Bakery Software & Management System

Grow you bakery business with Posist’s advanced Bakery Software & Management System


Unique Features for Bakery Shops & Chains

Posist’s Bakery POS provides a multitude of features for Bakery Shops & Chains to maximise their operational efficiency and boost the customer engagement!

Advanced Booking Module

Posist’s Bakery POS lets you accept Advance Orders from your customers. Set reminders and alerts for the delivery date and time so that you don’t miss out on any orders.


Shelf Life Management

Serve only the freshest and the best items to your customers. Posist’s Shelf Life Management feature ensures that the perishable items in the stock are sold before they expire.


Detailed Reporting & Analytics

View in-depth reports about the total sales happening at your bakery. View hourly sales reports, item-wise reports and more to get a better understanding of your bakery business.



Birthday & Anniversary Alerts

Create a special connection with your customers by sending them greetings on their birthday and anniversaries. Create special offers and increase customer delight!

Central Kitchen Management

Manage the stock requirements of multiple outlets effortlessly. Get a better control on the items baked, delivered, and wasted until the finished product is out for sale.

Integrated CRM

Customer data captured from multiple sources is automatically updated at the CRM. Create tailored SMS and email campaigns and run Loyalty Program offers for maximum customer engagement.


Having our own channel gave us a complete view of customers, and took complete ownership of deliveries. POSist’s online ordering works seamlessly with the POS system, maintaining and updating the website is like a breeze.”

Pierre Labail
Co-Owner  |  Suzette Gourmet


  • Keep a complete track of your inventory through the Stock In and Stock Out feature. View the variance in the Stock at the end of each day
  • Create roles and permissions for each task. Each editing in the bills or discounts offered to customers is recorded
  • View the total bills generated, and sales happening at your bakery

Recipe Management

  • Ensure consistency in your baked goods through Posist’s Recipe Management feature
  • Keep track of the stock consumed while preparing an item through Bakery POSs’ integrated, Recipe Management Feature
  • Use Standard Recipes and keep your Food Costs in check through Posist’s smart bakery management system

Barcode Management

  • Offer only the best to your customers by ensuring highest standards of quality in your products
  • Maintain the shelf life of your products through a Bar Code
  • Integrated with Posist’s Bakery POS, the Bar Code automatically detects the expiration date of the item and prevents you from selling an expired good


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API


Get access to over 400+ integrations of your choice with our open API

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