A Complete Guide On How To Open A Food Truck Business In India In 2023

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Food trucks have become quite a rage lately in the evolving restaurant space. The advantage of mobility in the food truck format gives owners access to multiple locations at an initial capital that is lower than that needed in opening a restaurant of any other format. Thus, it is no wonder that small restaurant owners are looking to invest in a food truck instead of an individual stationary restaurant. This article will tell you why it is a better idea to open a food truck instead of a standalone restaurant. In this article, we will take you through every step of starting your own food truck business in India.

How To Start A Food Truck Business In India

First of all, you should create a food truck business plan that would act as a roadmap to the future growth of your food truck. It is natural to have doubts when you are starting a big or small restaurant business, which is why you must learn how you can create a business plan for your food truck here.

Although it may seem daunting to start a food business in India, the following points will guide you thoroughly through the process of opening a food truck business in India:

  • Choosing the right food truck or commercial vehicle
  • Get the kitchen equipment and raw materials required in a food truck
  • Apply for licenses and permits needed to start a food truck business in India
  • Look for the workforce required to run the food truck smoothly
  • Install POS software for your food truck
  • Decide on the staff uniform for your food truck employees
  • Market your business
  • Decide on the total investment required to start a food truck business in India
  • Finalize the sources of funding
  • Other miscellaneous things required to keep your food truck business in India, on the mark

Now, let’s dive in deeper so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can execute these points mentioned above in the most effective ways that will bolster your food truck business in India.

1. Choose The Right Food Truck Or Commercial Vehicle

The first thing to do is to choose the right truck or commercial vehicle. Based on the given menu which is Italian and Continental, you need a commercial vehicle that is at least 18 feet long, and a new one would cost around Rs 7-8 lakhs. There are various trucks available in the market from Tata, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Ashok Leyland.

But to save costs, you can start with an old truck which would cost half the price of the new one. However, when buying an old commercial vehicle or truck one should check for a proper fitness certificate, registration, road tax receipt, and insurance. Also, it should not be more than five years old, as due to pollution problems various state governments and environmental bodies are considering banning 10-year-old commercial vehicles in different cities.

The old vehicle can further be modified and designed based on the requirement with an additional cost of Rs 1 lakh from the various bodybuilder shops. So, the total cost of the final truck (old) without kitchen equipment is Rs 5 lakhs. This cost seems to be very high from the 450 sq ft shop for QSR whose rent is somewhere around Rs 40,000, but in the long run, the food truck cost would be negligible as there is no or very less rent or fees to pay depending upon the vicinity.

2. Choose The Right Location For Your Food Truck

Choose a street that doesn’t have too many similar food vendors around, has a regular flow of traffic for inviting large footfalls, and has establishments with young professionals and students in the surrounding area. Also, the parking of trucks should be such that it does not pose any hassle to commuters, yet should be visible to the people. Also, it is advisable to buy a light commercial vehicle rather than going for a big size heavy commercial vehicle because in certain cities including Delhi big size trucks are not allowed before 9:00 pm.

Karan Malik gave his insights on starting a food truck

3. Source Raw Materials And Kitchen Equipment 

The total cost of kitchen equipment comes to around Rs 3 lakhs which includes a Microwave, juicer mixer, freezer, refrigerators, griller, steamer, working tables, one burner, exhaust equipment, generator or big batteries with an inverter. It is advisable to go for new equipment as they are mostly electronic items. Since you get a one year warranty on new ones, you would be relieved of the daily maintenance cost of the equipment. However, if you choose the equipment carefully and determine which can be bought old, this can save you a lot of money which can be used for other essential activities. Apart from the kitchen equipment, you can store raw material for the first week which would cost somewhere around Rs 30,000. Further, it is advisable to keep the raw material less for the first few weeks to keep the stock fresh and to study the pattern of sale and then procure more.

