Restaurant Call Center Panel

Provide enhanced food ordering experience to your customers through a centralized Restaurant Call Centre Panel Module.

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Restaurant Call Center Panel Features

Smart features to facilitate Quick Order Taking.

Central Panel

Central Panel

All calls are routed to single central panel, from where food orders can be accepted by the staff. The orders can then be pushed forward to a particular outlet based on the customer’s location. All orders are accepted directly into the POS.

Call Recording

Call Recording

Monitor all conversations through the Call Recording feature. You can use them for further training of your staff and monitor the nature of the conversations.


Integrated CRM

Integrated CRM

View the entire information of each customer such as ordering history, favorite items, and Average Spend. Give your staff the opportunity to upsell by suggesting the profit making items based on the customer behavior.

Restaurant Call Center Panel Integrations

POS Integration Partner - Knowlarity
POSist Integration Partner - Myoperator

Benefits of Call Center Panel for Restaurants

Easy Order Taking

Easy Order Taking

  • Accept orders easily through the Call Centre Panel.
  • The menu and the items available for each outlet, along with the top selling items are available on the panel.
  • The order gets automatically pushed to the desired outlet based on the location of the customer.
Simplified Order Tracking

Simplified Order Tracking

  • Track the order status of each order easily through the central panel.
  • View if the food order has been accepted, picked up, or delivered to the customer real-time.
  • Keep your customers updated about their order by sending instant SMS. Let your customers track the order status real-time.
Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Keep a track of the number of orders received, the Average Spend of customers, the Average Time Taken to prepare and deliver the order.
  • View the number of orders placed successfully, and the number of calls dropped for a better insight of your business.


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Olive Bar & Kitchen

POSist has completely fulfilled all our requirements. I have been in the industry for the last 5 years, and I recommend POSist because their sales application is far better than other POS systems and doesn’t cause any operational issue.

Subhash Rawat- Assistant Manager, Olive Bar & Kitchen

Eastman Colour Restaurants

POSist is the perfect solution for a restaurant brand. I always have all my sales data on my fingertips. The anti-theft feature has allowed us in cutting down our pilferage. It is a feature that I like the most. There is almost no pilferage, courtesy of the efficiency and detailing of this feature. The data is precisely managed and recorded and enables us to extract the information quickly, whenever required.

 Varun Duggal- CEO & Executive Director, Eastman Colour Restaurants

Bombay Coffee House

POSist has the most user-friendly restaurant management software. It empowers us to do a lot, from inventory management to tracking and monitoring every single restaurant activity. It has enabled me to take care of the restaurant operations, even when I am not physically present at the outlet.

Onkar Samarth- Chef/Owner, Bombay Coffee House

Arbor Brewing Company

POSist allows us to access operational data in real-time. Earlier, we had to pull up offline data, but POSist has drastically changed that for us. It is now easier for us to manage restaurants in different locations smoothly from anywhere. 

Gaurav Sikka- MD, Arbor Brewing Company