Restaurant Glossary

Online Delivery

Restaurant space is full of words that one might not be familiar with, and the restaurant glossary is here to simplify it all for you. It will help you keep up with updated restaurant industry lingo.

What is online delivery?

Online food ordering is the process of placing a meal order through a website or app from a nearby restaurant or food cooperative. Many of them allow clients to maintain accounts with them in order to make regular ordering easier, much like ordering consumer products online.

How to set up online delivery for your restaurant?

Without using an external gateway, a restaurant may sell meals directly to clients by using efficient ordering software. In this strategy, customers place orders directly through your website. They go over the menu and choose the items they want to order. After making their selection and paying for it, the consumer can either have their food delivered to a certain place or pick it up themselves.

The use of food aggregators is the alternative. These individuals serve as intermediaries between restaurant chains and customers. They are a component of the typical restaurant delivery system. Customers place orders with food aggregators, who then deliver them to the appropriate eateries. After that, they take care of delivery themselves.

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