4. Get The Licenses & Permits Required To Start A Food Truck Business In India

Since there are no clear-cut laws pertaining to food trucks/restaurant business plans in India, the defined set of documents required are not present anywhere specifically. However, it is essential to procure the following set of licenses for your food truck in India, which will permit you to carry on with your restaurant business legally in this territory:

  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Shop and Establishment License
  • NOC from RTO
  • NOC from Municipal Corporation
  • FSSAI Mobile Vendor’s License
  • Kitchen Insurance

The combined paper and licensing work can cost you around Rs 50,000. There are a lot of consultancies that can help you to get the licensing and other permits.

Additionally, here’s a list of all the licenses required to open a restaurant business in India, and the steps to procure them.

Download Restaurant Licenses E-book5. Manpower Required For Your Food Truck

In the food truck format, a maximum of two chefs and one helper are required who can take care of the operations of the entire food truck. The average salary of chefs can be somewhere around Rs 13k-15k while the helper’s salary can go up to a maximum of Rs 8000. If you want to set up a delivery model for the truck, you can hire two delivery boys or tie up with third-party logistics companies that charge somewhere around Rs 40-50 per delivery.

However, to keep the service level up to the mark and create an identity in the food service market, we would like to advise you to hire at least one delivery boy who will also help you procure raw materials in the case of emergencies rather than depending upon the third party logistics.

6. POS Software For Your Food Truck

It is always advisable to have a good point of sale software that can keep your data safe and give detailed information about your inventory and sales. A good POS can make or break your restaurant business in today’s competitive environment as a lot of restaurants including QSRs and other food businesses use customer data to get repeat orders and take customer feedback. An excellent point of sale software can cost somewhere around Rs 24,000 per annum, i.e., Rs 2000 monthly.

7. Staff Uniform For Your Food Truck Employees

The staff uniform gives an overall brand feel to the restaurant business which in return helps you gain more trust among your customers. A standard collar t-shirt will cost somewhere around Rs 120, and since you have only five employees in this particular format, two chefs coats (2 each) which will cost around Rs 300 while the rest of the employees can have a t-shirt and a cap. The combined cost of all the uniforms would not be more than Rs 6000-7000.

8. Market Your Food Truck

Unlike QSR, food trucks require fewer menu pamphlets for distribution since the primary business of food trucks is based on footfall rather than delivery. Still, to create the initial buzz, one can go for 15000 Pamphlets which will cost around Rs 20000 and some billboards and banners in the nearby catchment area which will cost around Rs 10000. However, in the new digital age creating an offline buzz is not enough.

Having a presence on social media is a must, as it would keep your customers and followers informed about the location of a food truck on any given day to build a regular flow of customers and build brand connections. Also, it can be used to leverage existing followers to spread the word about the food truck, offering discounts, choosing new food items for the menu, etc. Find out how to do digital marketing for your restaurant the right way here.

Apart from that, keep a note of events and community gatherings in the local area and park the food truck around. Tie-ups with event planners and food influencers, personal contacts with customers, and free goodies like t-shirts and mugs carrying the food truck logo, can go a long way in spreading and expanding the restaurant business.

9. Calculate The Cost Of Opening A Food Truck Business In India

The average cost of starting a food truck business in India is around 10 Lakhs. It varies mainly according to the type of vehicle you are opting for and the kitchen equipment. Here is the overall cost distribution for a food truck business in India:

Cost involved to start your Food Truck business

10. Source Funding For Your Business

With a business plan in place, it is now time for you to zero in on the sources that you can tap into for the funding of your food truck business. There are multiple avenues to choose from:

  • Personal savings – Over 50% of food trucks are financed from personal funds because of low capital requirements.
  • Borrowings from family and friends.
  • Community Sponsors.
  • Microfinance Institutions/Banks that provide business loans.
  • Pre-approved Credit Cards that can be used for meeting working capital requirements.
  • Crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo.
  • Business partner/Co-founder who can bring in additional financing.
  • Financing from a Venture Capital Fund if funding from loans falls short of the requirement.

11. Other Things Required To Start A Food Truck Business In India

Apart from the things mentioned above, while starting the food truck, you require things like two mobile phones, a calculator, an attendance register, a daily book, 2-3 big dustbins to keep the area clean, etc.

