A Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Restaurant Business In India In 2023

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Despite the substantial risks and the tough hours, owning a restaurant business is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. If you too have nurtured a lifelong ambition of starting up a restaurant or are currently in the middle of setting up your first restaurant, then this article is just for you. In this article, we discuss in detail how to start a restaurant business in India in 2023.

1. Restaurant Industry in India

The Indian Restaurant Market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. It is expected to reach INR 5.99 lakh crore by 2022-23, growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 9 percent, as per the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) report. Despite the hardships and challenges faced by restaurant owners in recent years, opening a restaurant in the near future would bring a host of new opportunities for budding restaurant owners. 

Thanks to the rising incomes, rapid urbanization, increasing working population and technological advancements, more Indians are eating out in restaurants.

2. How To Start A Restaurant In India

Considering the opportunity that the Indian F&B industry holds for both future & existing restaurant businesses, it certainly is the right time to enter into this lucrative domain.

This step-by-step guide will solve all your queries on how to open a restaurant business in India: 

  • Decide the concept of your restaurant
  • Get investment to fund your restaurant business
  • Evaluate restaurant costs involved
  • Decide the location of your restaurant
  • Get all the licenses required to start the restaurant business
  • Get the workforce for your restaurant business
  • Design a stellar menu
  • Arrange vendors and suppliers for your restaurant
  • Install the right technology at your restaurant
  • Focus on marketing your restaurant
  • Host a soft opening

Now that you have garnered the knowledge about the steps that are important for you to start a restaurant business in India, let’s dive deeper and know what exactly needs to be done that will help you to open a successful restaurant.

2.1. Decide The Concept Of Your Restaurant

The first thing to consider while starting a restaurant business is deciding the idea. You need to keep many things in mind before deciding on a concept, the major one being the amount of capital you have for investment. The Average Price per Customer (APC) gives you a fair idea of the average amount of money a customer would spend in your restaurant.

average amount a customer spends in various formats of restaurants

Once you have decided on the concept, you must ponder the theme and cuisine of your restaurant. The interiors must be in sync with your restaurant theme. Next, you should prepare a business plan for your restaurant as it would help you in planning the future development of your restaurant business, and you can present it to any potential investor. Learn how you can write a winning restaurant business plan here.

2.2. Get Investment To Fund Your Restaurant Business

Most aspiring restaurateurs’ dreams never see the light due to a lack of funds, and this is one of the most important things to consider when you think of opening a restaurant business. Firstly, depending on the concept of your restaurant you must finalize how much capital is required to start a restaurant in India. When you have the numbers, then you can go about with these three ways through which you can raise money for your dream restaurant:

  • Self-funding – If you have enough money in the bank, then congrats, you have crossed the first hurdle of opening a restaurant. It is also a good idea to open a restaurant in partnership, as it reduces the risks of investment.
  • Loan- You can take a loan to fulfill your restaurant dream. However, securing a loan from a bank may include hassles as they look for collateral or someone who can underwrite the loan.
  • VC/Angel funding- Getting investors on board can be difficult, especially if yours is a first-time venture. Investors usually look for your restaurant venture’s growth potential, quality, and scalability of your business model. The performance of your first few outlets is taken into consideration before one agrees to invest in your business.

2.3. Evaluate All Restaurant Costs Involved

Restaurant costs are a significant part of running a restaurant and need to be evaluated and planned carefully. Below are the significant costs involved in starting a restaurant business:

Food Costs- Food cost is the cost of all the raw materials used in preparing a dish. Ideally, the food cost should be around 30% of your menu price. You should finalize the vendors for sourcing the raw materials beforehand to ensure a smooth supply of stock ingredients.

Labor Costs – Labor cost is the second most important restaurant cost that adds up to the expenditures while opening a restaurant. We have discussed the manpower you need to start a restaurant in detail, ahead.

Overhead Costs– Overhead costs are other expenses that are not related to food or labor. These include:

  1. Rent- The rent covers a significant part of your restaurant costs, and is profoundly affected by the location of the restaurant. However, the rent should never exceed 10% of your total revenues.
  2. Interiors– You can decide on the interiors based on your restaurant concept and theme, and your budget.
  3. Kitchen equipment- Purchasing the right quality equipment may seem heavy on the pockets, but they always recover their costs in the long run. Know about the various types of essential equipment without which you cannot run a successful restaurant, here.
  4. License- Restaurant licenses are an essential expense of your restaurant, and cannot be ignored. Based on your establishment type, the license fee varies. We have covered the topic of the restaurant license in detail below.
  5. POS- The new age, modern technology POS can smoothen your restaurant operations like never before. The price of POS depends on its features and functionalities, which should be chosen considering your restaurant needs. We have covered the topic of POS below in detail.
  6. Marketing- You should ideally spend 1-2% of your revenues on marketing your restaurant. There should be a perfect balance between offline and online marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing, along with digital marketing can do wonders for your restaurant.

