Benefits for the Restaurant IT Team

Run your restaurant at scale with seamless workflows

Easy Implementation

Posist simplifies the work of a restaurant’s IT team as it is very easy to implement. The Point of Sale software can be incorporated along with the updating of inventory, recipes, menu, customer database conveniently.

Central Updates

One of the major challenges of the IT Team is to implement any changes in the menu or recipe or any other restaurant data. With Posist, any modification can be centrally updated in a single click and the changes are reflected instantly.

Easy Auditing

The IT Team can conduct Audits at multiple levels easily through Posist. The entire data of the restaurant is available on the central panel. The IT Team can view and audit the reports at multiple levels.

Posist Interface
Posist Interface

Easy Scheduling

Instead of updating any changes in the menu or recipe manually, the IT Team can schedule the changes to go live for a particular date and time beforehand. This allows you to ensure that all modifications have been pre-scheduled, thus eliminating last-minute hassles.


Central Menu Management

The IT Team can manage the menu of multiple outlets easily through one central panel. You can update the menu of specific outlets and the changes are reflected instantly in a single click.


Central Database Update

Since the entire database is centrally managed, the IT Team can manage the database from one place. You can update the taxes, create and manage users in the POS easily.