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Take data-driven decisions swifter with POSist cloud-based Restaurant Analytics Software

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Custom Reports

Create custom reports as per your requirements to make smart decisions for your restaurant business.

  • Eliminate the noise of too much data by creating specific reports that matter for your business.
  • View daily, hourly, monthly, and annual sales reports for overall analysis.
  • Assess the performance of your menu items by viewing the item wise sales over a particular period of time.
  • Maintain a tight control over your business by reporting and filing all activities.


Restaurant Analytics Software - Custom Reports

Live Mobile Reporting

POSist’s Restaurant Analytics Software allows you to view all your restaurant’s reports real-time on your mobile.

Restaurant Analytics Software - Live Mobile Reporting
  • View the number of outlets currently open and serving customers.
  • Access all the sales data, the total number of bills generated, the number of discounts offered, etc. all on your mobile device.
  • Instant, live-data is made available to you on your mobile. Which eliminates the possibility of rigged data and helps in controlling internal thefts.


Graphical Analytics

Quickly analyze your business data through easy to understand graphical reports

Restaurant Analytics Software - Graphical Reports


  • View data in a graphical or tabular form for easy comprehension.
  • Cut through the noise of complicated data by viewing reports in the form of simple graphs, tables, and pie-charts.
  • Analyze reports and make data-driven judgments for your restaurant  with ease.

Offline Reporting

POSist restaurant analytics software provides offline reporting feature that lets the software work smoothly even in the case of an internet outage.


  • The entire data is backed up on the server as soon as the software is connected to the internet again.
  • Automatic sync ensures no loss of data and seamless reporting even without the internet.
Restaurant Analytics Software - Offline Reporting

Learn how POSist can help you run your restaurant better

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us!


POSist is exceptionally user-friendly and has given us better results for our restaurant business. Earlier, we used to make Excel sheets to accumulate all the operational data in one place, but POSist has made the process simpler for us. All the reports are available with us through the software and can easily be extracted, which has helped us save a lot of time and effort.

Sumit Rastogi- Director, Artinci

Arbor Brewing Company

POSist allows us to access operational data in real-time. Earlier, we had to pull up offline data, but POSist has drastically changed that for us. It is now easier for us to manage restaurants in different locations smoothly from anywhere. 

Gaurav Sikka- MD, Arbor Brewing Company


Smoor Chocolates

We are remarkably happy with POSist’s user interface and the ease of use it has provided to our employees. POSist POS has helped us in significantly streamlining our billing. Along with this, we have integrated POSist with our backend ERP and are very happy with it. It has provided us with real-time reports allowing us to ease our involvement and save a lot of time. 

Deepak- CFO, Smoor Chocolates



We are using POSist at all our outlets. POSist has reduced all human efforts and has made life easy. It is a very user- friendly solution that even the staff with less educational background uses with precision. It has saved all our time a lot we get hold of the critical reports quite quickly.

Sanmeet Kalra- Owner, Sardar-Ji-Baksh 


And, that’s not all!

We have more in store to equip your business with the state-of-the-art restaurant technology to grow and outgrow your competitors!

Hourly Reports

Hourly Reports

Keep a track of your restaurant’s sales even when you are not physically present at your restaurant. View hourly reports and stay updated about your business at all times.

SMS Updates

SMS Updates

Get updates of your restaurant business through instant SMS notifications. Create SMS alerts for the reports and details that you want to view real-time on your mobile.



Reduce the theft and pilferage happening at your restaurant with the help of POSist’s Anti-Theft Module. Create roles and permissions for each task, thus eliminating the scope of internal thefts.

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