Unlike other food business formats, the food truck business has its pros and cons, such as the location which is a problem for other formats but here the owner of the food truck can decide on the site based on the market information and research, with no rent to be paid, no electricity bills, less capital required and low operational costs.

On the flip side, the food truck business is quite uncertain as there are no proper framework or guidelines to operate, but if things are done carefully and responsibly, this format can be rated as the best food format in terms of returns in comparison to the investments made. The investments made in the food truck business are slightly higher than the QSR format, but the good thing is that the overall operational cost is much less than a QSR or a small restaurant in the long run.

Apart from the regular business which has a minimum of Rs 8000-9000 sales per day, a food truck can also make money from various events and catering. A single event or catering can generate earnings of up to Rs 30,000 in a day.

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind when you decide to start up a food truck business. Effective execution of all these ideas will generate more profits for your food truck and keep the customers coming back.

Inputs are taken from Karan Malik, owner of Supersuckers Food Truck.

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            Surely I can help you in this & making a great successful hit among across, Helped & helping many in opening cafes / restaurants / delivery kitchens / gym based cafes / hotels etc

            You can contact me on number provided below for any sort of cafes / delivery kitchens / take away’s / hotels / motel / restaurants / conceptual menus / theme based eateries / food trucks / carts / kiosks / bakeries / patisserie / breweries / liquor based lounges / caterings ( in / out ) etc

            I am a free lancer consultant ( Chef / F&B ), Basically a chef by profession, Studied hotel management from National Council, PUSA ( 19 years of experience )

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    But in nutshell, a good source of information. Good luck to all the entrepreneurs.

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    We have a readymade food truck in Mumbai which we started last year and had got good response for our menu items such as rolls, wraps , pizzas and pastas. However, run into trouble due to location and local authorities approval constraints. If anyone has ideas /suggestions to get complete approvals and good location , will be great help
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  34. want to start food truck in Rajkot, Gujarat any guide or lead will be helpfull as I’m new in this field.
    looking for investor, new ideas, menu guide etc.
    Reach out here {…Redacted..}

  35. i want to start food truck in Surat – Gujarat , if any want to join(as a Partner) , please share your details i will call you or you can call/mail on below mention details ,
    (M) : {…Redacted..}
    Email : {…Redacted..}

  36. hi guys. i am looking for a partner to start up a food truck in mumbai or delhi NCr.
    Please connect with me on watsapp {…Redacted..} currently i am based in qatar and want to srat up ASAP.

  37. Hey Guys, I’m from Pune looking for Partner/Investor to venture into Food truck business. Have been in Pune for 10 years & know the market closely.

    Please reach out to me in case anyone is interested in Food Business.

    Pune has shown rapid development in last 10 years & ranks among-st Top 10 Metros having major ITs coming in.

    Regards, Ankit

    • Hello Ankit,
      I am from Kolhapur and also in Puine with business premises. I am interested in starting Food Truk Business ion Pune. I have ideas of speciality food products from my region especially from Kolhapur. I can invest and support you in business but would not be able to participate on daily basis. But I know Pune has tremendous potential. Please contact me on whattsapp no {…Redacted..}. My name is Ranjit.

  38. Hello friends,

    I am interested in starting a food business in faridabad. My email id is {…Redacted..} & phone no is {…Redacted..}


  39. Hi i am keen on starting a food truck. I m a home baker and shifted from mumbai to delhi. Would def want someone experienced to help me regarding this. Thank you. Also if thers any whatsapp group for the same pls add me. My number is {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Ishha , I am also quite interested in opening Food truck . My number is {…Redacted..} and {…Redacted..}. Let’s discuss .

    • Hello Ishha,

      I read your post quite late at http://www.posist.com dated 15 March 2018. I am based in Delhi and looking forward to start a Food Business. I am interested in the Food Truck business. If there is any possibility of collaboration, please let me know.

