Soup Meals the Next Food Trend to Hit the Restaurant Space

Soup Meal Culture the Next Food Trend to Hit the Restaurant Space

With global cultures combining and lifestyle trends changing, customer demands from restaurants are evolving at an increased pace. The newest restaurant industry trend is Soup Meals. The expanding outlook of millennials has turned soups into wholesome meal options which is why as a restaurant owner you should evolve and hop on the soup trends wagon as well. 

Why Soup is the Next Restaurant Trend

According to Technomic’s Left Side of the Menu: Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, restaurant customers are now ordering more soup. By the cup or bowl, as a side or entree, 61% of consumers now order soup at least occasionally during restaurant visits, up from 52% just two years ago.

Soups have lately become more popular than ever! With globalization and cultural integration at a rise here is why soups are not to be taken lightly anymore!

Being the Trendsetter

The food industry is an ever-changing business where trends change as per the whims of restaurant-goers. The eating habits of the millennial generation are changing. Soup trends in restaurants are catching up. People are now valuing soup as a wholesome and nutritious meal that keeps up with their diet charts and hectic schedules alike, but sadly have only a few options when it comes to ordering soup. A restaurant that has an evolved soup menu with soup bowls, fusion soups and a better variety of it is sure to garner more footfall and set a food trend that millennials are dying for.

Soup meals are actually cheaper than preparing a main meal, and has a high margin

Keeping Up with the Lifestyle and Food Trends

While a change in diet and lifestyle trends of the consumers is enough to give any restaurant owner nightmares, they also create opportunities for restaurants to grow and experiment with their food. The current trend is focused on fitness as more and more people of all age gaps are getting health conscious. Soup as the next restaurant trend is thus taking the limelight as the perfect meal option especially for dinner since it is light, fulfilling and tasty all at the same time. Experimenting with this underrated genre will help you tap into both minds and the weight-conscious and turn them into your regular customers. As more and more people are entering the organized sector, time is turning into a luxury. While one can splurge on a weekend on most days working professionals, prefer dinner that is tasty, full of nutrition, light and fast served and eaten. Soup meals tick all these checkboxes and are turning into a necessity in the future world.

Global Reception of Soup Meals

Changing diet and lifestyle preferences, though significant, are not the only reason we suggest you should include soup meals on your menu. Soups, as they inherently have a vast scope of flavor and experimentation, are tasty and well-received internationally. Hence it is easy to use them as broth and couple them with solid foods to create better and newer dishes that are unique in flavor and nature but even then are familiar enough to serve an international audience. Evolution of soup has become the need of the hour, but although soups have long entered palettes of Indian consumers, they have not yet been adequately tapped by the Indian restaurants.

revival of soup meals with soup culture food trend

Chirag Makwana of Toast and Tonic has been innovating and creating fusion soups like the T& T Pho, Crab Bisque and the Monsoon Bone Broth which the customers are loving!

All across the world soup is undergoing a revolution with specialty soup chains coming up. Some restaurants in India offer the luxury of individual bowls of soup meals, but sadly they are limited both numerically and geographically. India is at this point an apex market for a change in soup meals trend with both the demand and consumers being an all-time high. The restaurants which sense this and take advantage of this new food trend at the earliest are sure to farewell and anticipate an increase in both popularity and profits. 

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