How An Ice Cream POS Software Simplifies Your Entire Ice Cream Parlour Operations

How An Ice Cream POS Software Simplifies Your Entire Ice Cream Parlour Operations

Running an ice cream parlor requires specially equipped restaurant POS. This is especially because an ice cream parlor deals with items that have an extremely less shelf-life. Hence, get an ice cream POS on board, that will help you streamline your ice cream parlor operations exponentially. Know how you can start an ice cream business in India successfully here.

5 Ways An Ice Cream POS Will Accelerate Ice Cream Parlor Operations 

Unless you have an ice cream POS that will be your right hand in running the business, it will be extremely difficult for you to scale your business as expected. Confused about how an ice cream POS will help you optimize your ice cream parlor business? Don’t be. Real below and garner a comprehensive understanding, about how the stellar software will help you bolster your sales and will help your business grow.

1. Billing

Billing is one of the most important functions of an ice cream parlor. Hence, stellar ice cream POS will help you in billing, split billing, tablet billing, will provide you real-time reports of all the bills generated, this will ensure that misappropriations behind the counter are kept at bay.

Tablet billing feature will simplify the process of order taking. The entire menu will be visible on the screen; this will help both the servers and the customers to choose from a wide variety of menu items. The servers can also upsell and try the suggestive selling techniques considering the ordering history of the customers.

2. Inventory Management

Managing the inventory is critical for running a successful ice cream parlor business since no cooking actually happens at the outlet; you sell what you have in store. Thus, it is essential that you have an ice cream POS with a robust inventory management feature that allows you to manage your entire stock Supply Chain with ease.

(i) Setting Re-order Levels 

One of the biggest challenges of running an ice-cream parlor business is maintaining the stock of the ice cream at the outlet. You need to be aware of the daily consumption so that you may be able to order for more ice-cream when you are about to run out of stock. A smart Ice cream POS with the Inventory Management feature will enable you to set Re-order levels for each type of ice cream. Based on the number of ice cream sales, the POS will send you automatic alerts that a particular stock item is about to be over, thus allowing you to place the order for more, in time.

This also eliminates the risk of over-ordering and under-ordering, thus preventing any wastage — you only order what you need.

(ii) Setting Expiration Levels

Setting the Expiration Level of items is essential for an ice cream parlor business since you are dealing with dairy items whose shelf life is short and items are prone to quick wastage. Although the shelf life of an unopened can ice cream is two-three months, it is still a tedious task to monitor the expiration date of individual stock items manually.

With the help of a smart POS, you would be able to set alerts and reminders that notify you that a particular stock item is about to reach its expiration date. This would enable you to consume that item before it gets expired or get rid of it completely.

3. Production Management

Managing the production of the semi-processed items at the Base Kitchen is a challenging task which can be achieved quite easily with the help of the Production Management feature in the ice cream POS software. You would be able to track the raw ingredients utilized for producing each type of ice cream at each level.

Plus, you would be able to order for more raw ingredients such as the dairy products with ease by simply generating a Purchase Order from the POS itself.

4. Central Kitchen Management 

If you are also involved in the production of ice cream, then Central Kitchen Management is an essential feature to look for while choosing an ice cream POS software. This feature allows you to monitor the production of the ice cream at the Central Kitchen, and then supply the stock to the individual outlets based on their stock requirements. This helps keep track of the stock ordered and stock supplied to each outlet with ease and simplifies your entire Supply Chain Management.

5. Running An Ice Cream Chain

Running an ice cream chain calls for your extra attention. Leaving the management of the outlets completely on your restaurant staff is not advisable at all. Here, an ice cream POS which comes with an enterprise module will come in handy and help you run multiple ice cream parlors at ease. It will help you view daily and monthly reports, compare and analyze the sales and item-wise performance of every outlet. It will also provide you a detailed analysis of the marketing campaigns and will help you strategize the outlet specific marketing and offers.

6. Online Ordering

With the growing trend of the online ordering, if your ice cream parlor is not venturing into this domain, your business might lose a lot of potential customers. Hence, if you have an ice cream POS on board, it will help you accept online orders from all the various sources, like a mobile app, website, and multiple online delivery platforms.

Once a customer places an order, their customer details get updated in the CRM database which is synced with the ice cream POS. With this robust repository, you can very effectively run personalized marketing campaigns to increase your online sales exponentially.

An ice cream POS will help you streamline the entire parlor operations. It will provide end-to-end restaurant management of your business and will ensure that you have an oozing cash register in your ice cream parlor.

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  1. Thanks for such an elaborate article on Point Of Sale with respect to ice cream parlor. Use of POS for identifying the reorder point was really very interesting. this system could reduce inventory wastage as well as customer disappointment by keeping a close to stable stock. Reding the article was almost like going through a new case study, enjoyed every line of it.


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