2.4. Decide The Location For Your Restaurant

Location is an essential factor to consider while discussing how to start a restaurant business, as it can determine the success of your restaurant. When choosing your restaurant’s location, it is a good idea to identify your competitor in that area and gauge their progress and understand their business model. The competition needs to be assessed not just in terms of cuisine, but also the type of dining experience they are offering to their customers – casual dining, fine dining, QSR, etc. Evaluating the competition would help you understand the customer base that hovers in that area, their pocket size, and their preferences.

Other factors to be considered while deciding the location of the restaurant business in India, are-

  • Visibility and accessibility- The restaurant should be located in a place that is easily visible as well as accessible. Upper floor locations are generally not considered suitable as their visibility is low, and customers also find them difficult to locate. A restaurant right in front of the road and on the ground floor has higher footfalls.
  • NOC- Before you open your restaurant, you would also need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from at least three of your neighbors.

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2.5. Get All Licenses Required To Start A Restaurant Business

You need to acquire licenses from the government to run a restaurant business in India. The cost of obtaining these licenses varies, depending on the size of your venture. It is advisable to apply for the permits early, as they may take a lot of time to get approved. Here is the list of significant licenses required to open a restaurant business in India:

  • Trade license from the municipal corporation- Depending on the size of the restaurant, the cost incurred is from Rs 10,000 to 1 lakh. However, the actual license fee ranges from Rs 5000 to 10,000 for a small restaurant. The licenses are issued for a financial year and need to be renewed in March every year.
  • FSSAI-One needs to get a license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to operate a food business. The size of your venture, turnover, installed capacity, location, etc. are factors in obtaining an FSSAI license and costs around Rs 5000 to 10000. For more help on FSSAI Registration, you can refer to this guide.
  • GST Registration- Restaurants are required to register under GST and get their GSTIN Number. GST registration is state-specific, so if your restaurant has outlets in different states, then you need to have a separate registration for each state. You can read more about GST Registration for Restaurants here.
  • Professional Tax license- You need a professional tax license for employing salaried staff. This is payable on a monthly basis for all restaurant staff earning above Rs 10,000.
  • Liquor License- Obtaining a liquor license is the trickiest of all and is also pretty expensive. It is advisable to apply for the liquor license early, as this permit takes a lot of time as well.
  • Business Registration- You need to register your business as a partnership firm or a Pvt Ltd company. You’ll need to file annual returns, audit your finances, etc. Hire a CA to help you with the economics of your business.

There are a few other licenses required as well such as a fire safety certificate, pollution control license, etc. Learn more about all the essential licenses necessary to open a restaurant here.

Download Restaurant Licenses E-book

2.6. Get Manpower For Your Restaurant Business

Hiring the right talent and retaining them is one of the biggest challenges while running a restaurant business in India. Hiring through referral is very well accepted, with existing employees referring to their friends and family. As a first-time restaurateur, you can hire through the traditional way: set up an advertisement in the newspaper, put up ‘We’re hiring’ posters, or hire through agencies. There are also many active groups on Facebook and Linkedin, from where you can source talent.

There are three types of staff required in a restaurant:

  • Kitchen staff- Your kitchen staff, comprises the cooks, food preparation staff, support staff, etc. They will mostly be unskilled labor.
  • Service staff- The waiters, housekeeping staff, busboys, etc. are your service staff. Since they have to interact with customers, they need to be good at communication and must be trained appropriately.
  • Management staff- Your restaurant’s manager, chef, cashier, store manager, etc. comprise the management staff, and they need to be educated as well as experienced.

Hiring the right chef is extremely important for your restaurant as your food is what’s going to attract your customers. Apart from cooking, your chef also designs your menu, keeping in mind the ingredients that are readily available, and train and lead the staff to prepare and present the dish. Therefore, an experienced chef is a must for your restaurant. Before you start a restaurant business, you must also remember to train your staff not only regarding their job but also on how they should serve their customers to deliver stellar customer service.

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2.7. Design A Stellar Menu

The next step to starting a restaurant is designing a menu. A smartly designed menu can make a significant impact on your restaurant’s food costs. The menu should comprise items that can be prepared quickly and use local or readily available ingredients. It is advisable to serve dishes that use similar ingredients, which will help you to reduce your overall food cost and the scope of the generation of waste.

The menu also needs to be designed in a way that lures customers to spend more. You should decide on the cuisine that you want to serve and choose the menu items based on the audience’s demands.

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2.8. Arrange Suppliers & Vendors For Your Restaurant

A healthy relationship with your supplier and vendor is essential for the smooth functioning of your restaurant. You must have at least two to three vendors in each category. This would help compare prices, and will also serve as a backup in case some problem comes up with one.

You must always have two days worth of stock in your inventory in case of emergency situations. The items must always be delivered in the morning and checked every day. Both quality and quantity checks must be done at the closing time of your restaurant.

It is always preferable to have long-duration contracts with the vendor as it helps in maintaining the consistency of your raw materials. You also need to check the Trade Identification Number (TIN) of the vendor before you give him your restaurant’s supply contract.

