The Rise Of Experiential Restaurants In India

experiential restaurant

In India, people want something more than just good food when dining out; they want a memorable experience. An exceptional chef and cuisine can do wonders for any restaurant, but in order to entice and retain customers, the ambiance or the ‘overall feel’ of the restaurant always adds an extra push. Therefore Themed restaurants are quite popular in India, but in recent years, there has been a rise in experiential restaurants.

This rise is encouraging chefs and restaurant owners to up their game with new and exciting food and beverage experiences.

This article will help you understand why experiential restaurants are becoming popular among the Indians.

Experiential Restaurants – The Advent Of Something New!

You know how fierce the competition in the restaurant industry is, therefore it is vital to distinguish yourself. Lure people into your eatery in an exciting way by creating a unique experience!

What Are Experiential Restaurants?

Experiential restaurants are all about creating a buzz! They provide experiential dining experience along with a vibrant theme. Experiential restaurants augment a customer’s experience creatively by establishing a connection with the restaurant brand. Experiential restaurants not only appeal to the eyes but also entice other senses and teleport the customers elsewhere; therefore resulting in their popularity. 

Why Are Experiential Restaurants Gaining Popularity?

The patrons are bored of the usual; they want more than just theme restaurants to entice them. This demand for something new and grand has led to a rise in the experiential restaurants in India.

Here are some reasons why restaurant owners are shifting toward the experiential restaurant trend.

1. To Beat The Competition

We have seen restaurants with exquisite themes but only a few that provide an extravagant dining experience; therefore running an experiential restaurant is a smart move! If you provide people with a wholesome experience, they wouldn’t hesitate in spending more. People cherish a memorable meal and would pay whatever it takes for one!

2. Helps In Attracting Customers

As mentioned earlier, customers love anything new and experimental which makes experiential restaurants a good choice! They see more footfall since they can provide the patrons with an astounding time. If you have something different to offer it would automatically attract the masses.

3. Has More Dwell Time

Increasing dwell time is quite profitable for any restaurant and having an experiential restaurant certainly helps you with that. If a customer is relishing the overall experience, he/she will tend to stay longer and end up spending more. From the decor to the music everything should be inviting; therefore making the customer stay longer.

4. Has More Average Customer Spend

If your experiential restaurant has the capability of transporting your customers to a third world, they will end paying more without any hesitation because experience matters more than just good food. Being able to provide the customers with an unusual yet pleasant experience they would like to spend more at your restaurant.

Here is a list of a few restaurants that are showing that dining can be about way more than just good food on a plate.

1. Kunzum Travel Cafe

There is no other place like KunzumTravel Cafe. It might seem ordinary at first, but it sure has some stories to tell! Tucked in one of the hippiest places in New Delhi, is run by a team of travel writers.

This cafe has a unique charm to it, and they target travelers and storytellers. Therefore, it is a great place for the travelers to meet and share the tales of their rendezvous.

That’s not all; you can come here exchange numbers with the fellow travelers over a cup of coffee and pay what you like!

Yes, you read that right! You pay what you like at this restaurant.

They also have a well-stocked library one can refer to for travel books including guides, coffee table books, and travelogues.

experiential restaurants kunzum cafe

2. The Drunken Botanist

The Drunken Botanist is Gurgaon’s new favorite spot for enjoying a beer or two! This place is apt for mixologists and gardeners.

The name drunken “botanist” is very apt for this restaurant, from the walls to upholstery, everything gives a feel of botanical gardens. You will find flower pots surrounding the seating area and plants hanging down from the roof.

Their menu will take you through a gastronomic journey into a fairytale where you will find unusual blends of cocktails and beers you can enjoy amidst the greenery.

experiential restaurants drunken botanist

3. Hanging Restaurant

Imagine a long table where diners are seated for a meal. Nothing unusual about that, right? Now, imagine the setup being lifted by a crane, and suspended at one hundred and sixty feet! We are talking about Fly Dining, India’s first hanging restaurant in Bangalore.

There is a long table where the diners can sit and enjoy the meal sixteen stories high. This table rotates 360 degrees that give you the complete aerial view of Hebbal’s Nagavara Lake. It can host twenty-two people at once, and the dinner sessions last between thirty to sixty minutes.

They have taken strict precautionary measures as well. All equipment, including the crane, has been sourced from Germany and have been properly inspected. The guests are buckled up, while the standing crew is secured by safety harnesses.

experiential restaurants hanging restaurant
4. Jungle Jamboree

Jungle Jamboree located in New Delhi is one of its kind. Surrounded by lush greenery, this place will teleport you straight to a dense jungle.

You will feel the sincerity of nature here along with the experience of being out in the wild. They offer two different experiences Aqua Cave and The Jungle Ruins to entice your senses because one simply does not do the job! 

The Aqua Cave takes you on an underwater adventure and lets you dine with mermaids and fishes. The Jungle Ruins area is covered with beautiful murals of wildlife and grass.

This place will help you escape from the concrete jungle and teleport to an actual jungle!

experiential restaurants jungle jamboree

5. Kaidi Kitchen

Want to know what life in jail feels like without being arrested? Then Kaidi Kitchen in Kolkata is the place to be.

They have cells that are allotted to one group of guests where they can sit an enjoy a lavish meal. To add to the authenticity, they have some servers dressed in police uniform and others in actual prisoner costume; therefore delivering the most authentic experience. 

That’s not all; the customers can also try on prisoner outfits which adds to the overall “jail” experience.

experiential restaurants kaidi kitchen

Gone are the days when great food was the only deciding factor on where to dine out! Today people are looking for something innovative and unusual to enhance their dining experience. Therefore, Experiential restaurants have become trendsetters all over India with their creatively designed spaces and menus.

These restaurants are changing the face of the restaurant industry and giving the old-school restaurant owners a run for their money!

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