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Posist's happy client 4700 BC

4700 BC Popcorn

Chirag Gupta
POSist Happy Customer 4700 BC

POSist works as a perfect model for startups like our's and continuously rolls out new features required for restaurants in its software, so you do not have to pay each time and request for additional features. Being cloud-based, it offers a lot more flexibility. Also, their 24x7 support system is an added bonus. We have been using POSist since the very beginning of our business and we are completely satisfied with their services.

Posist's satisfied customer Molecule Air Bar

Molecule Air Bar

Manish Sharma
Posist's happy customer Molecule Air Bar

Honestly, I am very happy with POSist. The best thing is that they have a Cockpit  App which gives you live reporting like how many customers are sitting in your restaurant, what they ordered or what they have been ordering and what is the bill. That helps us to tell our staff which dishes are fast moving and which are slow. Also, you get the live sales reporting in your restaurant. The Inventory Management System is also very effective. It is very helpful in calculating the food cost. The Anti-Theft feature gives you a pop up if anything unusual happens, which is very helpful for the owner.  The customer Feedback App is also quite helpful. We are happy with using POSist and we are very much looking forward to using POSist in every other outlet as well.

Posist's delighted customer Drunken Monkey

Drunken Monkey

Samrath Reddy
Posist's Treasured Client Drunken Monkey

When we started Drunken Monkey we tried about five POS systems before moving to POSist. I feel that with our growth plan, POSist would be the ideal partner for us. As a company, POSist doesn't stop discovering and expanding new things, as compared to other POS companies. They don't give just a billing software, they give you a software that can control your business. You can make sure anything and everything from the store is controlled, including the Attendance, Stock, Billings, and Logistics. It has been a very good journey, and we are reaping the benefits of what POSist has given us, a robust and innovative software, and I think it'll be even better going forward.

Posist's delighted customer The Sky High Bar

The Sky High

Shivang Gupta
Posist's valued customer The Sky High

It has been six years that we have been with POSist, and it has delivered a brilliant performance. The best part is that whenever we required a new feature in the software, it was already there. The best part of controlling costs was that it is error-free software. There was a time when I left POSist and tried other ways to understand what I had and what I wanted. But I realized that I was actually saving money with POSist. There are loopholes in every software but POSist has been able to cover them up all. Cloud-based software is the present and future of restaurant technology. Every night I check the reports through the Cockpit App, and every morning I check the email reports from POSist. I begin my day with POSist and end my day with POSist.

Posist's delighted customer Crown Pizza

Crown’s Pizza Pvt Ltd.

Mohit Sachdeva
Posist's esteemed client Crown Pizza

We are happy with POSist’s 24 Hours Customer Support Service. It is a good team which provides excellent support. I have no words for POSist’s success team. Best of Luck!

Posist's happy customer Hatti Kappi

Hatti Kappi

Posist's delighted customer Hatti Kappi

At HattiKaapi, POSist has been widely used across counters in different locations and provides complete control solutions. It is a “Minimum hassles with Maximum support software.

Posist's delighted customer Silbatti


Posist's happy client Silbatti

I have been using POSist for five months. It has helped me in managing my Billing and Inventory operations. The best thing about POSist is their Customer Support. In just one call you can get rid of all your problems!

Posist's delighted customer Moti Mahal

Moti Mahal

Ashim Gujral
Posist's satisfied customer Moti Mahal

We’ve been partnered with POSist for more than six months now and we are very happy. We have installed it at four of our outlets. The main reason to shift from other software to POSist is that it is cloud-based. The main challenge in the industry is pilferage, and there is a problem of pilfering of products, food, and especially the cash. The only knife in our hands is POSist which helps us to reduce the pilferage and helps us increase our sales with the help of the CRM module.

Posist's esteemed customer Hungry Panda

Hungry Panda

Pankaj Patel
Posist's happy customer Hungry Panda

Solid Data Analytics available on the software and well-thought reports are very helpful. Also, Responsive Customer Support and a strong team receptive to feedback & suggestions, available 24/7 are an asset.

Posist's esteemed customer Leaping Windows

Leaping Windows

Posist's valued client Leaping Windows

POSist is an exceptionally brilliant software for a cafe with even better customer service.

POSist's Esteemed Customer Bobby Punjabi Rasoi

Bobby Punjabi Rasoi

POSist's Valued Customer Bobby Punjabi Rasoi

POSist has changed my life, and they are more like a family to us now. The staff is highly cooperative. They have a 24x7 customer support, and all our queries and issues are resolved instantly. All their features, especially the Billing and Stock & Inventory are really good.

Posist's valued customer Lazeez


Posist's happy client Lazeez

Easy to use, quick in implementation, awesome support, best across India, helps in pilferage control.

Posist's delighted customer Midnight Express

Midnight Express

Posist's esteemed client Midnight Express

We are totally satisfied with POSist. This is the best software till date we have come across. And the feature which has helped us the most is your 24*7 customer support facility.

Posist's contented customer Zustt Yummy

Zust Yummy

Posist's happy customer Zustt Yummy

I am grateful for the hard work and exemplary service provided by Posist and their team. They not only helped us organize and better manage our operations but have also provided the tools to look at our business more strategically.

Posist's happy client Slice by Slice Pizza

Slice by Slice

Miss Bhavini (Accounts Manager)
Posist's satisfied customer Slice by Slice

"All the services of POSist are very good, and we are really happy with it. They have excellent customer support executives who are eager to resolve all your queries and technical glitches."

POSist's happy customer Bawarchi Kitchen

Bawarchi Kitchen

Posist's happy client Bawarchi Kitchen

We are very much satisfied with posist. It has helped us a lot in managing restaurant's operation and in handling our expenses.

Couch Potato

Posist's delighted customer Couch Potato

We have been using POSist for one and a half years. They have an incredible team and know what the customers want. They are amazing at follow-ups, which is what any entrepreneur wants, giving constant reminders of what has to be done, and how it has to be done. You cant find a better team. There have enough competitors, but what we always want to look for is a good team, and that is where POSist has it right. We have four accounts with POSist currently, and looking for four more.