Advertising is no less than an investment, if done wisely – Harsh Dubal, The Boston Cupcakery

Harsh Dubal of The Boston Cupcakery.

Harsh Dubal since the beginning had this immense love for desserts. With passing years and after trying hands on different things he realized that there is nothing better than converting his fondness into his profession. He introduced The Boston Cupcakery in 2014 and since then it has been progressing remarkably. The Boston Cupcakery is one of the most loved dessert brands in Mumbai. Renowned for their collection that features bespoke designs, they also customize cakes for extravagant wedding bashes in a gamut of flavors that never fails to titillate one’s taste-buds.

The famous TV show couple, Erik and Cori Larsen, are important members of the brand as they spent several months in Mumbai, developing the menu for The The Boston Cupcakery.

In Conversation With Harsh Dubal Of The Boston Cupcakery

In an exclusive conversation with The Restaurant Times, Harsh Dubal talks about bakery as a setup.

Secret Behind Running A Successful Bakery

According to Dubal, the space for bakeries and desserts in the F&B market across different cities has been rapidly increasing. Bakery, from the outside, seems to be a very easy setup. However, on the contrary, bakery requires a lot of precision as sweet things tend to lose their taste within a few days.

An important aspect of running a bakery business is bringing in innovation as the competition is stiff in this business. One can innovate not only with the items but also with the format of the store.

Another thing to consider is catering to the right target audience. When finding the right set of customers it is vital to make sure that there is efficient workflow management. Slow and steady growth is more sustainable than a rapid rise, and the former is expected to have a remarkable impact on the growth of your bakery business as a whole. 

The irresistible cupcakes at Boston Cupcakery

Marketing Dynamics

According to Dubal, social media is the best way to attract patrons. It is very crucial to have business pages on the social media platform and updating them on a regular basis. Post regular photos and videos that will reflect the happenings of the restaurant. Make sure to post the reviews and feedback from your patrons as it will help to run the operations of your bakery business further.

‘Advertising is no less than an investment if done wisely. Hire people who can specifically monitor the marketing part. Create a series of events along with infographics that will always keep the customers hooked to the brand. Smart advertising helps to develop a good reputation and reach consumers who otherwise might never hear of you,’ says Dubal.

Importance of Staff Happiness

According to Dubal, in a restaurant, teamwork is crucial to keep the service running smoothly. When the staff does not work as one, flaws, bottlenecks, mistakes can arise quite quickly. Training is the first and foremost method to make the staff feel important and valued and for improving efficiency. Through the training process, the staff can achieve a sense of purpose. Train the staff about the policies of the brand in order to make them serve the patrons efficiently.

‘The staff is the backbone of the brand. A brand as a whole can never succeed without them. Let them know that they are important and that you don’t want to lose them. It is also important to understand the worth of the current staff because the process to interview, hire, and train new staff members is a tremendous drain on time and money,’ says Dubal.

Technological Bedding

According to Dubal, the easiest way to automate and digitize the restaurant operations is by merely implementing a POS solution. A restaurant POS system allows and simplifies the process of billing, generating reports and managing the operations. A smart bakery POS provides complete control over the business and eliminates the need for restaurateurs to visit the outlet everyday through smart reporting.

We use POSist at The Boston Cupcakery. POSist has been no less than a blessing for us. I don’t have to visit the outlet everyday to know what exactly is happening there as POSist provides me with live reports everyday. It eliminates the need to manually add the orders received from the various online ordering channels, simplifying the entire course of action.

Dubal concludes by sharing, ‘It is important to ensure conscious creation of the brand that is reflected in every facet of operations. Whatever baking niche one chooses, it is important to maintain quality goods with exceptional customer service.

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