Matsu Delivers An Ultimate Fine-Dine Experience With Posist

MATSU Case Study

Launched with a vision of bringing authentic and traditional Japanese cuisine to the Middle East, Matsu, a fine dining establishment based out of Abu Dhabi, offers exciting flavors and an authentic taste of Japanese dining culture. 

The Japanese-style restaurant had been using a cloud-based management solution before, but repeated errors in the system constantly hampered their client satisfaction. Being a fine-dine, it was important for the restaurant to reduce the potential possibilities of pilferage and maintain the consistency and quality of their dishes. Delivering a fine dining experience isn’t possible without efficient staff. Therefore, it was essential for Matsu to implement a user-friendly POS solution that enabled their staff to operate seamlessly.

How Matsu used the power of data and analytics

With Posist, managers at Matsu can effortlessly view total sales reports in detail. Apart from easily getting notified of potential internal pilferage, Posist’s detailed reporting and easy to understand analytics functions allow Matsu supervisors to analyze the risks and, in case of pilferage, the staff involved through bill wise reports which make it possible for them to identify the bills that have been edited, along with the changes made.

Posist’s Recipe Management feature centralizes recipe management with a single-click update ensuring uniform consistency in quality and standards. The user-friendly interface of the management software made it easier for Matsu executives to train and onboard non-technical staff. Posist’s 24×7 technical customer support, and ease of use further streamlines the brand’s daily operations and helps them provide an ultimate dining experience to their customers.

From operations to accounting, Posist provides a restaurant everything it requires. The standardized and detailed reportings increase the visibility on all costs and help us in building efficient strategies.
Restaurant Manager

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MATSU Case Study

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