No Contact Delivery: Best Practices Restaurant Delivery Staff can Follow to Stay Safe from COVID 19

no contact delivery

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, scientists and researchers have been studying each aspect of its transmission. Till now, numerous studies have suggested that there is no evidence of the virus being spread through food and other edible commodities. That means food can still be packaged and sent to people through online deliveries. However, with the rise in the number of cases, people are becoming increasingly cautious of what they consume, how they consume, the hygiene aspects of food preparation, and so on. A lot of restaurant chains have thus incorporated a ‘No-Contact Delivery’ strategy for home delivery options. 

The bottom line of this strategy was to ensure that people felt safe while eating outside food. Under this delivery option, there would be absolutely no contact between you and the delivery executive at any given point in time. The food you ordered would be left outside your door, in your lobby, or somewhere else (wherever you want it to be), and you can pick it up after the executive leaves.

According to the CDC, the risk of getting affected by the virus is multiplied when you come into close contact with a surface that has been infected. Thus, it would be best if consumers can discard the package as soon as possible. Also, it’s probably a good idea to avoid packaging the disposable food containers, since they are most likely to be thrown away immediately, as is recommended. 

Rules For Adopting No-Contact Delivery Practices At Your Restaurant 

Here are some rules you need to follow as a restaurateur to ensure all aspects of your delivery operations are in place. 

Rule #1: Delivery executives are to wear masks and gloves for as long as they are operating. 

Rule #2: The restaurant outlets, vehicles used by delivery executives, bike boxes, and bags are to be sanitized every four hours. 

For example, Starbucks said in a statement that it had increased hygiene levels across all of its outlets. The cups and containers provided by the brand are also sanitized and disposable. They also included an Rs. 10 discount for anyone who brings in a personal tumbler or asks for “for here” (reusable) ware. 

Starbucks no contact delivery

Another major restaurant chain, Domino’s Pizza, has been screening all of its employees, especially the delivery staff, to prevent food contamination. 

Rule #3: Utensils and packaging containers are supposed to be sanitized/ bought new. 

Rule #4: The food is to be delivered at your doorstep or in the lobby, wherever the customer wishes it to be. 

Rule #5: The delivery executive is to step a couple of meters away, and the customer will be alerted via the app once the food arrives. He/she can also choose the option of receiving a call when the food delivery executive has arrived. 

Rule #6: After the delivery executives reach the customer’s address, they are supposed to drop the food as per instructions from the customer and wait for them to pick it up. Once they ensure that the food is picked up, only then will the order be marked successfully delivered. 

No contact delivery

Rule #7: The delivery executives and the rest of the restaurant employees are to be in constant touch with the medical experts. 

Rule #8: The restaurants are supposed to open a separate fund box for collecting tips earned by delivery executives during the day. All the customers must be encouraged to tip the delivery executives way more than they usually do. Constant feedback is to be ensured from the customer’s end to check if everything was in order. 

Sticking to basic hygiene and taking necessary precautions will help us sail through these tough times. Take all possible steps to ensure that all of your employees are healthy, and that you’re supporting them to the fullest. Remember, we are all in this together. 

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