      Barun Kumar Tiwari
      Mobile: {… redacted …}
      New Delhi – 110001
      eMail : {… redacted …}

  40. Hey Guys,
    This is Chirag,
    I am planning to start a food truck business in ahmedabad, looking for a good partner to invest and work with me.
    Interested peeps can get an hold of me @ {…Redacted..} or you can e-mail me @ {…Redacted..}


  41. Hi Guys, I own a Food truck Tata ace, I sell Biryani’s alone anyone who cooks other items can team up with me in a business sharing mode, call me Henry {…Redacted..}

  42. Hi Guys, I own a Food truck Tata ace, I sell Biryani’s alone anyone who cooks other items can team up with me in a business sharing mode, call me Henry {…Redacted..}

  43. Hi
    I have researched this mode of business am interested to invest in the same for mumbai
    Please add me to the group

  44. Hi I am in navi mumbai in am interested to start food truck bussiness need partner and cook for it can u provide cook and document help call me {…Redacted..}

  45. any one plan for Chennai….as i am looking to start the food truck bussiness in Chennai (first). Renjith kumar@ {…Redacted..} (

  46. Hello friends i am planning a startup food truck business in Hyderabad and would like some partners who are keen about this business.

  47. Hi Friends,
    I am planning to open a food truck in Gurgaon location. Let’s discuss the projected plan. Please contact me {…Redacted..}

  48. Hello Friends,
    I am from Pune and I want to start a small business in a food truck in Pune location.
    Is there anyone who will provide food truck for rent.
    Please Contact me on {…Redacted..}

  49. Hi guys,
    I have read all the threads above. And have done some research regarding approval and everything in my current location varanasi. I have many contacts here and approval is very easy to take but I am looking for a partner for the job. As you might be knowing Varanasi I a renowned tourist destination and it has some big university that can serve the purpose and thanx to PM (Narendra Modi ji) it has gained some popularity in the recent time, which can ensure the future of business. Interested people please ping me on what’s app. {…Redacted..}

  50. Hi I am Preeti kansal from Mumbai. I want to start a food truck business but now I have no knowledge so pls help me
    My no… {…Redacted..}

    • Hello preeti,
      Good to hear that you are interested in investing for food truck because its one of the most fastest growing startup business in india.
      And Being a Mumbaikar i have a wonderful idea for the same and am sure it would be great profitable too.
      Looking forward for your reply
      You can contact me on {…Redacted..} or

  51. Hey guy!!

    Very informative write up also lovely comments and reply .. happy to see that we are creating so many jobs for people.. I have just invested on a food truck and will be processing my licence too but may not get all.. since the city(Mumbai) does not have regulations laid for a food truck..but I have written since I am looking to recruit 2 south Indian chefs for the truck.. can anyone help with contact.. a fresher would do too.. as he /she would be trained..

    Please let me know..

    My number: {…Redacted..}
    Email id: {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Arati, I am cook from South India, as I can make many breakfast items and snack items, I can even cook food and food items. You can mail me to {…Redacted…} and whatsapp me to {…Redacted…}

  52. I am in Delhi NCR. I have already invested in a food truck. I want a partner who could jointly run the operations. If interested please contact me on {…Redacted..}, i can share my contact number if you could drop me a mail with your name, contact number and a brief background about yourself. About myself, I am an IIT+IIM passout with 18 years of experience in the corporate world. Food is my passion that is why looking to get into this and scale the venture.

  53. Hello Guys,
    I used to have small restaurant with a unique cuisine in Delhi. I had to closed, coz I moved to Bangalore.
    I am planing to start in Bangalore, Food Truck. Looking for a someone who can joined me.