2.9. Marketing and Promotions: 

As a restaurant owner, you may be well aware of the transformational power of hospitality. Building solid client relationships and offering a remarkable dining experience will make you stand out from competitors. Developing your restaurant’s marketing strategies is the perfect place to start.

Here are a few ways you can create the perfect marketing strategy for your restaurant:

  • Create a Brand Identity: Brand identity embodies the character of your company, its voice, and the feelings you wish to arouse in your audience. Understanding your target audience can help you choose a theme that will work with all of your personas. You can then consistently imbibe your brand identity in your marketing communications to keep your messaging consistent.
  • Build a Website: According to a study, 22% of customers say they wouldn’t go to a restaurant if it didn’t have a website with a menu. Customers can review what you provide in advance by visiting your website, which should include a food or drink menu. Include images of your restaurant as well, preferably taken during a busy night when both your staff and your guests are having a good time, so potential customers can get a sense of the vibe.

2.10. Host A Soft Opening: 

Soft openings are a wise option for restaurants because restaurants are always a work-in-progress, and hosting a soft opening will make you aware of all the kinks or flaws. Before formally opening your doors and revealing your dishes, you can test your goods and services on consumers, take their feedback into account, and make necessary adjustments. It could be a practice run for your restaurant. You can benefit from it in the following ways:

  • Determine demand
  • Create a buzz
  • Fix all flaws
  • Create future income
  • Review your menu

To get the most out of the soft opening, focus on getting feedback, improving your service, and expanding your marketing database.

2.11. Install Right Technology At Your Restaurant

Restaurant technology is often the most ignored part of running and managing a restaurant, though perhaps the most important. With new-age modern technology, the robust POS has come up with a number of integrated features that have streamlined the restaurant operations to a great extent. Niche restaurant technology solutions are available for different types of restaurants.

Read a detailed guide on how to choose the perfect POS for your restaurant here.

The idea of owning a restaurant is excellent. However, starting a restaurant from scratch and running it successfully is a humongous task. With this article, we hope we were able to educate you about how to start a restaurant business in India. This article will help you open a restaurant with no experience!

Note: The figures and facts mentioned in this article are in accordance with the Indian restaurant space.

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      You can contact me on no’s provided below for any sort of cafes / delivery kitchens / take away’s / hotels / restaurants / conceptual menus / theme based eateries / caterings ( in / out ) etc

      I am a free lancer consultant ( chef / F&B ), Basically a chef by profession, Studied hotel management from PUSA

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    • Greetings for the moment

      You can contact me on no’s provided below for any sort of cafes / delivery kitchens / take away’s / hotels / restaurants / conceptual menus / theme based eateries / caterings ( in / out ) etc

      I am a free lancer consultant ( chef / F&B ), Basically a chef by profession, Studied hotel management from PUSA

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  34. Fantastic article helpful for new people who wish to start a restaurant. Myself Gireesh Nair. Would like to start an authentic south indian veg restaurant in Surat – world’s 4th fastest growing city. Looking for same wavelength people as investors. Target investment is around 50-70 lakhs. This will be a 9 am to 11pm working restaurant. If anybody interested, please watsup me on my mob: {…Redacted..}

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  37. i want a finencer to finance my business is any body is interested to listen my plan to open a cafe business i will explain
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  38. Nice articles.
    Dear All beginners,
    I am starting my small restaurant in Pune & it would open by first week of July.
    I am interested to open more small restaurants across Pune and looking for skilled persons, chefs and investors for partnerships.
    If anybody interested to talk please get in touch with me {…Redacted..}
    Or email {…Redacted..}

    Thank you.

  39. Hi I am Sandipan located at Hyderabad. Me and my wife are thinking about home delivery service to start with. In longer run we will be looking forward to turn it into a restaurant.

    If anybody can give me some idea regarding how to proceed with this, will be a great help indeed.

    Thanks in advance,
    Sandipan Chakraborty

  40. hi i am planning for a CAFE RESTRO PUB LOUNGE in JABALPUR and developing into chain in future.
    please suggest and assist.Investors are most welcome pleasse connect on watsapp {…Redacted..}

    • Greetings for the moment

      You can contact me on no’s provided below for any sort of cafes / delivery kitchens / take away’s / hotels / restaurants / conceptual menus / theme based eateries / caterings ( in / out ) etc

      I am a free lancer consultant ( chef / F&B ), Basically a chef by profession, Studied hotel management from PUSA

      Looking forwards

      Thank you kindly & regards,
      Chef Suksham Mehra

      Have a very fabulous time ahead

  41. Hi
    This is Srinivas From Bangalore
    We are already operating restaurants in the middle east and are looking forward to expand in the below mentioned cities ( not limited to) – Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Coimbatore.
    We are looking at suitable locations for opening Vegetarian restaurants.
    we are also in the process of Finalizing a Brand for South Indian Packed Snacks.

