Cabinet Approves The Model Shops and Establishment Bill; Restaurants Can Operate 24X7

Cabinet Approves The Model Shops and Establishment Bill; Restaurants Can Operate 24X7

In a progressive move, The Union Cabinet passed The Model Shops and Establishment (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Services) Bill, 2016, that gives restaurants, cinemas and shops the flexibility to operate round the clock. The bill came as a good news for restaurants since they would have the option of running the business till late.

Approval of Model Shops and Establishment Bill Enables Restaurants to Operate 24X7

In a press meeting conducted on Wednesday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said, “The motive of the bill was to increase employment opportunities in the country.”

“As malls work all seven days late at night, the small shops which have more than 10 workers will be given the flexibility to decide the timings and the days of work. The interest of the workers in terms of mandatory weekly holiday, the number of working hours per day, of course, have to be protected,” said Jaitley.

“Women will be allowed to work at night also. So, the employment opportunities for women will increase. But there will be a lot of conditions for shelter, ladies toilet, adequate protection and transportation to be provided to them,” the Finance Minister said.

“The bill will now be sent to states and union territories to enable them to modify their individual Acts if they so desire either by adopting the said bill as it is or after modifying its provisions as per their requirements,” the statement said.

Earlier this year, the Delhi government’s proposed excise policy had aimed to reduce the 24-hour excise license marginally for restaurants and bars inside hotels. The recent Model Shops and Establishment bill has come as a relief for the restaurants across the country.

“This is extremely wonderful news and a victory for the NRAI ((National Restaurant Association of India). We have been lobbying hard for the past many years for the freedom of operational timings in restaurants,” Riyaaz Amlani, President of NRAI, said.

Source: Business Standard

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