How To Employ Your Hotel Restaurant Software To Increase Your Hotel Revenues

How To Employ Your Hotel Restaurant Software To Increase Your Hotel Revenues

Typically, FnB outlets do not generate a lot of business at a hotel and thus are ignored most of the time. However, this not be the case. A smart hotel restaurant software can revolutionize the way you run your FnB outlets and boost the overall revenues significantly.

Integrated with the PMS (Property Management System), the hotel restaurant software helps you streamline the restaurant operations and also provides you with the granular insights about your FnB outlets. Based on these insights, you can then take smart data-driven decisions to improve your sales and boost your revenues.

Why A Hotel Restaurant Software Is Critical For Your Hotel’s FnB Operations

A hotel restaurant software will help you manage the daily operations seamlessly and will help you analyze the exact areas that can be optimized to increase your revenues. Read on to know how!

1. Smart Order Taking

You can automate the order-taking process at your hotel restaurant with the help of a smart restaurant POS. You can provide the waiters or servers with a Server’s App that has full menu display menu through which the waiters can accept and push the orders directly to the POS.

You can further increase customer delight by allowing the guests to place their orders themselves with the help of Tablet Ordering.

2. Managing The Billing Operations

The hotel restaurant software not only simplifies the entire order taking process at the hotel restaurant, but it also automates the task of assigning bills directly to rooms through TTR (Transfer to Rooms). 

All orders placed by the resident guests at any of the Fnb outlets at your hotel is automatically assigned to the guests’ total bill, which would have otherwise be done manually.

3. Stock and Inventory Management

Proper stock and inventory management is critical for keeping your food costs in check. A smart hotel restaurant software armed with the Stock Management feature allows you to keep track of the daily stock consumption with the help of the Stock Reports. It also enables you to set re-order levels for individual stock items that send you real-time alerts whenever a particular stock item is about to be depleted. This way, you can order for more stock in time, and also prevent the risk of over-ordering or under-ordering.

Apart from this, it also helps you analyze the Stock Trends and identify which of the items are being the most consumed and which are not. You can further use this data to make changes in your menu and also decide your Stock Ordering process accordingly.

4. Mini Bar Restocking 

While any restaurant POS would help you with the Stock and Inventory Management, it is essential that you look for one that comes with the Mini Bar Restocking Feature. Integrated with both the PMS (Property Management System), as well as the restaurant POS, the Mini Bar Stocking App automates the process of beverage stock management in hotel rooms.

Your hotel staff can simply check the items that have been consumed by the guests while they’re check-out and update the Stock status in the Mini Bar Stock. The status is immediately updated in the PMS, which can then easily be added to the guests’ overall bill.

5. Banquet Management in Hotels

Managing Banqueting operations can be quite a challenging task for hoteliers if done manually. Since Banquet Halls are one of the biggest revenue generators for a hotel, it is necessary that decide the right hotel restaurant software that would help you automate the entire operations.

A smart hotel restaurant software with the Banquet Management Feature will help you accept and track the Enquiries that you receive for booking the Banquet Hall. It facilitates creating the Packages and the FP (Function Prospectus) generation, providing an end-to-end solution.

6. Analyzing The Hotel Restaurant Reports

Restaurants in hotels typically do not generate a lot of revenue. However, you can turn your hotel restaurant into a money-maker by analyzing the exact areas of improvement. Strong reporting and analytics can help you take your hotel restaurant to greater heights.

Here is how you should be utilizing the reports from your hotel restaurant software to improve your revenues. 
(i) Conversion Ratio from Room to Restaurant

The Conversion Ratio is an important metric to analyze as it gives you information about how many of your Checked-in guests are dining at your hotel restaurant. This enables you to analyze if most of the traffic is coming because of checked-in guests or walk-in customers, and helps you make strategies to increase the footfall in your hotel restaurant.

(ii) In-room Dining service Time

Several checked in guests request for in-room dining facilities. Being able to provide this facility fast will help in uplifting your restaurant’s reputation. You can keep a check on the time taken from accepting the order to delivering it to the room with the help of the hotel restaurant system.

(iii) Cover and Session Wise and Analysis

A smart hotel restaurant software will give you the details of the Average Cover in your restaurant that will tell you the number of tables occupied during the day and the total bill per cover. Using this data, you can introduce upselling and marketing strategies to increase the average ticket size per table.

Plus, the hotel restaurant POS will also give you Session-wise analysis that will tell you which time of the day – breakfast, lunch, or dinner is generating maximum sales.

(iv) Outlet Level Analysis

There may be multiple FnB outlets in a hotel, such as a cafe, restaurant, bar etc. It is essential that you analyze the sales performance of each outlet and keep track which of them are performing well and which are bleeding. 

The restaurant POS will give you an overview of the sales made in real-time as well as for a selected time period for each outlet. 

(v) Customer Relationship Management

The restaurant POS CRM helps you segregate your customer base and identify the residents who are eating at your restaurant and the walk-in guests. Based on their stay duration, you can then run smart SMS and email campaigns to attract them to dine at your Fnb outlets. Similarly, you can also send promotional SMS and email campaigns to your walk-in guests and offer them discounts and special offers to come back to your hotel restaurant.

Collect the customer’s details and use the data across all your outlets with the help of the central CRM. This will encourage people to visit your other branches as well.

A smart hotel restaurant software seamlessly manages the day-to-day activities and also helps you enhance the customer experience. From the time a guest enters your restaurant till the time they leave, a hotel restaurant software will make the experience memorable for them.

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