grow at scale, improve bottom-line efficiency and deliver a consistent guest experience. 

3. Data centricity is the need of the hour 

In an industry where sales, store expansion, and valuations are strong, but profitability is not, data can not only reveal challenges and gaps, but it can and should guide brands through how to improve their bottom line.  Posist gives you complete visibility of all aspects of your restaurant operations. For instance, the Cockpit app by Posist empowers decision-makers with data-backed insights on sales, inventory, employee performance, and marketing spending to identify growth opportunities.

Contact us to see how we helped brands like Taco Bell, Nando’s, Herfy, and Carl’s Jr to make the most of their data to attract, engage, and retain customers.

Here’s a glimpse of the Restaurant Leadership Conference 2022 in pictures