As you read this, you might notice our new logo, a blazing new set of colors, a new website, and an entirely new look. This change is not just about our new logo. It marks a significant milestone in our journey, allowing us to reflect on everything that Posist stood for and everything we represent today as we move forward into a new journey. 


We think of our brand as a continuous evolution that’s never done. Just as humans evolve, so does our brand. We’ve come a long way from launching our first prototype in 2011, a POS (point of sale) software for our restaurant, to a full-scale technology platform for global restaurant chains. We’ve built our brand all these years on the back of our pursuit of innovation, our people who have shaped our values, and the diverse experience we’ve acquired while working with 10,000+ restaurants worldwide.


So Why Did We Rebrand?


In the last decade, Posist has grown to 150+ teams working across time zones; we’ve launched multiple products, onboarded thousands of restaurants, won some of the most challenging battles, and learned from our mistakes in this decade-long journey. But one thing that hadn’t changed over the past ten years — until today — was our brand itself. We all were comfortable with it and liked it the way it has always been.


But with changing times, as our offerings went beyond POS to a unified technology platform for restaurant chains,  we felt it was time to reshape our brand that better represents who we are and where we’re headed.



Ten Years.

2012 — Founding Year | Category Awareness

It was 2012.  Google entered social media with Google+, Instagram just turned two, food aggregators were not a  popular concept. Technology was in its infancy, and we were talking to restaurants to upgrade their retro cash register with a cloud-based Point of Sale. We were ahead of the time and invested in creating awareness for cloud POS.

Our logo, a solid Capitalized POS, emphasized on  (Point of sale). It was meant to denote us as specialists in the same way professionals like dentists, artists, chemists are represented. This meant we were POS specialists. The positioning worked well for us in the initial years when POS was the primary product of our offering. As a brand, we had to invest in creating resonance with the term POS in 2012 when restaurant point of sale was not an established category.

2014 — First Pivot  | India Growth

Posist started serving restaurants pan India. Independent restaurant outlets received our product well, and our brand logo with the capitalized POS (Point of Sale) started resonating with the restaurant ecosystem. 

In just two years of our launch, we onboarded nearly 2,000+ restaurants in India. The growth kept coming, and the focus on customer centricity had seeped into the company early on; in 2014, we quickly scaled across 60+ cities in India (our home country). 

2016 — Second Pivot | Enterprise Shift Transitioning from POS to Platform

We made a significant investment in product development to build a new stack for enterprise-level restaurant chains. This shift had a substantial impact on the foundation of our products and the required massive reset in our GTM strategies and positioning.  

With rapid digital transformation, we sensed that standalone POS would no longer be sustainable in the form. On the other hand, it offers an end-to-end solution for restaurants to manage their processes, people, products, and pricing.  We went deep into building a platform architecture of Posist with Back of house/ Inventory control system, Reporting, Analytics, and CRM functionalities.

At this point of time, we realized that prospects in international markets we would meet at events/ conferences/ global summits would often see our brand as a POS solution (courtesy of our capitalized logo that always emphasized the point of sale).

2018 — Third Pivot | Going Global 


In 2018, Posist started expanding in the UAE, US, Singapore, Thailand, and Mexico. As we scaled in international regions, we realized how the world relates to technology in restaurants. Customer centricity became much strong in our values as we made investments in this period to ramp up our Implementation, Support, and Community building efforts to create a long-lasting relationship with our customers, ecosystem, and partners. 


2022- Present | A business-for-business mindset shift

The journey so far was possible because we kept pivoting every two years and realigning our priorities, and checking for any blind spots we might have missed.  These small shifts over the years culminated into a 180-degree change from where we started a decade ago. Today, we are a relatively lean team of 150+ and what we have achieved is quite something considering we’ve just turned ten. 

While all these shifts took place in several intervals during our journey, we were clear that a change would be required at some point in this evolution.


New logo & the thought behind it

Our logo is not just a logo. It is inspired by our core principle of keeping customers at the center of our universe. With the new visual identity, we aim to create a singular view of our brand so that regardless of where we operate, who we talk to, in any language, they have a consistent experience of Posist.

Our Purpose — to make restaurants prosperous — has given our teams an anchor in talking about our organization to anyone directly or indirectly associated with us. 

In our universe, we achieve customer-centricity by focussing on our platform innovation and creating a value system that encourages our people to learn and do better constantly.

The interplay between the people and platform centered around our customers makes our world a party of its own, just like one of the unique orbital formations in the universe-  the co-orbital configuration.  There is only one pair of these in the solar system— Janus and Epimetheus moons of Saturn.

Inspired by the co-orbital configuration, we derived our own Corbi, an orbital formation of our platform and people around our customers that keep the perfect momentum of these three core elements of the Posist universe.

The Posist Corbi


Our platform and team extend into several parts, and we visualized each of their roles with a unique color scheme. If you want to learn more about what each one means, I encourage you to visit our new website to read more about our platform and workplace.

Our Vision for The Next Decade

So far, we were a B2B (Business-to-business) company that at the forefront was focused on expanding our platform and offering customers what they needed. In these years, we’ve come to a point where we realize that we are not just a product company selling tech to restaurants where the endpoint for us was delivering a good product.

A new Posist that we present to you is a B4B (Business-for-Business) company where we are not just about what we sell; we are all about how we become a partner to our customers and serve them and nurture a relationship that results in customer success and prosperity. 

As we enter a new phase of our journey, we’re building on the solid foundation of our existing brand identity and investing in Posist’s future growth and development.  We are aligned on a mission to accelerate the restaurant industry’s transition to the cloud and enable bottom-line efficiency at scale. Our new vision is a world where restaurants are free from the struggle for efficiency and can focus on what they do the best – serve great food.

Here’s a peek into the world envision

Some Things Won’t Change.

Behind this all-new look of Posist, we are still the same company and people, but now a larger and more talented team with a global outlook, ready to serve restaurants attain prosperity and being there as a partner in their growth story.

We’re thankful to our teams, partners, and the customers who have accompanied us in our growth. We owe this one to all of you.



Sakshi & Ashish Tulsian