Restaurant Glossary

Table Service

Restaurant space is full of words that one might not be familiar with, and the restaurant glossary is here to simplify it all for you. It will help you keep up with updated restaurant industry lingo.

What is table service?

Table service is when a restaurant serves food right to the customer’s table rather than having them pick it up from the counter such as with fast food restaurants. Table service refers to the different ways that food is presented and served at the table as well as the table’s accessories, including dishes, glasses, plates, cutlery, and tablecloths. It is crucial to choose the proper style because it immediately affects the atmosphere and tone of the event.

Table service is a word used in the restaurant industry to describe both the way waiters serve food to customers and the place settings that are arranged on each table. The term “counter service” is typically used to describe establishments without either. Table service places are typically more expensive, but setting and clearing tables and presenting food to order both require more work on the part of the restaurant.

What are the do’s and don’ts of table service?

Use the equipment correctly:

No matter if you use a POS system or another type of ordering system, it’s critical that you are familiar with all of its features. You wouldn’t want to upset a customer or mess up the kitchen by entering the incorrect order while you were distracted.

Avoid using your mobile device:

Shut off your phone. If you’re always texting or on your phone at work, it comes across as unprofessional and lazy. You might also overlook something crucial, such as a visitor who requires more drinks or napkins.

Do concentrate on your section:

Any glass or dish can break in a few seconds, a client can require an extra set of cutlery at the drop of a hat, or a client might experience an emergency and require their check to be processed more quickly than usual. Don’t be hesitant to quickly scan your section to see if any of your customers have any needs.
Never argue with a customer:

Every excellent server ought to know the proverb “The customer is always right.” Although some customers may irritate wait staff, they are paying for your service, so it’s crucial to respect them.

What are the key considerations for a good table service?

  • Cultural differences
    Since several kinds of noodles and soups are the standard food at some Thai restaurants, a bowl rather than a plate completes the place setting. Many Asian restaurants use chopsticks and a spoon for table service rather than the standard western place setting of a knife, fork, and spoon.

  • Gueridon service
    Although time-consuming, gueridon service has a number of benefits. First off, it might contribute to customers feeling like they are receiving special attention. This is frequently quite significant in an expensive restaurant. Second, it draws attention since diners are encircling the tables and taking part in the action, which can give off a lively, enjoyable restaurant ambiance.
    Some eateries set themselves apart by actually preparing cuisine at the tables of their customers. Often referred to as “gueridon service,” this practice often entails the use of a portable burner or sizzling hot skillet. Only some foods are best suited for this kind of cooking.

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