Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cloud Restaurant POS

All you need to know about cloud restaurant pos

Change can be scary. It took a lot to make restaurants shift from electronic cash registers to legacy Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. Still, many small outlets are reluctant to use POS systems. The major reason for this reluctance is that the person handling the cash register may not be technology literate enough to handle POS. Even the most basic POS system requires software training. With the high attrition rate among cashiers, training new cashiers for multiple times is not feasible. And later, the market came abuzz with the term ‘cloud’. The trend of cloud adoption is spanning across diverse verticals of the industry including restaurant industry. Software as a Service (SaaS) products is permeating the restaurant and hospitality industry. However, the problem remains the same; still, many restaurateurs are unwilling to embrace cloud restaurant POS system. Many restaurant owners are unaware of what cloud means and how it functions. Read a detailed comparison of traditional and cloud-based POS here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud POS

So, we have taken it upon us to inform you things that nobody told you clearly on – what a cloud-based POS system is, and how it is literally the most user-friendly system to ever happen to the restaurant industry.

1. What is cloud restaurant POS?

Cloud computing is basically storing, accessing and operating data online, instead of accessing from your computer’s hard disk. The data is stored on remote servers and can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Similarly, a cloud restaurant POS stores all your data, right from customer information, billing and sales to the inventory and recipe details. This means no hassle of reinstallation in case the system crashes.

Since all the information is stored on the internet, you can access it from anywhere, and from any internet-enabled device. You can handle all the operations without even being physically present at your restaurant.

2. “I’m not tech savvy. Would that be a problem?”

Are you into this dilemma while switching to a cloud POS? There will not be an issue whether you or staff are not technically sound – that’s the beauty of cloud computing! It is extremely user-friendly for the end-user. Absolutely no software training is required to handle cloud POS. Modern cloud POS systems have a remarkably easy interface that anyone, with basic computing skills, can handle.

3. Is Cloud Restaurant POS expensive?

It may be difficult to believe, but it actually is marginally cheaper than the traditional POS systems. A traditional POS system requires complex hardware installations and maintenance and you will be charged extra for this. Also, the cost of reinstallation when your system corrupts or crashes is quite high.

Cloud POS, on the other hand, has no hidden charges. It has one upfront charge, depending on varying subscription plans.

4. How is it different from traditional  POS?

Cloud is the future! Cloud POS SaaS allows you to easily integrate many features into your POS. You don’t need to have different services for your restaurant operations. You can have all the features such as, online ordering and payments, customer relationship management tools, accounting and analytic tools, all in one place.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Cloud Restaurant POS system now! Not yet convinced? We’d be happy to answer all your queries related to Point of Sale here!


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