5 Ways You Can Use Restaurant Customer Feedback Management to Boost Your Business

restaurant customer feedback management system

Customer engagement is an essential aspect of customer management. Especially in the case of restaurants, where the competition is extreme, retaining customers becomes increasingly important. Asking restaurant customer feedback is the first step of customer engagement, as it makes the customer feel valued, and more importantly, gives first-hand insights into your strengths and weaknesses. Smart restaurateurs analyze customer feedback and use it to identify and rectify their shortcomings. Read this article to understand how to collect restaurant customer feedback the right way. 

However, acquiring feedback from the customers can be a tricky task, as not many are able to express their opinions openly. Although many restaurants present a feedback card to the customer at the end of the meal, there still remained a lack of a comprehensive feedback management system. Asking for feedback from the customers makes them feel valued and helps increase customer engagement.

Therefore, we at POSist have come up with a Customer Feedback Management App expressly designed for restaurants. It has several useful features that allow you to make use of the feedback given by the customers.

Essential Restaurant Customer Feedback Management Features

Read the ways you can use Restaurant Customer Feedback Management to seek customer feedback and increase engagement.

1. Capturing Customer Reviews

The feedback app lets you communicate with your customers, and allows you to gather their reviews and feedback. Customers are presented with a tablet at the end of the meal, where they can review their dining experience. They can give reviews for all the aspects of restaurant such as food, service, and ambience.  An easy to use, attractive, user- friendly interface allows customers to give their feedbacks easily.

5 Ways You Can Use Feedback Management to Boost Your Restaurant Business

2. Real-Time Alerts for Poor Reviews

An unhappy customer is the worst nightmare of a restaurateur. POSist’s feedback management notifies you each time your restaurant gets a bad review. This way, you can stay updated, as you receive poor review notifications directly to your phone, and you can take care of an unhappy customer immediately.

3. POS Integration

The feedback management app is directly integrated with your restaurant POS software. This centralized integration with the POS lets you acquire item-wise feedback. The feedback form is generated according to the bill and lets the customer review each item. In this manner, you can also gather insights, and analyze the performance of the items in your menu.

This works well for all orders, delivery, take-out, and dine-in, thus you can easily manage the feedback from all your customers.

4. Loyalty Programs Integration

Customer engagement and loyalty programs have always gone hand in hand. They are the oldest trick in the book for luring customers back to your restaurant. The feedback management system acts an effective backbone for loyalty programs as it easily collects customer data. The database comes extremely useful for digital marketing campaigns such as email marketing, SMS marketing. It can also be easily integrated with third-party loyalty programs that further enhance customer engagement.

5. Detailed Reporting and Analytics

The purpose of gathering feedback and reviews is to get insights, analyze data, and make informed decisions on their basis. However, one must not panic at the sight of negative feedbacks. Sometimes, customers put in bad reviews just to express their anger over made up issues, hoping to get a discount or a complimentary item. Therefore, you should be able to judge genuine reviews from the fake ones.

POSist restaurant customer feedback management app

The restaurant customer feedback management system allows you to view customers’ entire order and feedback history. In this manner, you can analyze whether the customer has a genuine concern, or if he has a habit of putting bad reviews.

You can view reports based on the customers’ order and feedback behaviour. Item wise reporting tracks the performance of each item in the menu according to customer feedback.

Customer feedback is an essential part of customer engagement, and also extremely important as it provides insights about your restaurant’s performance. To find out more about Customer Feedback Management, click here.


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