Step by Step Guide to FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration System for Your Restaurant

Step by Step Guide to FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration System for Your Restaurant

In our previous article, we talked about the importance of FSAAI licenses, and how it impacts the restaurant business. In response to it, we received multiple requests from readers asking how to apply for the licenses, what are the essential documents required to procure the license, etc. To cater to such queries, here we have come up with a follow-up article, where we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to apply and get the FSSAI food licensing & registration system for your restaurant.

How to Get the FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration System Done

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the FSSAI food licensing and registration system for your restaurant and food business.

Step1: Go to, or click here.

Step2: After the page opens click on ‘Sign-up (For Self-Care Portal)’. Fill the sign-up form with contact details.

Step3: Think of a unique user name for the registration. After filling up the form, click on Register to complete the sign-up process.

Step4: After the account activation, you will also get a sign-up success confirmation message through SMS and e-mail.

Point to Remember:  This user ID is valid for 30 days, so make sure that you apply online within 30 days or this user ID will be disabled.

Step 5: Sign into your account and fill the online application form. ( (Make sure you have all the relevant documents required for the application. Also, make sure the application form is completed in one sitting, else the form goes to incomplete tab). We have mentioned the important documents needed for FSSAI food licensing and registration system below.


Step 6: After filling the online application, take a printout of the form before you click on ‘Submit’

Step 7: Note down the reference number that is displayed on the screen once you have submitted the application. The reference number is required to track the progress of your application for Registration or Licensing.

Step 8: Submit the printout of the filled up Online Application Form to the Regional Authority/State Authority with all supportive documents within 15 days from the date of making the online submission for your application to be considered.

Click on this link to know about the fees for registration and licenses.

Important Documents Required for the FSSAI Food Licensing & Registration System

Here is the complete list of documents that you would need for applying for the FSSAI food licensing & registration system.

1. Identity Proof

2. Address Proof

3. Valid Email id

4. Phone Number

5. Affidavit, Declaration and Food Safety Management plan (You can get these documents from the nearest Notary)

6. Kitchen layout plan

7. List of Food Category

8. Water Testing Report from ISI approved facility

9. No objection certificate from the owner/partner (in case of business operated in other premises or in case of partnership firm)

10. Medical Certificates of Employees

In today’s internet age getting information and submitting application have been quite easy as compared to the older times when people had to go window to window for different kinds of approvals. The hassles of acquiring various licenses have been drastically reduced now. You can now apply for food license online by submitting all the required documents and pay the fee online as well. There are also a lot of agencies and consultants who take all your pain of doing the paperwork and apply for the license on your behalf.

Stay tuned to The Restaurant Times to know more about FSSAI food licensing & registration system and the key things about food safety.


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