How POS Software Remodels Your Restaurant Operations

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Post COVID-19, restaurants have embarked on a different journey. Restaurateurs have been realizing and bridging gaps in their operations with the primary motive of surviving during the pandemic. Delivering a good customer experience is another reason many restaurants are exploring new avenues by adopting new technologies. One way restaurateurs have been turning the tables is by deploying versatile POS (Point of Sale) software to automate their restaurant and cloud kitchen operations. 

Even in the pre-pandemic times, online ordering was a buzzy topic. However, the pandemic has further propelled the food delivery market towards growth leading to the rise of myriad cloud kitchens in India. In addition, many of the existing restaurants also pivoted to cloud kitchen models on the back of low operating costs. For instance, as per the Posist Restaurant Industry & Market Evolution (PRIME) Report, India Edition, around 40% of the restaurants initiated their food delivery services after the pandemic.

With such immense growth in deliveries and takeaways, cloud-based POS software has come forward to simplify operations for restaurants and deliver the best results. This article will highlight the growth of POS technology and how restaurants can leverage it to refine their operations.

5 Ways A POS Software Empowers F&B Operations

The POS software spur growth in restaurant operations in ample ways. From kitchen management to optimizing delivery services, POS software manages it all. Have a look at how sound POS software enhances restaurant and cloud kitchen operations. 

1. Kitchen Management

The rise of cloud kitchens has led to an increase in demand for kitchen management. The large volumes of orders coming in need efficient management to avoid any order discrepancies. Here’s when POS software steps in to provide better solutions. They provide an organized platform for receiving all the orders centrally which are sent directly to the kitchen, enabling the kitchen staff to dish out as many orders as possible in the given time. 

You can also keep track of the kitchen inventory with the assistance of inventory management modules of POS software. 

  • Analyzing the daily, weekly and monthly sales reports of the restaurant lets you carry out efficient menu engineering. 
  • You can figure out the dishes that are not making any sales and strike them off the menu. 
  • As for the recipes, the ingredient-wise reports offered by kitchen management software enables you to keep an eye on how much stock is left, and generate bulk purchase orders accordingly to save costs.
Kitchen management POS Software
Source: 7Shifts

2. Third-party Applications Integration

Besides cooking and food preparation, there are ample other things restaurants need to take care of, for instance, payments, delivery, etc. Integrating with POS software allows restaurants to facilitate payment and delivery with ease. 

Recently, Posist integrated with a third-party order management SaaS platform, Deliverect, that facilitates easy integration with multiple food delivery platforms and ensures efficient management of orders coming in from multiple channels. 

A versatile POS allows integration with different e-wallets like Paytm, GPay, PhonePay, AmazonPay, etc., to simplify the payment processes for customers. In addition to this, restaurants having in-house delivery services can easily track the orders by integrating with fleet management applications like RoadCast, to keep the customers informed about their orders. 

3. Customizable Website Layouts

Websites are an integral part of running a restaurant business. It contains all the information about the restaurant and is often the first touch-point for the customers who tend to research the restaurant before ordering or dining in it. Thus, the restaurant website should be alluring and tempting for the customers. Additionally, it must reflect the restaurant brand and have the menu online.

The POS online ordering provides a range of customizable website layouts for restaurateurs to design their desired website. Those sites could contain a designer menu with detailed descriptions, easy navigation that simplifies the ordering process for customers, along with step-by-step payment procedures. Customized website layouts allow the restaurants to manifest their brand and build it amongst the customers, thereby amplifying the revenue opportunities. 

4. Customer Relationship Management

Customers play an extremely valuable role in the growth of any outlet. An outlet with disappointed customers may shut down within a few years. Therefore, customer relationship management is an indispensable task of restaurant operations, which can be done right with the assistance of a CRM module present in the POS software

The POS software builds a connection with the guests with the help of personalized marketing by gaining insights into customer habits and preferences. Diving deeper into customers’ tastes and personalized marketing is only possible by a proper analysis of the customer data (past orders, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) centrally stored in one space. Not just this, the CRM module also lets restaurants seek feedback from their customers which can be utilized to find the gaps in their operations and bridge them.

5. Contactless Dining & Ordering

In the era of COVID-19, when the basic requirement of customers is to go contactless in every possible manner, POS software companies have come forward to do just that. They are here to assist the restaurateurs to minimize the physical interaction and touchpoints at the same time instil confidence in their customers. 

By facilitating QR code ordering, website ordering, digital bills, etc., POS softwares successfully carry out the contactless dining and ordering procedures keeping the customers’ concerns paramount. 

Posist has seen immense growth in the past few years by expanding to 9000 restaurant outlets in 35 countries and serving top brands like Carl’s Jr, Jamie’s Italian, Barbeque Nation, Taco Bell, Lite Bite Foods, and The Belgian Waffle Co., among others. It powers restaurants to efficient kitchen management, cloud telephony, loyalty programs, mobile wallets, etc. on the back of which Posist is recognized amongst India’s top 10 software companies in the G2’s list of the Best India Sellers for 2021. The primary aim of the Posist is to enhance customer experience and simplify operations for restaurateurs so that they can keep themselves gazed on making great food and giving exceptional experience to the diners. 

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