Restaurant Glossary

Who is a Chef

Restaurant space is full of words that one might not be familiar with, and the restaurant glossary is here to simplify it all for you. It will help you keep up with updated restaurant industry lingo.

Who is a chef?

A chef is a skilled professional cook and tradesman who specializes in a particular cuisine and is trained in all areas of food preparation. The term chef de cuisine, which refers to the manager or leader of a kitchen, is from where the word “chef” originates.

In restaurants and other establishments where food is served, a chef is in control of the kitchen. Together with staff members who would help in the kitchen, they observe all activities including food preparation. They keep an eye on the food’s preparation to ensure that it is garnished, presented, and has the right amount of seasoning for a delicious meal.

Roles and responsibilities of a chef

  • Prepare the kitchen by setting up cooking tools and supplies such as knives, pans, and kitchen scales.
  • Examine each recipe and collect all required components.
  • Prepare meals quickly.
  • Give the cooks duties to do.
  • Describe the daily specials to the waiting crew.
  • Be sure the platter is presented attractively.

Types of chefs

  • Head Chef (or Executive Chef) –  A head chef is a chef who has full control of the running of the whole kitchen establishment. 
  • Sous Chef – The Sous Chef is second in command of the kitchen.
  • Station Chef (Chef de Partie)- A chef de partie, station chef, or line cook is a chef in charge of a particular area of production in a restaurant. In large kitchens, each chef de partie might have several cooks or assistants.
  • Expediter –  serves as the liaison between the customers in the dining room and the line cooks. 
  • Kitchen Manager -manage the back of the house in a fine dining establishment. 
  • Pastry Chef (or Pâtissier)- A pastry chef, or patissier, bakes a wide variety of desserts in a kitchen within a restaurant, hotel, or bakery.
  • Saucier – an individual with the title of saucier is nothing more than a sauce cook. 
  • Fish Cook (or Poissonier) – In a large commercial kitchen, a cook is tasked with preparing and cooking (possibly selecting) fish and fish dishes.
  • Vegetable Cook (or Entremetier)– A cook responsible for preparing hot appetizers, soups, vegetables, pasta, and starches.
  • Meat Cook (or Rotisseur) – in charge of preparing any roasted or braised meats on the menu.
  • Pantry Chef (or Chef Garde Manger)– A pantry chef is responsible for the preparation of cold dishes, such as salads and pâtés.
  • Commis Chef – A Commis Chef assists a section chef, also known as a Chef de Partie.

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