    Individuals interested in provided inputs, ideas concepts or those with space to be let out can email me at {…Redacted..}

    • Hi,
      This is Venkat from Chennai. I have a Vaccant plot of 7400 Sq.ft on ( GST Road ) National Highway Chennai to Trichy road at Pakkam in between Madurantagam and Melmaruvathur Famous temple. Its fast developing. a couple of highway restaurant in the range of 2 kms distance. I have a plan to either let our bear land or build a small restuarant and let our if an opportunity arise.

      Pl. get in touch if you have any idea.

      Thanks with regards

  42. Hi
    This is vishal Agarwal from Kolkata and currently I am employed in private limited company but I have a passion for cooking and want to open up a restaurant in kolkata . If any one has a plan or new ideas on how to start a good restaurants they can contact me at {…Redacted..}

  43. Hi I am Prashant from Pune. I am seriously looking to enter into hotel/restaurant business and looking for like minded partners. If someone genuinely interested, please call/whatsapp me on {…Redacted..}

  44. Hola amigos
    I awarded mexican chef now i based in mumbai
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    Chef armin puerto

  45. Hi,

    Im planning to start a restaurant in bangalore and looking for a nice biryani frachise like “BIRYANI KITCHEN”.
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  47. Hi,My name is Joyjit Palit.I am very passionate about opening a Dhaba style restaurant in my small home town Berhampore,WB.Need an investor for setting up the business….can anybody help.
    *can discuss the concept
    Contact or whatsapp- {…Redacted..}

  48. thanks for these details. very soon i open a cafeteria in jaipur od dehradun. there is a theme in my mind unique and different.

  49. Nice article.i want to open a restaurant in dhanori pune.and need an investor .if anyone interested plz contact me in my no {…Redacted..}

  50. Very good article. Gives lots of insights to beginners for stepping into this domain.
    It was very informative to read the comments. Thinking of starting a restaurant.

  51. Hi ,
    I’m looking to open a restaurant in Noida /Lucknow .
    Anyone looking for partners & have budget can contact me on {…Redacted..}

  52. Hello everyone
    This is venu from madurai.
    Basically I am Equity advisor completed my MBA but my passion was in cooking so did my pgdca course now working in westin hotel Hyderabad. Now days with training also I am doing research on chettinad cuisine. Above all everything have business motive. If any body wants to join or need some suggestions free to call {…Redacted..} also planning for restro .


  53. hi,
    It’s really a good article to give lots of insight to beginners.
    we 3 friends are deciding to open a new restaurant in our area.

    Any leads on this is appreciated.

    • Very helpful articles … I too want to open a small restro in Delhi …can u pls suggest me ….wats is the bugget I need to open small restro…

  54. Hi! It’s Manish .I want to start a QSR business. I have more than ten years of experience in pizza and Burger restaurants like Domino’s pizza, pizza hut, subway, MC Donald’s. I have full proposal. I need a series invester. Kindly contact me on this number. – {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Everyone,
      Very good information Thank you so much for posting.
      This is Lakshmi From California USA.We would like to start a good pizza,Sandwiches,frozen yogurt&icecreams restaurant in Ongole A.P. How much investment needed for that? How long will take to get all Licenses and How can we get staff like chefs ,Servers and management staff.please suggest me if anyone already has experience running a pizza business.How is the profits?

      Thank you.

  55. Hi, I am willing to invest 15-20 lacs in this business. Will like to partner with some. Please contact me at {…Redacted…}, drop me a message as I might not pick unknown numbers.

  56. This is a great article for the beginners, I am Nagaveni from Bangalore wanting to start a small scale restaurant in near Dasarahalli Metro station. We are ready to invest up to 10 lacs and have submitted our requirements in indiamart to purchase the hotel equipment’s but need an expert this field from your end to guide us through it. We would like to know the charges for the same.

    • Hi Nagaveni,
      Please drop a msg on {…Redacted…} to discuss further , We expertise in food startups for more than 20 years .

      Kamal Manchanda

    • Hi Nagaveni,
      Please drop a msg on {…Redacted…} to discuss further , We expertise in food startups for more than 20 years . Please let us know your preferred location and idea for the same .

      Kamal Manchanda

  57. Hi i am from Mumbai looking for a partner who shares the same passion for food as i do. I have a concept in mind which suits the lifestyle of mumbai. Nice article by the way. Looking forward to establish my very own food joint. If interested please contact on watsapp {…Redacted…}.

  58. Ahh….Very informative article… thankyou so much for providing the information i was in need of!! Well described all the points.

  59. Hi I am from Bangalore, I am looking for a partner or investors for my hookah cafe. If anyone is interested kindly watsapp me {…Redacted…}

  60. Hi,

    Looking for investors/partners for a Cafe/Restaurant in Gurgaon area. I have few concepts & Locations in mind in and around the city. Anyone ?

  61. I am planning to start a small restaurant in Pune location but have no background about this business, anyone in Pune who can guide me on this.

    • Hi abhishek

      Share your number so that I can suggest you more , I have a space nearby o hotel near german bakery Heart of pune.

