7 Reasons Why You Should Implement the Kitchen Display Systems in Your Restaurant Right Now

7 Reasons Why You Should Implement the Kitchen Display Systems in Your Restaurant Right Now

When we talk about technology in restaurants, we often think of online ordering and payment integration. Technology for restaurants’ backend operations is often missed because of the glorification of the FoodTech. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about how Kitchen Display Systems are silently working to automate and optimize the restaurant kitchen operations. Know about the other essential restaurant automation systems that you should employ in your restaurant here.

A kitchen display system is basically a display monitor that is set up in the kitchen. Integrated with the Point of Sales software, it displays the orders that have been placed in the POS. It acts as a mediator between the waiting staff who takes the order, and the chef who prepares the order.

The Benefits of Restaurant Kitchen Display Systems

Here are the ways Kitchen Display Systems can improve the efficiency of your restaurant.

1. No Delay in Order Taking

As soon as the order is entered into the POS, the order is reflected instantly at the display in the kitchen. Thus, instead of generating a KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket), which needs to be taken to the kitchen and given to the chef or the kitchen staff to be prepared, the order is automatically visible on the kitchen display. Kitchen display systems reduce the time gap between order placing and order preparing.

2. No Missing of Order

Kitchens are often messy and chaotic. Handwritten or even printed KOTs can get misplaced, lost, and deliver incorrect order instructions. Kitchen displays ensure that no orders get missed and enhance accuracy. Special instructions are given by the customers, if any, can also be included, and are visible on the display systems.

3. Cheaper than Paper KOT

The kitchen display systems are a one-time investment. Once installed and integrated through the POS, they are actually cheaper than the paper KOT. Bonus points for being environment-friendly and reducing paper wastage!

4. Integrated Online Ordering

Orders placed online are directly pushed to the KDS through the POS. This way you don’t have to push online orders separately to the kitchen, thus eliminating the risk of missed orders.

5. Streamlined Kitchen Operations

The KDS sorts the orders automatically and sends them to the specific KDS station based on the order type. For example, in the case of multiple stations, such as the main course section and the dessert station, the KDS automatically sends the order for an ice cream to the dessert station.

7 Reasons Why You Should Implement Kitchen Display Systems in Your Restaurant Right Now

6. Improved Communication

Since the order punched into the POS is directly visible at the KDS, there is improved communication between the staff. KDS helps customize the kitchen workflow, especially in the case of multi-kitchen restaurants. When the order has been prepared, the chef can change the status of the order to ‘prepared or ready’. The serving staff can view the display system and serve the order to the customer. KDS eliminates the need for the serving staff to keep asking the chef if the order has been prepared, thus improving communication between the kitchen staff.

7. Reports

Integrated with your POS software, kitchen display systems also help you keep a track of your business, and analyze reports. The KDS gives you in-depth reports through which you can track the average time taken to complete an order. This way you can view how much time and resources are being spent on a particular order.

Kitchen Display Systems are the need of the hour. Not just big cafes, and multi-kitchen restaurants, small restaurants are now also adopting the KDS for smoother restaurant operations and increased efficiency.

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