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POSist Happy Customer - Belgian Waffle

Shrey Aggarwal, Owner, The Belgian Waffle

POSist has been a great technology partner for us since the beginning. We have more than 200 stores, all running on POSist. The user interface that they offer is extremely user-friendly for the restaurant staff. The Material Management & Enterprise Module have been of great help, allowing us to manage our entire backend inventory and the orders placed by various franchises. POSist has provided us with real-time reports which has benefited us in understanding our consumer consumption pattern, assisting us to tailor make our marketing campaigns and determine the offers we need to run.

POSist Satisfied Customer - First Fiddle Restaurants

Gaurav Gupta, COO, First Fiddle Restaurants

Posist provides better control on what’s happening inside your restaurant. It has given us better visibility of table-level transactions. It has helped us to control pilferage. I like Anti-Theft dashboard the most. I would definitely recommend Posist because it’s easy to use, cloud-based and most importantly my experience with Posist is really great

POSist Enterprise Customer - Olive Bar & Kitchen

Subhash, IT Head, Olive Bar and Kitchen

The good point about Posist is that they have a very talented development team. Whatever customisations we require, they provide that quickly. They give permanent solutions to every issue and have completely fulfilled our requirements. I have been in the industry for last 5 years, and I would definitely recommend POSist because their sales applications is far better than other POS Systems and it doesn’t cause any operational issue.

POSist Enterprise Customer - Billion Smiles

Kumar Gaurav, VP, Billion Smiles

POSist is like a data matrix for us. It has made it easier for us to gather all the information in one place. The insights that the POSist POS provides us are excellent and has helped us in targeting the correct audience, by expanding our marketing strategy. POSist’s restaurant management system has also assisted us in managing our inventory more efficiently and helped us control the overall restaurant management cost.

POSist Happy Customer - 4700 BC Popcorn

Gaurav Sikka, MD, Arbor Brewing Company

POSist allows us to access operational data in real-time. Earlier, we had to pull up offline data but POSist has drastically changed that for us. It is now easier for us to manage the restaurants in different locations smoothly from anywhere.

POSist Satisfied Customer - Molecule Air Bar

Rajeev Matta, CEO, SK Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

POSist is one of the best software we have come across, the interface is user-friendly which our restaurant staff finds comfortable to use. POSist also provides us with excellent data analysis which allows us to manage our restaurant more conveniently.

POSist Happy Customer - 4700 BC Popcorn

Amit Ahuja, Founder, Misu

POSist is a more structured format of POS. It has a lot more data integrated into it. It has efficiently helped us with popularity analysis and in identifying customer behavior, right from their preferred menu items to the number of times they visit our restaurant.


POSist Satisfied Customer - Molecule Air Bar

Deepak, CFO, Smoor Chocolates

We are remarkably happy with POSist’s user interface and the ease of use it has provided to our employees. POSist POS has helped us in significantly streamlining our billing. Along with this, we have integrated POSist with our backend ERP and are very happy with it. It has provided us with real-time reports allowing us to ease our involvement and save a lot of time.

POSist Happy Customer - 4700 BC Popcorn

Chirag Gupta, Owner, 4700 BC Popcorn

POSist works as a perfect model for startups like our’s and continuously rolls out new features required for restaurants in its software, so you do not have to pay each time and request for additional features. Being cloud-based, it offers a lot more flexibility. Also, their 24×7 support system is an added bonus. We have been using POSist since the very beginning of our business and we are completely satisfied with their services. 

POSist Satisfied Customer - Molecule Air Bar

Manish Sharma, Owner, Molecule Air Bar

Honestly, I am very happy with POSist. The best thing is the Cockpit App which gives you live reporting such as the footfall in the restaurant, items ordered, and the total bill.

That helps us to analyse which dishes are performing well since you get the live sales reporting. The Inventory Management System is also very effective in calculating the food cost. The Anti-Theft feature gives you a pop up if anything unusual happens, which is very helpful for the owner.  We are happy with using POSist and are very much looking forward to using POSist in every other outlet as well.

POSist Happy Customer - Drunken Monkey

Samrat Reddy, Owner, Drunken Monkey

When we started Drunken Monkey we tried about five POS systems before moving to POSist. I feel that with our growth plan, POSist would be the ideal partner for us. As a company, POSist doesn’t stop discovering and expanding new things, as compared to other POS companies. They don’t give just a billing software, they give you a software that can control your business. You can make sure anything and everything from the store is controlled, including the Attendance, Stock, Billings, and Logistics. It has been a very good journey, and we are reaping the benefits of what POSist has given us, a robust and innovative software, and I think it’ll be even better going forward. 