      My number is {…Redacted..}
      Share your number please

      • Hi I’m a restauranteer by profession from Mumbai,
        I would like to open up a Hain of qsr across Mumbai and thane.kindly provide me with your contact details so we could take it forward from here.
        Thanks and regards
        Dhiraj Shetty

  62. Hi,

    Me and My brother want to start a restaurant with little investment any contact who can setup the business for us.

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  63. Myself Rajeev Singh Bisen from azamgarh UP wants to start Restaurant on four lane Highway.
    Please suggest how to get start.

    • Hi Rajeev

      I have a land on main Highway which is nearby Lucknow as well
      If you want to start daba, then I will give you

      For more detailed you please contact me
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      Share your number as well

  64. Need help in starting the restaurant in Surat City. Detailed information from starting to end is required. If anyone who can help, You can reach me at {…Redacted…}(WhatsApp)

  65. Hi everyone,
    I am a youngster and want to open my own restaurant. I have a plan for the it. As I am myself a good cook, i have a concept of a totally different dish, in Indian flavor and can be served at chain restaurant. I need some expert advice, and a chef who is willing to help to develop the dish. Please feel free to contact. Leave me a whatsapp message as i may not answer unknown numbers, or email me. {…Redacted…}

  66. Hi, This is Raza….

    I want to start my restaurant in Lucknow. if anyone can tell me how to proceed further and what kind of concept I should start with.

    Investment is around 15-20 Lacs.

    • Hi raza

      Share your number so that I can contact you for more detail, I have a idea for you with very less amount investing, actually I have a running restaurant in Front of Gold view apartment of prime location of Lucknow it is also front of CM resident so share your number, so that I can contact you.

      My number is {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Raza…
      I have a great concept for a restaurant and I’m looking to partner with someone…And Lucknow is one of my options…So let me know if you are interested still…thanks

  67. I am Abu from Kolkata. I have a land in very premium place in Kolkata (Newtown, exactly opposite Ecco Park, Walking distance from Major Arterial rd). I have plan to build a house next year (from Apr, 2019). Also I am planing to open a restaurant on the Ground floor. I am doing service and I don’t have any knowledge in any business. Please suggest me the followings-
    1. How big should be the area of the restaurant (The ground floor carpet area will be 1500 sqft)? Should I consider first floor as well? In that case it will 3000 sqft.
    2. What type of restaurant I should open?
    3. How much will be the initial investment (It is my own house, so no rent)?
    4. Should I look for some experienced partner?

  68. Myself Saajan From Nagpur Want To Start Restaurant Buisness In Duttwadi , Nagpur & looking For Good Partner If Any Interested Pls Call On {…Redacted..}

  69. Hi All,
    I am a working Professional. i have a Very nice Location Near the Govardhan/Vrindavan. This place is Famous because of Birthplace of Lord Krishna. Every year More than Several Crore tourist visit this place. this Location is Perfect for opening a theme based restaurant. If anyone is interested in taking the place on rent. reach me out at {…Redacted..}

  70. Hi
    I am planning for a restaurant in Kalyan (Mumbai)but because of lack of funds and as I have no collateral no bank is intended in giving loan either….
    Anybody who is willing to listen to my plan where I will be giving my 100%…

  71. HI Every One

    I am a QSR professional & planing to setup a Restaurant. Business model is crisp & all I need now is a financer to go ahead.

    I have been associated with industry for over 9 years in India & abroad.

    So if any one is willing for this fantastic concept, kindly get in touch with me

  72. Hi, I am Sandeep from Pune. I am seriously looking to enter into hotel/restaurant business and looking someone genuinely interested and pls give me ideas for it.

    • Hello… M kamal… I graduate from Australia….. From a long time… I was researching on restaurant business… I have a restaurant project budget 10 lakh its a amazing idea I m planing to open in North India if anybody interested plz let me know… It’s very growing…… I m planing for chains as well… I want a invester Whts Up.. {…Redacted..}

  73. Hi, Im Aditya from Mumbai and have a 5000 sq.ft open terrace near ‘Opo’ /metro area at Andheri, Mumbai on 11th floor with appropriate permissions and parking available. If anyone with past experience is interested in opening a Terrace Cafe in such a popular area they may Whatsapp me {…Redacted..}. I would be interested in a partnership agreement where I would provide the place and do smaller things such as marketing etc. The partner would have to put in his own money and manage day to day running of the place.
    Do the others know how and where I can find such investors? Thanks Everyone!

  74. The initial investment is one of the major issues when starting a restaurant in India be it a QSR, fine dining, etc. You can invest in a food truck to get a taste of what the restaurant industry is like. The initial investments for starting a food truck is less (approx 10-20 lakhs). The competition is also comparatively low in the food truck business. Starting a restaurant in the first place can be a little daunting. If you really wish to open a restaurant in India but keep questioning your decision, opt for a food truck.

  75. The article is very interesting, I related to each and every point, especially the content under Arrange Suppliers & Vendors for your Restaurant. Can you please give me a few points on restaurant kitchen setup cost in India and how can we start this?

    • The restaurant kitchen cost for opening a restaurant in India differs on the basis of the restaurant format. if you’re low on budget, i’ll suggest using purchased kitchen equipment.

