8 POS Software Features That Are Absolutely Essential For Your Restaurant

Restaurant POS Software Features

Running a successful restaurant business in a lucrative market like Saudi Arabia is challenging.  However, robust restaurant management software can play a significant role in determining the long-term success of a business. A powerful restaurant POS software is equipped with a number of capabilities and features that can help manage your restaurant efficiently. That is why, while choosing the right restaurant POS software, it is vital to invest in a solution that can be customized to the specific needs of a business, helping it to operate at the highest level. 

This article offers a comprehensive list of must-have features to look for before choosing a restaurant POS system in Saudi Arabia. 

Must-Have Restaurant POS Software Features

A robust restaurant POS system is a catalyst for growth. Consider these essential features while investing in a POS system. 

1. Cloud-Based Technology

Traditional POS systems are server-based and prone to data loss and system breakdown. Upgrading these systems’ features involves a lot of manual work, which often leads to system downtime and business disruption. On the other hand, a cloud-based POS system is based on a remote server, which makes it easier to access business information from any system or device from any location. Cloud POS systems thus offer better flexibility and adaptability. It helps in keeping the data intact in spite of poor connectivity or device issues. 

2. Ordering Ease

A prominent feature to look for in restaurant management software is the ordering system. A robust restaurant management software accelerates and automates the entire billing process and ensures secure order taking. It enables the servers to view the entire menu on a single screen, allows instant KOT (Kitchen Order Tracking) generation, integrates orders from multiple platforms, and allows swift order delivery. A modern ordering system equipped with the latest features such as Contactless Dining Feature or a QR code ordering dashboard helps in delivering excellent customer service. 

QR Code Ordering
Source: Voolsy Screen

3. Supports Mobility Features

Accessing restaurant data regularly from any device is a must-have feature in your POS system. Systems that support mobility enable better management and allow the managers to analyze critical restaurant data from anywhere. 

Mobile POS software performs the same functions as that of a cloud POS system, and the only difference is that they are portable.

For example, data is accessible via any internet-enabled handheld device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Restaurateurs can implement mobile POS systems to accept orders, generate bills, receive payments, access sales, and inventory data, maintain customer records, etc.

Choosing systems that are mobile device friendly enable full control of restaurant operations from anywhere and anytime. While choosing a restaurant POS, look for a mobile supportability feature that significantly accelerates restaurant operations. 

4. Generates Detailed Reports

Generating detailed reports is crucial to gaining an understanding of the functioning of the entire restaurant. This is because reports and in-depth business analyses provide critical insights on how the restaurant is performing, which areas require maximum improvisations, which item is selling the most etc. 

Look for POS software that is capable of providing real-time reports on all the critical restaurant operations at any given point. This feature allows restaurant owners to access easy graphical charts and customize reports to understand the business better. Therefore, restaurant owners in Saudi Arabia must invest in a restaurant POS that automatically generates reports and provides a detailed analysis of how to improve the business and win more customers.

5. Keeps A Check On Internal Thefts

When it comes to internal thefts, the restaurant industry is one of the worst-hit sectors. Internal thefts in restaurants are either monetary-based or inventory-related. While CCTV cameras are an essential tool that can be deployed to keep an eye on internal thefts, they might often lead to complacency. That is why it is advisable to invest in restaurant POS software with an anti-theft feature. This will allow you to run restaurant operations smoothly and improve accountability for your staff members. 

Anti-theft feature of POS software
Source: The Balance Small Business

6. Robust Inventory Management Module

Inventory management is considered to be one of the critical aspects of running a successful restaurant business. Without automating the entire inventory process, restaurants may incur high labor costs, unchecked wastage, and increase the potential for internal theft. In a competitive market such as Saudi Arabia, where the cost of running a restaurant is quite high, poor inventory management may often lead to extra expenses. 

This is where robust inventory management software comes into the picture. It helps in streamlining inventory management, cuts down on recurring food costs, and automates the entire restaurant operations. The inventory management module automatically calculates the entire inventory level and sends real-time alerts when an item reaches the reorder level. It greatly helps to save the restaurant from running out of stock unexpectedly, which makes it a must-have feature in your POS software.

7. Integrated Customer Database

Restaurant management software tools that integrate customer data from different sources into a unified dashboard greatly help in attracting more customers and designing better marketing campaigns. Operators in Saudi Arabia must choose a restaurant POS system that maps their regular patrons’ behavior, understands their spending habits according to the demographic data, and provides critical insights. 

8. Open To Third-Party Integrations

As most restaurants have adopted the online food delivery model, they might need to partner with vendors such as food aggregators or online payment platforms. Integrating such third-party service providers to POS enables restaurants to access data from multiple sources and utilize them in an efficient way. 

When synced with your POS system, such tools generate maximum performance and help in running data-driven campaigns. Always invest in POS software that seamlessly integrates third-party platforms. 

The growing popularity of fast foods and casual dining restaurants in the Saudi Arabia F&B space has attracted many investors and food startups. Existing restaurants are looking to win more customers and fight the competition by offering exceptional food and service quality. Choosing the right restaurant POS system will significantly help restaurant operators in Saudi Arabia to manage the operations more systematically. Consider these critical features before choosing the right POS software and take your restaurant to new heights! 

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