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Posist Rebrands to Restroworks, Unveiling a Unified Restaurant Technology Platform


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Today, Posist announced its rebranding to Restroworks, a new brand that reflects the company’s transformation since its inception in 2012 from a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) provider to a unified technology platform for global restaurant chains.

The rebranding includes a new company name, logo, website, and a suite of products, emphasizing the company’s growth and its commitment to innovation in restaurant management software.


A New Chapter

The name Restroworks, a fusion of ‘Restro’ and ‘works,’ symbolizes our embrace of the entire restaurant universe. It’s not just a name, but a promise to deliver a comprehensive suite of products that work seamlessly together, addressing every facet of restaurant technology. This new identity reflects our dedication to providing holistic solutions, ensuring that we are not just a part of the restaurant tech industry, but a driving force shaping its future.

Unified Platform Vision

The rebranding signifies a stronger connection between the company name and its comprehensive product range. From the Front-of-house POS software to a unified cloud-based technology platform, Restroworks now encompasses a back-of-house tech stack for stock and inventory management, insights and analytics, digital ordering solutions, and a kitchen suite of products suitable for restaurants of all sizes and formats.
“In 2012, we started Posist with the vision of making a mark in restaurant technology with our cloud-native POS solution. As we grew, we pushed the boundaries, driven by our vision to build products that can create a long-term impact on the bottom-line efficiency of global restaurants and make them prosperous. Our company’s evolution and expanded vision called for a new brand identity that allows us to articulate our progression as a unified restaurant technology platform. In sync with our vision, we have unveiled Restroworks – a name that symbolizes our commitment to providing comprehensive technology that seamlessly works across the entire restaurant ecosystem. This rebrand is more than just a name change; it reflects our strategic approach to building the company over the next decade as a pioneering force in restaurant technology,” said Sakshi & Ashish Tulsian, Founders of Restroworks.

Today, Restroworks powers global brands like Taco Bell, Subway, Nando’s, Carl’s Jr, Cafe Bateel, Buffalo Wild Wings, Belgian Waffle Company, and Michelin-starred restaurants like Carnival and Avatara by Tresind, along with many other well-known chains worldwide.

About Restroworks

Restroworks (formerly known as Posist) is a leading cloud-based enterprise restaurant technology platform, powering more than 20,000 restaurants globally. The unified cloud platform of Restroworks empowers restaurant operators to grow at scale, improve bottom-line efficiency, and deliver a consistent guest experience at all touchpoints.
The Restroworks platform is designed for restaurants of all formats and sizes, including QSR, Fine-Dine, Cloud Kitchens, Fast Casual, Food Courts, and Hotel Restaurant Chains. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of products, including Front-of-House, Back-of-House, Kitchen Suite, Digital Ordering, Integrations, Reports, and Analytics.

Renowned restaurant chains such as Taco Bell, Subway, Nando’s, Carl’s Jr, Häagen-Dazs, Arby’s, and Caribou Coffee are among the many brands using Restroworks to manage their processes, people, and places of operation. With teams across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, North America, and Latin America, the company serves leading restaurant chains in over 50 countries.

Restroworks is on a mission to make global restaurants prosperous.

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