    • Hi mohan, let’s discuss on call about idea , we can workout the process, – {…Redacted…} – Kamal Manchanda ,after working hours please watsapping me

  76. The information provided in this article is extremely rich. I am sure it will be of massive help for most of the aspiring restaurant owners out there! However, I would like to recommend the ones who are planning to start a restaurant in India; that start small. Try and begin your journey in the Indian restaurant industry with restaurant formats which are low on investments and in which you will be having guaranteed footfall. For example, starting a fine dine involves more risks if compared to the risk involved in opening a QSR or a food truck. Hence, start small, make your brand credible, then explore and expand.
    Happy Business! 🙂

    • Hello… M kamal… I graduate from Australia….. From a long time… I was researching on restaurant business… I have a restaurant project budget 10 lakh its a amazing idea I m planing to open in North India if anybody interested plz let me know… It’s very growing…… I m planing for chains as well… I want a invester Whts Up.. {…Redacted..}

    • Hello… M kamal… I graduate from Australia….. From a long time… I was researching on restaurant business… I have a restaurant project budget 10 lakh its a amazing idea I m planing to open in North India if anybody interested plz let me know… It’s very growing…… I m planing for chains as well… I want a invester Whts Up.. {…Redacted..}

  77. I have a concept in my mind and also have the blueprints of the same. I am looking for an Investor for the same. Interested please email me on {…Redacted..}

  78. Hey guys, looking further to open a small and chilled restaurant/cafe in pune (lohegaon, dhanori, Viman-nagar) mostly targeting the teenagers and college students as that area has a lot of colleges and students staying around.In need of some guidance and hope fully some investment too. Kindly respond on the undersigned details and looking forward to a positive response. Will also reply if you comment back on this.
    have a nice day.

    Prakhar Khanna
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  79. Hi,
    I want to setup a bistro/restaurant that focus on healthy Indian food, tasty western and chinese veg cuisine along with tasty Indian snack.I want to give a great ambiance. My budget is 15L of which 2/3 i want to fund from partners or loan.
    How much will it cost me?.

    I am thinking of mrandmrsidly.com franchise.or frespresso

    I am also considering setup on my own using cafe setup consultants. How much do these consultants charge.?

    If you are looking for a investment partner or you are a consultant who can help.
    Whatsapp :{…Redacted..}

  80. I am the owner of a small European cafe in Malviya Nagar. I am planning on opening a day and night cloud kitchen and need funds for the set-up and operations. Base kitchen is a growing business with low investment and high returns hence I am looking to change my business model so I can get into the night delivery business as it is a growing sector and has a huge demand for our cuisine. Kindly get in touch – {…Redacted..} (email)

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  82. Dear POSIST Team,

    First of all, thank you for sharing this vital piece of information for people who aspire to start their own food business. It really gives a great insight & helps clarify lot of doubts.

    I am from Pune & looking to start a small restaurant that caters to local crowd. Looking for some more guidance around the procedure to be followed & the sequence of events.


    • Hi Chirag , We expertise in F&b startups for more than 20 years , you can contact Mr Kamal Manchanda on {…Redacted…} to get a mentor to kick start your business.

  83. Hi,

    I am vishal i am a chef by profession spent 10 years in France. now i have a project to stsrt an Indian restaurant in France. Anybody interested to partener with me can contact with me. i will do all the visa work for him and he will be my partner in france. money needed 45 to 50 lakh. Please contact on {… redacted …}
    {… redacted …}

  84. I also need investors from India for my upcoming project in France. i am eligible to open a business in Europe . money 45 to 50 lakh. I do have my own contribution if some one wants to be sole owner can contact me below

    Please contact {… redacted …}

    • Hi Thangapandian.t,

      We expertise in F&b startups for more than 20 years , you can contact Mr Kamla Manchanda on {…Redacted…} to get a mentor to kick start your business.

    • RAJESH PAWAR I just need 1 help….. what are permissions and important licence require to open restaurant in resedential plot….

  85. I am vesy good Chef . Having 18 years of experience with 5 star luxury hotel also worked in London, USA ,I am very strong in Continental Cuisine, Commissary & World Cuisine I excel in competitive, Challenging & culturally diverse environment . My constant goal is cultivate & maintain only the finest culinary operation. My management style is hands on, results oriented, innovative with constant focus on maintaining costs. I am highly responsible with strong people skills and talents in training & relationship building . My goal is to continue in my career of working for renowned hospitality organization in food production , Further establishing & enhancing standards, increasing quality , productivity and ultimately 100% guest satisfaction . Also i have Valid USA Visa up-to 2020 .

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  86. Hi

    I am interested in opening a small cafe in Delhi/Gurgaon area. Looking for a partnership with some one in similar experience and back ground. Contact me at {… redacted …}

  87. Hi I am naresh from Mumbai palghar district I am planning to open an restaurant I need finance partner If any one interested mail me
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  88. hi i am planning to open a reaturent in Goa, i already have a wine shop planning to open a bar and restaurent next to it. as the location is bang opp the road and a lot of footfalls.
    pls suggest some ideas for the same.

