Everything UAE Restaurant Managers Need to Know About Enhancing Staff Training to Boost Efficiency

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In the hospitality industry, the level of service quality depends to a great extent on the restaurant staff. Along with quick and efficient service, customers now also want hygienic handling of their orders. Therefore,  your restaurant must go that extra mile to emboss a distinctive brand identity in a competitive space like the UAE. How to improve your restaurant service quality is one of the most frequent questions asked in the industry. And an absolute answer to this is efficient restaurant staff training. This article covers a list of tips that you must employ to improve your restaurant’s staff training and performance in the UAE.

Useful Tips To Enhance Your Restaurant Staff Training In The UAE 

A comprehensive restaurant staff training program must be an indispensable part of your overall business strategy. Here are some tips on how you can employ restaurant staff training in the UAE to improve the speed of service and efficiency at your restaurant.

Devise A Plan Specific To Restaurant Staff Training

There is a dire need for operators to devise a well-defined training program that enables your restaurant staff to become more efficient and deliver better service. Good restaurant staff training is one of the best ways to maintain coordination and efficiency in FOH and BOH operations. Here are the steps to create a training plan which will improve the service quality of your restaurant:-

  • Write out the goals that you want your restaurant staff to achieve.
  • Ensure that every goal is measurable. This will help you decide what is working and what must be changed.
  • Make different plans for various roles. For example, the frontline staff should be trained to tackle critical customer-facing situations while the culinary staff should be prepared to work under pressure and still serve quality dishes.
  • Keep the plan consistent with the respective roles. It will ensure that everybody is on the same page and held to the same set of standards.

Assign the Staff Roles

According to research, a large number of employees feel dissatisfied when they are assigned responsibilities without possessing the right skills and knowledge in the area. Thus, assigning staff roles is a vital process that should be carried out with utmost thought and care. Your staff must be primarily trained to perform their assigned role but should also possess a general idea of the responsibilities of the various other verticals of the restaurant. This will create an understanding of how the restaurant works as a unit, and each employee will be able to perform better in his scope of duties. This will also improve your restaurant service quality and the overall speed of service.

  • While training your restaurant staff, layout the duties and responsibilities of the position in detail. Assuming that the person should already know what his/her duties are can spell disaster.
  • Cover all the who’s, what’s, why’s and how’s of your business. Your employees can perform exceptionally well only when there is no ambiguity, and they are clear about what is expected of them and what is expected of others on the team.
  • This will also ensure all relevant jobs and tasks are executed without stepping on each other’s toes.

Explore Different Methods Of Restaurant Staff Training

Based on the restaurant employee data and their performance in different training sessions, you can adapt the program to suit multiple learning preferences such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic that your staff is likely to have. Provide instruction manuals to your new hires. You can even try the role-playing approach by depicting a real-life situation and demonstrating how to handle it.

If you run your restaurant in multiple locations, holding regular training sessions with different sets of employees can be an effective way to train them. Conduct regular ‘town hall’  meetings where all your staff members across different outlets can interact and learn from each other. Interactive sessions like these are sure to improve your restaurant staff performance.

Set Specific Procedures for Restaurant Staff Training 

If your entire staff knows exactly how their team works, then your restaurant would automatically become productive and efficient. Setting standard operating procedures can also prove extremely helpful for your new staff. Assign and manage your restaurant staff schedules accordingly so that the work is distributed evenly among the employees. This will ensure that no one is overworked and that productivity is not compromised. 

Train Your Restaurant Staff To Use The Latest Technology

Invest in effective technological measures to improve the speed of operations and the service quality of your restaurant. Train your staff to use the systems you have installed on your premises and involve them in role plays where they are asked to create mock orders and billing processes before using the system in real-time. This will help them understand critical issues such as handling voids, coupons, etc., and enhance efficiency at work.

When Training Your Restaurant Staff Teach Service Every Day

Holding regular meetings to consistently review staff performance is a great way to keep track of their work efficiency. During these meetings, you should also propose a solution to the different problems that they may be facing. You can also ask your employees’ inputs for the same. Encourage employees to pitch ideas for improvement and always offer feedback in a friendly atmosphere. Taking these steps will make them feel valued and encourage them to give that extra effort.

Your restaurant employees have a key role to play in streamlining the entire restaurant operations. Hence, operators in the UAE must have a comprehensive restaurant staff training plan in place to train your employees consistently so that they can reflect your restaurant’s personality and values. 

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