  54. pls drop me some guidance on Food Truk business in Raipur Chattisgarh on my mail address {…Redacted..}

  55. Hello guys,

    I’m from Pune and want to start food truck business.
    please guide.
    my contact no is {…Redacted..} or u can , email me at {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Amit …. did you started food truck business ? If yes were you able to get guidance… Ian also intrested in starting business but looking for consultant ..if you have any references please share .. my number is {… redacted …}

  56. i am interested to start Food Tuck business in West Godavari near the back or godavari with very crowded people. Need investers… contact {…Redacted..}

  57. This is Moorthy from South Delhi. Wish to start a Food Truck Business in Raj nagar extension, Ghaziabad. anyone interest to be partner please contact me. contact what’s up {…Redacted..}

  58. Hi, i maybe start food truck business with less items in menu and after a while i maybe increase the items in menu. Location i have chosen for it are – raipur, bhilai and shahdol. I already have a chef and i myself own will work as staff as we will start it in a small scale. For any suggestions drop mail at – {…Redacted..}

  59. Hi, I’m Kamal Sud, wanted to start a Food truck Business in Delhi/NCR. Can anyone of you help me please.
    My wt’s up no. is {…Redacted..} Like the best Food Truck Body maker etc etc

  60. Hey Guys, Its bit URGENT !!!! (If you can contact me)

    Thanks Mr. Malik, This is such a helpful site. Trust got almost all my required answers. I am fascinated with the idea of starting my own food truck. Me n my husband have vast experience with one of the top most 5 star hotel brand in India and UAE.

    Great sense of experience in the corporate world and Sales n Marketing.

    Now its high time to start something on our own. We have seen the rapid growth of food trucks all over and want to have our own. We have great ideas food culture and plans to flourish if we are successful to start our own Truck. I need investors or suitable and serious Entrepreneur minded individual who can assist us further. We can talk in detail if you can drop me a text on my whtsapp {…Redacted..}

    I will be in India from 24th June until 30th September.

    Want to start either in Goa or Belgaum (Karnataka) or Both the places.

    My Email is : {…Redacted..}

  61. Thank you Mr. MALLIK for ur valuable information. Lots of people who are thinking of starting their own food truck will get some brief information.

    We are planning to start an food truck in Navi Mumbai, we already have an BBQ BIKE in Dombivli which is handled by Darshan Wadkar and team.
    We are planning to start a full fledged food truck with carry on ride food items.
    We are looking for investors who will be keen in our project.
    We are estimating an run of 10 truck in navi mumbai in coming 2-3years.
    Any one interested can write me on {…Redacted..}

  62. Want to start food truck business in Kolkata, pure veg, need experienced partner, investment will not be problem, want maximum ROI.
    whatsapp- {…Redacted..}

  63. Hello I need help in Ahmedabad with a Food truck business, Concept and product is already tested in Mumbai. Want to launch in Ahmedabad . If anyone is interested get in touch with me. {…Redacted..}. Anandana

  64. Hi my name is sumeet i am from Ghaziabad. interested in starting the Food Business. by reading the above article i think food business on wheel will be best preposition.

    Looking for partner who join me. Contact me {…Redacted..}

  65. Hi I m interested in food truck business in Delhi ncr. If any one having experience kindly share me. I m also want to be a partnership for investment.

  66. Hi ,
    I am interested in food truck business in madurai ( Tamilnadu), if anyone can share your valuable suggestion and Ideas about the business

    Whats App no : {…Redacted..}

  67. i have a truck a tata suoer ace mint i want to start food truck business in pune specially aundh area looking for someone to collabrate with some finance , anybody male or female interested please get in touch on {…Redacted..}

  68. Hi, Am planning to start off a food truck business, looking for some guidance and help. Open to partner with some experienced people. Also interested in a franchise. {…Redacted..}

  69. Hey,
    This article is of great importance and value at this point of time to me.
    I’m an ex-food journalist and Public Relation manager in Hospitality sector but relocated to US but want to start some food business in Kolkata/Hyderabad, India. I can share a partnership with similar minded, goal oriented and hard working individual or a ready-to-go team .

    Plz let me know if anyone is interested with you watsapp(as tat will be convenient fr me) to my gmail {…Redacted..}

    Thanks and Regards,

  70. Hi
    I am also planning for food services in kharadi area near EON IT park..if someone interested in the same,please contact me on {…Redacted..}

    • Hi Guys ,
      I am from Bangalore,i have a plan to open a Food Truck in Bangalore i have been working on this plan from 2 months but i need a partner who have a passion to work in Restaurant Field ..

