What To Do When Your Restaurant Ratings Go Down

What To Do When Your Restaurant Ratings Go Down

In the world of social media, almost every customer in Singapore nowadays check the restaurant reviews and ratings before deciding on visiting one. And this makes it imperative for you to maintain the hygiene of your rating and reviews on the restaurant review sites, and on your website. When you do come across instances when your restaurant ratings go down, you must take appropriate steps to counter it. From encouraging reviews, responding to the reviews diligently, taking reviews to the floor of the restaurant, and providing outstanding customer service, these will definitely help you increase your restaurant ratings exponentially.

In 2014, the total number of establishments in the Food and Beverage Sector in Singapore was 6,871, which increased to 7,229 in 2015 and further grew to 7,679 in 2016. This statistics clearly shows the immense competition that thrives in the restaurant space in Singapore. This makes it necessary for restaurants to be the best in their domain. And increasing the restaurant ratings will take you one step closer to increase your customer trial base marginally.

3 Stellar Ways To Improve Your Restaurant Ratings

Almost all restaurants are in loggerheads to find viable ways to increase the restaurant ratings in the Singapore F&B space. Read below and garner a comprehensive knowledge on how you can increase your restaurant rating if you find them going down.

1. Encourage Reviews On The Floor Of The Restaurant

One of the best ways to increase your restaurant ratings and the reviews is by asking the customers to review you when they are still in your restaurant. Many a time, customers often forget to review the restaurant, unless they come across terrible customer service. Hence, it is recommended that you seek customer feedback before they leave your restaurant. You can gather the feedback either by using the paper-based restaurant feedback form or through the new age restaurant feedback app which can be used on tablets or mobile phones.

We would recommend that you create our own restaurant feedback app and integrate it with the CRM feature in your restaurant POS. This will help you nurture a rich repository of customer data, using which you can run customized marketing campaigns or personalized loyalty programs. This will enhance your customer retention efforts by leaps and bounds.  

If a customer did not have an experience as per expectations, then taking feedback on the floor of the restaurant will come in handy. This will help you understand how the customer feels about the service provided and will give you the chance of rectifying the situation and stop them from leaving your restaurant with a sore mouth.

2. Respond To The Reviews

Once you have registered yourself on the restaurant review sites, the customer understands that you are genuinely seeking their reviews. However, unless you respond to your customer reviews, and acknowledge they reaction either with gladness or with an apology, your efforts will be redundant.

Hence, it is extremely important that you respond to each and every review on the restaurant review sites. Lack of engagement can be one of the reasons for your low restaurant ratings. Engagement on these platforms will help you understand your customers’ perception, on the basis of which you can make the changes that will bolster your profits exponentially.

3. Deliver Stellar Customer Service

Customer craves for outstanding customer service. Once you have aced the art of delivering exceptional customer service, you will not have to worry about your restaurant ratings going down. From greeting your customers, ensuring that the tables are allocated to them in no time, easy and seamless order taking process, ensuring that the food is served to them in time, quick billing to pleasing servers, all these make an immense impression on your customers. And these have a great impact in prompting them to increase your restaurant ratings on the restaurant review sites.

It is recommended that you keep a PR team who will look after the reputation of your restaurant only on the restaurant review sites but on the social media platforms as well. They must analyze your restaurant ratings over a period of time and ensure that it never goes down.

Once you start following these tips, you will very effectively increase your restaurant ratings on the various restaurant review sites. This will not only help you attract a lot of customers and increase your customer trial base, but it will also help you in retaining the customers. Keep in mind the effective steps and see how the queue in your restaurant in Singapore increases.

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