Restaurant Customer Feedback App

Feedback should be prevention, not cure. Track customer feedback & reviews using POSist’s Cutomer Feedback App and get real-time alerts

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Restaurant Customer Feedback App Features

Collect & analyze customer feedback and make informed decisions for a stellar guest experience. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Show your customers that you acknowledge them by taking their feedback. Get rid of paper-based feedback forms and simplify the feedback taking system.

Specific Feedback

Specific Feedback

Acquire specific feedback of the items ordered, the ambiance of the restaurant, and the service provided to get a complete review of your customer service

Customer Reviews

Real-Time Alerts

Get notified instantly every time a customer gives a poor review. This allows you to take corrective actions to pacify an unsatisfied customer instantly!

POS Integration

POS Integration

Get precise reviews of each item ordered by the customers. Measure the performance of the menu item based on customer feedback.

Benefits of Restaurant Feedback App

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

  • View detailed reports of the feedback received from the customers.
  • Analyze item-based reports and compare the popularity of the items in the menu.
  • Explore what your customers like and dislike about your restaurant based on their feedback.
CRM Integration

CRM Integration

  • Customer data captured from the Feedback App gets automatically synced with the CRM.
  • Run Loyalty Programs and offers based on the customers’ order preferences.
  • View customers’ entire order and feedback history.

Learn how POSist can help you run your restaurant better

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us!

We are remarkably happy with POSist’s user interface and the ease of use it has provided to our employees. POSist POS has helped us in significantly streamlining our billing. Along with this, we have integrated POSist with our backend ERP and are very happy with it. It has provided us with real-time reports allowing us to ease our involvement and save a lot of time.

Deepak- CFO, Smoor Chocolates

POSist is the perfect solution for a restaurant brand. I always have all my sales data on my fingertips. The anti-theft feature has allowed us in cutting down our pilferage. It is a feature that I like the most. There is almost no pilferage, courtesy of the efficiency and detailing of this feature. The data is precisely managed and recorded and enables us to extract the information quickly, whenever required.

Varun Duggal- CEO & Executive Director, Eastman Colour Restaurants

We are very happy with POSist. The main challenge in the industry is pilferage, and the theft of products, food, and cash. The only knife in our hands to tackle them is POSist, as it helps us reduce the pilferage and increase our sales through the CRM module.

Ashim Gujral- Owner, Moti Mahal 

POSist is exceptionally user-friendly and has given us better results for our restaurant business. Earlier, we used to make Excel sheets to accumulate all the operational data in one place, but POSist has made the process simpler for us. All the reports are available with us through the POSist POS and can easily be extracted, which has helped us save a lot of time and effort.

Sumit Rastogi- Director, Artinci

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