Banquet Software

Automate the entire banquet booking process and deliver the best guest experience, using Posist’s Banquet Software


Unique Features for Banquet Software

Whether you have a standalone banquet or one located within a hotel, manage it digitally using Posist’s Banquet Software.

Manage Banquet Bookings

Automate the entire banquet booking process. From taking reservations, placing food orders, and managing various vendors. Take care of it all digitally, from a central hub.


Customize Banquet Reservation

Take the entire reservation on the Banquet Module and easily customize it to match your customer’s preferences. Make prompt changes to the reservations, shift the dates and do more.


Calculate Per Person Cost

Promptly calculate Per Person Food Cost, using the Banquet software. Keep track of the amount the customer needs to pay from a single place.



Enable Reservations

Automate the reservations process and take reservations based on the preferred time, seating arrangements and waitlist. It is as easy as managing the reservations for a restaurant!

“Seeing the scalability Posist offers your brand, I believe I have made the right choice. Using Posist we’ve been able to Navtara to the next level”

Aditya T

Managing Partner  |  Navtara

Get Detailed Reservation Report

  • Get a detailed report of the reservations made
  • Check through the Reservation Calendar and analyze the Function Prospectus details like the time, available space and item required
  • Easily check through client enquiries regarding the available dates and waitlist
  • Check for the confirmation and reserved dates effortlessly

Manage Bookings

  • Posist Banquet management module lets you keep a track of the bookings without any hassles
  • Monitor the menu items, seating arrangements, and various vendors
  • Effortlessly calculate the menu and Per Person Food cost, and manage the finances of your banquet


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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