Cafe & Coffee Shop Software

Ensure seamless Cafe/Coffee Shop operations with Posist’s Cloud-Based Cafe and Coffee Shop Software


Smart Features for Cafe and Coffee Outlets

Posist provides a variety of features to enable effortless operations and management of your Cafe and Coffee shop.

Intelligent Menu

View the best selling items in the POS menu. The items change automatically as per the demand of the dish, and also help the Servers and Cashier to upsell them.


Tablet Billing

Let your customers order and pay at the table through Tablets. All orders taken by the tablets are pushed directly into the POS. Making it user-friendly and simple to use. Tablets are handy, increase customer delight, and save up on the hardware cost of bulky POS terminals.


Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Keep a complete track of your restaurant business by analyzing daily reports. View custom reports about the hourly sales, most items sold, total bills generated etc and make data-driven decisions.



Inventory Management

Posist’s Inventory Management gives you in-depth insight into the amount of Stock consumed, and the amount left at the end of each day. View Variance reports and keep a track of the wastage and pilferage happening at your restaurant.

Loyalty Program Integration

Run point-based on visit-based Loyalty Programs to encourage repeat visits of customers. Create outlet specific offers or launch global Loyalty Programs that can be run across multiple outlets.

Waiter Management

View and measure the performance of your staff by measuring the average Table Turnover time, number of items sold in each category, and more! Create Incentive Offers for your restaurant staff for upselling items and achieving other targets.


“Posist brings strong capabilities to bring the entire operations under one platform, where all the functions are seamlessly integrated, giving us a clear view of the operations and insights to make better decisions.”

Vivek Hans

Founder  |  Bevarabia

Third Party Integrations

  • Posist allows seamless integration of Third Party Applications such as Online Food Ordering, Payments, Accounting, Loyalty Programs, Cloud Telephony, Delivery Partners and much more
  • Accept orders from multiple Online Ordering channels with ease
  • Accept online payments from various Mobile Wallets

Mobile Reporting

  • Access real-time reports of your restaurant business on your mobile phone
  • View the number of live outlets currently accepting orders, the total number of bills generated, discounts offered etc at any point in time
  • Have complete control over your business even without being physically present at the outlet

Enterprise Module

  • Posist’s Enterprise Module controls multiple cafe outlets from one central POS
  • Ensure consistency across all outlets through Central Menu Management and Recipe Management features
  • View item wise reports of different outlets to analyze the performance of an item in a particular area or region


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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