      Please Contact me : {…Redacted..}

  71. Hi Guys ,
    I am from Bangalore. I have read almost all the comments it’s very much knowledgeable with more Innovative ideas.Big thanks to everyone,however i have an idea to startup an food truck in Bangalore
    i need some more help
    Please let me Know if anybody is interested to join me
    contact me on : {…Redacted..}

  72. Hello
    I need to open Fast Food center in kolkata sooo I Need Faith Bussiness Partner So we can bang the kolkata market with our variety of fast food. Contact me {…Redacted..}

  73. Planning to start a new concept in food business through food trucks at lucknow.. interested investors/ partners are required to call WhatsApp me at {…Redacted..}

  74. Hi everyone,
    Good luck to our food truck entrepreneurs,
    food truck businesses are booming in india nowadays. I own a food truck and was looking fot someone to work with, interested people can contact me on the given contact details below, I’ve researched the market in lucknow, new delhi and now I’m in hyderabad to see the possible places where my truck can start it’s venture. If anyone interested i would love to talk about it.
    contact details:
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    email : {…Redacted..}
    call on {…Redacted..}
    looking forward for a reply…

  75. Hi,
    I’m also planning to set up my food truck in hyderabad… anyone interested can contact me on whatsapp or through call {…Redacted..} or you may email me {…Redacted..}

  76. Hi i am also planning to do in my city i. e Dhanbad can you please give me some tips my no. Is {…Redacted..}

  77. Hi,
    I am interested in food truck business and looking for a investor/partner for the same.
    If someone interested please contact : {…Redacted..}

  78. Hi ,
    I m interested in food truck business in Patna.looking for investors/partner for the same .please contact {…Redacted..}

  79. iam intrested in food truck business any where south as a partner pl s cont me
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  80. Hi,
    I am interested in food truck business and looking for a investor/partner for the same.
    If someone interested please contact : {…Redacted..} , Roy Royal Home Made Kitchen, Chennai, Ambattur

  81. I want to start up my food truck in Goa, 50% capital available, need another helping hand in business. Goa is the best location with multiple tourist.

    My contact is {…Redacted..}
    Anthony Gomez: Mumbai Goa.

  82. Hi, Mampy from Goa and i am interested in putting up a food truck in Goa, anybody interested in the same please contact me on the below given number..

    Contact No: {…Redacted…}

    Where more then one can create wonders !!!

  83. I wonder if I could start a food truck in Shillong as there arent many here. I have a few ideas but I need investments. So anyone interested ones can contact me at my email address .

  84. Hi Siddharth from Bangalore, I love cooking and try new cuisine, I am interested for food truck business in Bangalore – Please contact – Watsapp – {…Redacted…}

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  85. Such a well written article on food truck business.

    I am also looking forward towards this business especially in Indo-Chinese cousin. I also have chefs in hand and a target area located, full of young people, but short of funds. I am planning to open a chain of food trucks but lack money for even one. It would have been a great help if the article would have also mentioned about where one can go to get funds or if some banks give loans for some ventures or anything. It was a great article but this point should have been included.

  86. I was studied alot and in next month I am going to open in indore so Guys just join and make group or chain in all metro city first my whatupp no {…Redacted…} for indore anyone to collaborate then plz inform.

  87. Hi Guys,

    I am interested to start in Mysore. I have a background of Hotel Industry since 22 years. I am looking for investors. Interested person can call me at {…Redacted…}

  88. If anyone interested to buy my softy Icecream machine almost new for their business contact me on whatsapp:-{…Redacted..}
    I will send you the photo of the machine on your number.

  89. Hi guys, would love to know about financing through banks. My friend and I have a concept. We are located in Mumbai, willing to collaborate with potential investors. Business concept has simple execution, great scalability. Any insights would be appreciated.

