Posist Restaurant Cockpit App

Gain complete control over your restaurant operations through Posist’s reporting & analytics


Restaurant Cockpit App Features

Have full control of your restaurant operations from anywhere, anytime!

Live Outlet Count

Keep a track of your restaurant business by checking the number of outlets that are currently open and accepting orders.

Total Bill Count

View the total number of bills generated at each outlet. Stay updated about the billing of each of your outlets in real-time.

Items Sold Count

View the total number of items sold across all your outlets and the number of items sold in an outlet on a particular day.

Tracking Discounts

Monitor the number of discounts given out by your restaurant staff, and the amount worth of total discounts given in a day.

Customer Details

Keep a count of the total number of customers served in a day. View the customer footfall on busy as well as slow days.

Total Sales Details

Get the net sales of each outlet delivered right to your mobile. View essential sales data such as net sales, gross sales, and the average amount spent by each customer.

We tried a lot of other software, and Posist is the best one because it is very easy to use. Especially with the Cockpit app on my phone, I exactly know whatever is going on real-time in each of my restaurants.

Priyank Sukhija

CFO – Founder and MD, First Fiddle Restaurants

Insights to help you make better decisions

  • View detailed reports and make smart decisions to increase your restaurant revenues
  • Create custom reports based on your requirements.
  • Analyze in-depth hourly, daily, monthly, and annual sales reports of your restaurant

Real-time updates on mobile app

  • Get real-time updates about your restaurant business right on your mobile
  • View the sales history, the total number of bills generated, and more on your mobile

Keep a check on pilferage

  • Keep your restaurant theft-free by maintaining tight control over your business
  • Set roles and permissions for each task and get instant notifications
  • Live reports eliminate the possibility of tampered reports and rigged data


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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