  89. Hi I am looking for some ideas to open up a cafe. I have a successful running cafe in greater noida and this would be an expansion. Consultants/investors are welcome to contact on {… redacted …}

    PS- I do have a concept in mind and know the business well. All I am looking for is if somebody can help me find the right chef team.


  90. Hi,

    I am planning to open a small south Indian restaurant in Jaipur within a budget of 8-10 lacs. Is anyone interested in joining for partnership? I am also looking for some consultant helping for reasonable restaurant interiors.

  91. Hello Sir,
    Rutudhwaj here.
    I am looking forward to open up a restaurant in Mumbai.
    Please help me and guide me through.

  92. Nice article for beginners in food business. I have very strong wish to do something in food business with small start and looking for good experience advisor

  93. Hi
    This is Niraj from Jodhpur , i have my own 3000 sq ft Place i want to start Pure Veg Fine Dine Restaurant -Any leads or any body interested in Partnership is welcome , Watsapp me on {… redacted …} –

  94. Hi,
    I’m looking for some good cafe Franchise in Delhi NCR to invest and also to discuss the terms and conditions with the consulted person.
    Any good lead can help me a lot.
    Thank you

  95. Thanks for this amazing information. Please elaborate how to go about getting licenses, hurdles and who to approach for help. Does one need legal help for licenses? Kindly elaborate for people who have no idea whatsoever but have a great food idea.

  96. Prior opening the catering business you must first ensure that the staff working with you have better experience in the catering field or not and also have learned the basics as well, by doing this you can ensure how to systematically organized and run your business in town. My current working experience with Italian catering servicing in Toronto says a lot about assistance demands and customer’s expectations.

  97. Want to start snacks and south indian foods business in my running hotel building.location RUDRA PUR Uttarakhand.reqiurd experienced F&B manager cum accountant .How can be arranged.want to start in April.

  98. Hey everyone.

    Am working in govt sector right now but not so satisfied with my work…still hav dat dream of being a restaurateur…

    Can anyone suggest how to dare to leave a permanent secured govt job…
    and give a try to my dream…

    Don’t hav much for investment and as investors along…where to begin??

  99. Hi… This is Madhu
    I’m a 12 standard commerce entrepreneurship student…
    Have a dream to open a grand restaurant business…
    At the moment I just have a fabulous innovative technological idea… Idea which is at the moment not in market…
    But the problem is… I only have an idea… No finance… No workmen… No partner… No land for restaurant…
    Just a business plan available…

    • Hi Madhu,

      Saw your message. …please contact what kind of business plan you have. …what location and at what scale you want to start. ….
      Contact on my email I’D. …..{REDACTED}…

  100. Very good article. Gives lots of insights to beginners for stepping into this domain.
    It was very informative to read the comments. Thinking of starting a restaurant.

    I want to start a restaurant business with budget of Rs 20-25 lakhs in Dwarka (New Delhi) within this year. but not having any background/ Experience.

    Please suggest me some good ideas.

    Please share the ideas/ Proposals on below email.


  101. Hello Everyone,
    Best greetings from my side!!

    I am Saurav Kumar Thakur, wants to start up a take away/ parcel, online or offline order only restaurant in Mumbai with minimum investment in Andheri.
    I am also ready for industrial/ office canteen or office order. I have exclusive business plan to tap the market.

    I am looking for business partner and also a consultant.
    Feel free to call me anytime.

    Thanks and regards,
    Saurav Kumar Thakur

  102. I am looking business partner / like mind people interested in or planning to open small scale restaurant in pune. I am passionately planning to get into restaurant business with a dream of up scaling to large scale.
    Do let me know, if any once interested.
    Viveka Nand Singh

  103. Hi,
    I am looking to promote my restaurant in mumbai on occasion of Restautants 2nd anniversary. any ideas pls.

  104. I am planning to start Snack Corner at Navi Mumbai , looking For Good Partner If Any Interested Pls Call On {…Redacted…}

  105. Hello,
    I am planning to start snack centre at Navi Mumbai , Kharghar & looking For Good Partner If Any Interested Pls Whats app On {…Redacted…}.

  106. Hello, I am from kolkata and planning for Cafe & QSR in South Kolkata. I am looking forward an experienced Chef or having good experience in F&B industry who will run the kitchen and services while I will take care of investment, sales & marketing and admin. Please feel free to contact me in {… redacted …} .

  107. Hi,
    I am planning to start a small food joint at andheri’s (mumbai) very popular corporate compound, for that looking a business partner cum middle eastern cuisine chef (freshers Also) contact.
    Interested please email me on {… redacted …}

  108. Hi,
    It’s a wonderful articles i had come through far as many articles to start my new restaurant, but this is the very helpful.. even though I looking for a complete guidance to start my business with the concept of the ‘SEA FOOD’ theme based restaurant
    If anyone had a detail about the theme of ‘SEA FOOD’ based restaurant. Looking for the guidance to start for the full setup
    Contact me or mail me for you valuable Guidance
    {… redacted …}
    {… redacted …}

  109. Hello i am just in the middle of my thinking for some startup..this article is really well written and so much informative and so many positive comments…lets finger crossed where my destiny takes me… hopefully come back on given contacts THANKS.

