Why Mobile Food Ordering Apps are the Future of Food Delivery

Why- Mobile Ordering Apps are the Future of Food Delivery

Online food ordering has already disrupted the food ordering and delivery process in restaurants. No longer do customers have to yell their orders into the phone and explain their orders to the restaurant. It also prevents missed orders due to busy phone lines or lack of resources to monitor the phone. Empirical data suggests that 70% of all food delivery or takeout orders are placed via mobiles as mobile phones are the most preferred medium of internet browsing. Therefore, we have designed an easily customizable, ready-to-use white label mobile food ordering app, that you can make your own for your restaurant. Find out how to run a successful Online Food Ordering campaign here.

Benefits of Mobile Food Ordering App

Here are the useful features of POSist’s Mobile Food Ordering App, and the ways it helps you facilitate the ordering process, and also increase the number of orders and revenues.

1. Customizable Layout

The tailor-made mobile app can be customized as per the theme of your restaurant. The mobile food ordering app features a customizable layout that is designed to match your restaurant’s theme and allows you to tweak the layout. The themed app also works well to promote your restaurant’s brand.

2. Real-time Menu

The menu updating feature allows you to make changes in the app real time. This means that whenever a change is made in the POS menu at the restaurant outlet, the same is instantly reflected in the app menu. This ensures no mix-ups in the order and provides a quick and smooth ordering experience for the customers.

3. Easy Ordering

The user-friendly User Interface (UI) of the Mobile Food Ordering App provides a smooth ordering experience for customers. Customers can select their preferred order type; if it’s a takeaway or a delivery order. Next, the app prompts customers to choose their location with an easy drop-down button. It allows customers to select their city and the local outlet before they proceed to the menu and place their order.

Why- Mobile Ordering Apps are the Future of Food Delivery

To finalize the order, the mobile ordering app requests customers’ mobile numbers. A One Time Pin (OTP) gets generated to enable and complete the user profile creation process. Customers can save multiple addresses such as home address, office address etc. Similarly, returning customers can create passwords to login. The next point discusses customer profile in detail.

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4. Customer Profiles

The app includes a customer profile section where the user saves his details. New users can simply register, log in and navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section to manage their details. The following information is available in the ‘My Profile’ section.

Saved address: Customers can save and manage multiple addresses, such as office address and home address, saving them from the hassles of typing their address each time they order.

Saved Orders:  All orders placed by the users are saved in the ‘Order History’ section that can be viewed anytime by them. Customers can go through the list and re-order their preferred items without having to remember those or to build a new order.

Favorite Orders: ‘Favorite Orders’ section lets customers view the saved orders and mark their orders as favorites to assist them place orders with just one click in future. The app facilitates One-Touch-Ordering, where the customer can placer a previously ordered item, to be delivered to a pre-saved address in a single click. It saves the hassle of selecting the type or order and outlets, browsing the menu, and retyping their details again.

Reviews and feedback: The app also contains a reviews and feedback section which allows customers to provide their feedback for the restaurant. The app furthermore gives customers the flexibility to write their feedback at their own time, thus, increasing customer delight. All reviews are directly sent to the restaurant owners and managers which help them seek insights, and analyze customer experience and expectations.

5. Push Notifications

You can further improve your customer engagement with the push notification feature through the Mobile Food Ordering App. It allows you to send and promote updates on latest deals, offers, and discounts through right to your customers’ mobile phones. This is also a great marketing tool as it comes handy in updating your customers about new items, new product updates, and new combo etc., introduced to the menu.

6. Advance Orders

With the ‘Advance Order’ feature, your customers get the liberty of choosing delivery or pickup time, at the time of placing their orders. Customers can choose their usual their order to be delivered immediately or set a particular time for future delivery. The restaurant is immediately notified about your customers’ preferred schedule.

7.  POS Integration

POS integration ensures that all orders received from the mobile ordering app get directly pushed to the POS terminal of the selected outlet. This enables your outlets to accept or reject orders in case you cannot deliver an order for any reason such as area not covered etc. Real-time integration with the POS eliminates discrepancies such as order mix-ups, order not received etc, and simplifies the entire process.

Mobile Food Ordering apps streamline food ordering and speed up the delivery process. It has become a must-have feature for restaurants, as it improves the food delivery process, increases customer delight, and further boosts the restaurant profits.

Know more about the mobile food ordering apps here, and let your customers order their favourite dishes from your restaurant right from their mobiles!

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  1. There are many multiple online food delivery websites in India. But now most of the internet users using smart phones, so to attract maximum people and to improve maximum orders, people started using mobile apps.


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