Restaurant Franchising Software

Posist’s Restaurant Franchising Software will help you manage all your Franchise outlets with ease


Robust features for managing franchise chains

Posist provides a variety of features to manage the operations of a franchise chain.

Outlet Dashboard

View the details of all your franchise outlets through the Outlet Dashboard. Create Royalty Templates and manage the request status of each outlet with ease.

Bill Management

View the total number of bills generated at each franchise outlet. Stay updated about the billing of each of your outlet, in real-time.


Royalty Management

Create and edit the Royalty Template, to configure the royalty from each franchise outlet.


Easy Invoicing

Generate invoice for each franchise outlet for a particular period, in a single click.

Loyalty Program Integration

Create customized Loyalty Programs based on the CRM reports. Run local or multi-location offers from head office without the need of being at all locations.

Vendor Management

Manage all food court vendors with their menu items & prices from a single billing terminal.

“With Posist, we now have better control over every piece of our business to operate with higher efficiency and deliver exceptional dining experiences to our guests.”

Venkata Pentapati

CFO | Food Quest Restaurants

Royalty Management

  • Select categories to which royalty has to be applied using Target Sales
  • Define the unit of sales either in ‘Units Sold’ or ‘Sales’
  • Define a tolerance in percentage which you can take into consideration when calculating the royalty

    Franchise Management Dashboard

    • The Franchisee and the Franchisor can keep a close check on what is happening and stay updated
    • Check if someone has raised an invoice or a debt request
    • Get notified whenever a franchisee raises a requirement request

      Franchisee Master Control

      • View the dashboard of all outlets purchased by the franchisee irrespective of the brand.
      • Raise purchase requests to be provided by the franchisor
      • Raise debt request to be approved by the franchisor


      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


      Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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