  110. HI, Thanks for wonderful artical. Its really helpful.
    i am planning to start restaurant in thane with North and South Indian Cuisine with Indian chat. Need expert advise is it good to have north and south Indian cuisine combined? will it blend well?


  111. Hi. Nice info.

    I would like to start the same. There will be no restaurant exists physically but in the online. The orders will be taken and get delivered. Do we have to take all the licenses listed out for this kind of business too?

  112. Hi ,
    I must say these tips about restaurant business looks quite practical and effective and i appreciate your efforts in writing this article and sharing it with us..thank you keep sharing.. 🙂

  113. Makes sense, excellent write up.

    I am in the middle of considering restaurant business, mine is a small town Dewas 35 kms away from Indore, the AB Road NH3 intersects the city.

    My location is just in front of lake view, which stretches further in the backdrops with a mountain , locally called Mata ji ki tekri with rope way as well. This location is also near to AB Road Bypass and State Highway towards Bhopal
    I have professional experience of 22 yrs in various Industries in SCM vertical.

    No exposures though to Restaurant, except eating 🙂

    Any one out there to extend help support n guidance , kindly conect at {… redacted …} call or watsapp

  114. I want to open restauraunt in Karnal city,Haryana.please help me in deciding the theme as well as the menu.And if anybody interested in partnership then pleaee contact me on whats app {… redacted …}

  115. Hello everyone..

    First of all extremely well market evaluation, well researched and very useful article. Thanks for it.
    And secondly, I’m working on to open my first restaurant in Kolkata and looking for investors.

    As the food industry growth in Kolkata is 35 percent since 2017, I have selected Location, business plan, restaurant design, ambiance, food menu, vendors and made the exact amount of budget I’m looking for investment.

    Please contact me if anyone interested in investing in my restaurant start up.

    Best Regards,

  116. Indeed a very informative article. Thanks for sharing this. I’m thinking to have a restaurant of my own in Bangalore and would be considering to have a business partner. Interested individual can reach out to me at {… redacted …}

  117. We are three partners.We have a rough idea to start a restaurant business in Mumbai.Can u tell me a rough total amount for investment in this business(like rent,salary for chefs,licenses & registeration,etc)

  118. Hello everyone I want to open new restaurant .pls suggest me ..thank you. Provide me idea about it .if any pls try to contact me through my no- {…Redacted…}

  119. Hello All;

    A very nice and useful article. We are planning to open a Highway Restaurant on Pune – Goa Highway and for the same we are looking for good Investors with good returns on their investments.

    After studying the current business on the said location we had a very good success plan keeping every single issue in travelers mind, which ensure us to hit success.

    Looking for positive response and healthy business relationship.

  120. Hi, i want to open a small eatery outlet (chain of it) in Chennai and i need guidance on the process. Can someone help me on the same?

  121. I want to open a restaurant business With sweet also in Jamshedpur tata. Please guide me help me explain how many cost to open a business.

  122. We are planning a restaurant near Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh. We need professional consultant who can guide us. Our focus is vegetarian food.
    Please contact us.

  123. hi

    i am vijay sharma from mumbai , i would to open food truck in mumbai
    and i have a very good idea

    require funding for the same

    please call me


  124. Hi,
    The points mentioned are very important. Restaurant business can be run successfully If restaurant owner is really worked in these points. Thanks for the wonderful article.

  125. Hello Sir,
    I want to open a restaurant for students only. I have land near two-three colleges. I want to open a small restaurant with some food items and also arrange some small kitty parties like students B” day party.
    How much fund required and how we selected the menu for it.

  126. Hi sir
    This is SANTHOSH and I am from VIZIANAGARAM DISTRICT IN ANDHRA PRADESH .Actually i want to start night foods in fact I have no knowledge in this rout. my menu [TIFFENS] like
    1] IDLY with 3 types of chutney
    2] DOSA any 3 types with different chutney
    3] PURI
    I m requesting you to please answer my question. If I start this business how much income can i get per a day except all making food material.

  127. Thank you “The Restaurant Times” for letting us valuable information, related to restaurant business scenarios and required license.

  128. Hi this is chef ganesh i am from mumbai i have 22 years exprince in this fild i am opning some fine dine restaurants cafe , QSR, i am opninig all over city in india any one want to open ple leme knoe {… redacted …}

  129. Thank to ” The Restaurant Times ” to .ake us too clear about restaurant business. Now I have only one doubt, how much cost for a good interior for a unique theme.

  130. Hi.. I’m 19, a college student from northeast India and wanted to start a small restaurant in my home town. I’m a complete newbie with no background in this business as well as a destitute guy. PLEASE help me out to become my dream into reality by handling out some prons and cons. Also It will a pleasure if you recommend some good books in this field.


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