POSist Esteemed Customer - The Sky High

Shivang Gupta, Owner, The Sky High

 It has been more than eight years that we have been with POSist, and it has delivered a brilliant performance. The best part is that whenever we required a new feature in the software, it was already there.  There was a time when I left POSist and tried other ways to understand what I had and what I wanted. But I realized that I was actually saving money with POSist. There are loopholes in every software but POSist has been able to cover them up all. Cloud-based software is the present and future of restaurant technology. Every night I check the reports through the Cockpit App, and every morning I check the email reports from POSist. I begin and end my day with POSist.

POSist Valuable Customer - Moti Mahal

Aashim Gujral, Owner, Moti Mahal

We are very happy with POSist. We have installed it at four of our outlets. The main reason to shift from other software to POSist is that it is cloud-based. The main challenge in the industry is pilferage, and there is a problem of pilfering of products, food, and especially the cash. The only knife in our hands is POSist which helps us to reduce the pilferage and helps us increase our sales with the help of the CRM module. 

POSist Happy Customer - Ramji Chaiwale

Sumit Joshi, Founder, Ramjichaiwale

POSist has been supporting us to achieve maximum performance on the billing side, the stock side and even on the accounting side. That is how we have been expanding because we have been able to understand the various nuances which are there and make informed decisions through the details that POSist makes available to us through its analytics.

POSist Happy Customer - Crown's Pizza

Swadeep, Owner, The Chatter House

The Cockpit app has been a constant companion for me. I open it at least 10 to 15 times a day to track the sales that are happening at my restaurant. Another great feature POSist has provided me is the Servers Report Card, it is great and has helped in cultivating a sense of healthy competition among the servers. Thanks to POSist, I have this data readily available with me, which is hard to generate manually. The pie charts help me determine who is selling more platters, desserts and who has the highest number of canceled KOT. Data like this helps us in praising the staff doing well and nudging the ones not performing well to perform better.

POSist Customer - Midnight Express

Dhruv Chawla, Owner, Getafix

I have been using POSist at all my three outlets. POSist has been a blessing for me, as it has allowed me easy integration with different aggregators. It is very user-friendly in the way that I don’t always require the support from the company, but can myself add the new menu items. The Enterprise Module gives control for all the three outlets. Every restaurant owner has the complaint of various kinds of pilferages in the kitchen, But POSist’s inventory system helps us keep a check on the stock and manage the inventory seamlessly. Revenue and tax report generation have also become very easy with POSist.

POSist customer- Hungry Panda

Ankit Upadhyay, Founder, Tea Pea cafe

POSist is everything I was looking for. Being from an IT background, I know the value of good technology and how it can help your restaurant business grow. I have used three software previously, but after using the modules that POSist had to offer I can positively say that it is the most helpful restaurant management software.

Sakshi Rastogi, Owner, The Royal Dudes

POSist has made customer analysis quite easy for us and helped us in increasing our customer ticket size, allowing us to cater to more than 3000 customers who interact with our brand. We now have better control of our inventory and have eliminated the dishes that are not doing well, all thanks to the data provided to us by the POS.

POSist Customer - Leaping Windows

Bhanu Nehra, Owner, Mia Bella

One of the most evident problem that restaurant owners have is the lack of backend record. With POSist, tracking has become very easy. It has also established a sense of awareness amongst restaurant owners, to handover the bills to every customer who comes to dine.

POSist Satisfied Customer - Silbatti

Suresh, Director, Wiggly Wines

POSist’s recipe, menu, and table management modules have made managing our restaurant a simpler task for us. It has helped us in saving time, allowing us to focus on other operational aspects of running a restaurant business.

POSist Customer - Lazeez

Gaurav Bahl, Owner, Koolchas

Technology these days has become as important as salt in the food for restaurant management. We use POSist software at all our outlets. It is very easy to use and all our staff has been using it quite efficiently. Posist has helped us manage the overall circulation of the food, view and assess the stock requirements of multiple outlets and generate Purchase Orders as per the need.

POSist Happy Customer - Slice By Slice

Onkar Samarth, Chef/Owner, Bombay Coffee House

POSist has the most user-friendly restaurant management software. It empowers us to do a lot, from inventory management to tracking and monitoring every single restaurant activity. It has enabled me to take care of the restaurant operations, even when I am not physically present at the outlet.