If you ever wished for an easier way to learn or train your team about the Posist platform, we heard you. It’s finally the day when we go live with the Posist Academy

Posist academy is a learning and development initiative in the direction to help make restaurants prosperous. The academy is designed to help restaurant professionals acquire skills for better restaurant management using the Posist platform. Designed with guided learning paths, the academy uses a series of online video tutorials on the key modules of the platform. 

Who’s Posist Academy for? 

Posist academy’s content is designed for regular users of the platform – right from the beginner to admin level professionals across billing operations, inventory operations, administration, and management. Over time, we plan to cover more advanced topics so that Posist academy becomes an exhaustive, unified resource for restaurant professionals and managers at all experience levels across all verticals of operations. 

The vision of the Posist academy project is to transform how our users learn to use Posist as a unified platform for restaurant operations, by simplifying the learning experience. 

What’s included in Posist academy?

A few key highlights of the Posist academy are:

  • Self-paced: You can learn what you want at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Whether you are using a mobile device, desktop, or tablet as long as it is connected to the internet, you can access the Posist academy. 
  • Guided learning paths: The course has five key modules namely, front-of-house, back-of-house, out-of-house, analytics, and an advanced module. Each of these modules is split into chapters and lessons, taking users through a specific sequence so that they do not have to decide what to learn and in which order. 
  • Concise and engaging content: Each chapter consists of short video tutorials of around 2-3 mins. The content is kept simple, easy to understand, and directly useful, making learning enjoyable and action-focused. 
  • Interactive assessments: At the end of each module, you can take a learning assessment to verify your understanding by answering multiple-choice questions. On completing the assessment, you get instant feedback on your performance. 
  • Professional certification: Upon receiving 80% or more scores in your assessment, you are awarded Posist certification so you can get recognition for your expertise. You can use this certification on your resume or social profiles to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. 

Combining these features, we have created the academy as a refreshing way to get started with Posist. Earlier, it was difficult for new users to learn about specific product features and how to use them correctly. The users would struggle to understand what to learn in which order. Even though our support and training team was always available to help, our users needed a learning tool that makes it all simpler and easier. Besides, the integration of content and assessment make the academy more valuable as a learning platform, differentiating it from the other kind of support and training we provide. 

As of now, these are the learning modules that are available in the academy,

  • Front-of-house: Billing operations, billing admin configurations
  • Back-of-house: Inventory operations, inventory admin configurations 
  • Out-of-house: Enterprise integrations with online aggregators and third-party applications for delivery, menu management, and more. 
  • Analytics: Cockpit analytics, billing report, and inventory reports
  • Advanced: QR code management, purchase requisition, production plan. 

We are actively developing more content, so be sure to check back on the academy often. Here’s a tentative list of topics we’ll be covering soon, 

  • Banquet reservations module
  • QMS (Queue Management System) 
  • Catering module
  • CCP (Call Center Panel) & web ordering module, and 
  • Other integrations

As we add more content and features to our academy, we welcome your feedback on topics you would like us to cover and also on the functionality, design, and overall experience. 

Important: The Posist academy is currently available to our existing users only. If you need any help with enrolling yourself or your team, please write to us at [email protected]

Go ahead and get started learning! 

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