  90. Hi
    Myself Vishal Dhiman. I am from shimla himachal pradesh. I want to start my food business in shimla. If anyone intrested then contact me on {…Redacted..} or my email id is {…Redacted..} Plz contact me asap.

    • I am interested in food truck business in Mumbai Kandivali Thakurvillage please add me on the group my number is {… redacted …}

  91. I am from jaipur and here there is a huge market for food venture. Even good returns in part time. If any one is interested let me know on my whatsapp number {…Redacted..}

  92. Nice Reading…..However as the owner of a Food Truck Business in Kolkata which had to be shut down, I must say, a vital requirement at least in Kolkata is good money for donations and good connections with high ranking political leaders

  93. Nice reading , I am also interested in Food On Wheels in Mumbai,especially south indian food, require investors ,if any one interested , my id {…Redacted..}

  94. Food Truck is one of the most preferred choices for most of the first-time restaurant owners, primarily because of the low initial investment and the relatively low risk involved. Hence, Food Truck business in India has witnessed a massive growth in the past few years. This article provides some valuable information. Thank you!

  95. great information on how to start a food truck in india. food truck business profits are pretty high compared to the other restaurant formats because of the low investment and other costs.

  96. Food truck format is a great investment the initial expense of setting up a food truck business is low and the staff requirement is also less. The profit margin of a food truck in India is INR 10,000 or more which depends mostly on the footfall. The best thing about starting a food truck is the flexibility, don’t like a place? just park your vehicle elsewhere!
    All the best for starting a new food truck business.

  97. I am from Bangalore interested in putting efforts for food Truck Business. If someone here want to start this business. Really interested for this.8550079464please contact

    • Hello Mr.Naveen,
      I’m interested in Food Truck business .
      As I’m working as an Executive Chef in one of the Reputed Hotel chain.

      If OK please feel free to call me :
      {… redacted …}

  98. I am interested to start a food truck business as a investor and as a working partner in chennai.. Please reach me {…Redacted..}

  99. Willing to start a food truk business in goa. Have a plan in place .contact at {…Redacted..} . need professional guidance to start this up.o

  100. HI,
    This is RAHUL here from Mumbai. I am interested in food on wheels business. Infact I was planning to
    start it. Would appreciate if u can add my number in ur whatsapp group. {…Redacted..}

  101. Hi my name is abhishek , i am very much interested in this business if anyone planning to setup in mumbai , please let me know abou it ,
    My number is {…Redacted..}

  102. HI my name naveen kumar, am worked in hotel and restaurant as a chef and now am thinking about food truck business planning in Bangalore , so any body have any planes about it and work with me please ping me .
    my mail id

  103. i want to start food truck business in delhi or near by delhi so please give me advice and i am open for partnership also…..my contact details are {…Redacted..} and {…Redacted..}

  104. hi.
    my son had completed his BScHM from chandigarh.
    and want to start food truck in kashipur / haldwani ( utrakhand ). how can i get help from you .
    pls contact {… redacted …}

    • Hi,
      This Side Deepak Negi. I am from Delhi and i am also looking for same.I am having Contacts in uttrakhand.we can start Your Business over there.If you are interested than u can call me anytime on {… redacted …} .

  105. I am subhash Rohra want to start food truck business in Mumbai Kandivali Thakurvillage my cell phone number is {… redacted …} email {… redacted …}

  106. Hello
    I’m fresher in this field, I want to start food truck business in patna (Bihar).
    So plzz give me suggestions to how to start and how to attract more costumer??

    Aman my WhatsApp number:-{… redacted …}.

  107. Hi,
    Intrested in starting food truck business in Delhi NCR with in 6 months.
    Need a partner who can join me to the venture.
    If intrested please contact me:
    Whatsapp:{… redacted …}
    {… redacted …}

  108. Hi,

    I am planning to start a food truck in Pune. Please email me on {… redacted …} with any suggestions, guidance or investment help.


  109. I am planing to start it very soon in Delhi NCR.Looking for interested ones for a joint venture.

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