Why You Should Replace Your Restaurant Feedback Form with A Feedback App Today!

Why You Should Replace Your Restaurant Feedback Form with A Feedback App Today!

Keeping customers happy is of utmost importance for all restaurants. But how can you be assured that you are getting it right? The only way to receive the unadulterated opinion from your customers is by soliciting a genuine feedback from them. There are multiple ways through which feedback from the customers can be achieved; one of the most prevalent options is a restaurant feedback form. Read about the other ways you can seek customer feedback here.

Why did the Concept of the Restaurant Feedback Form Evolve?

Now you may think that why is it so important to acquire a customer feedback. There are various reasons why restaurant feedback forms for restaurants have forever been a very integral part of customer retention. Some of the major factors for which the restaurant feedback form has come into the picture are:-

(i)  Feedbacks Help in Improving your Restaurant

You must always strive to receive unadulterated opinions from your customers. It is not that you will only welcome the appreciations that you receive from the customers and neglect the complaints they put forward. Imagine, that your customers do not like the seats of your restaurant, since they are uncomfortable, or a particular item on your menu is being consistently getting negative reviews. Such insights can only be acquired through candid feedback from your customers.

(ii) Seeking Feedback Make Your Customers Feel Valued

 Once you take the customer feedback and care enough to work on them, then your customers will also feel valued. This will automatically increase the status of your restaurant in the eyes of your customers. This also helps you to build a strong customer relationship, which is much needed in this volatile domain of restaurant industry.

(iii) Feedbacks Help to Avoid Negative Publicity

In today’s age of Social Media, where customers are vocal than ever before, it doesn’t take much for a bad review to get viral instantly. The major reason why customers take to posting bad comments on Facebook or the restaurant review sites is that their grievances were not asked or addressed. Asking for feedback gives you the chance to identify and rectify any lack in your service. An unhappy customer is much less likely to still post a bad review online if their concerns are already addressed.

How the Digital Restaurant Feedback Form Helps in Customer Feedback Management

With the augment of this new age of technology, when everything manual is getting replaced by digital innovations, why should the restaurant feedback form be left behind? Thus came in the Feedback App that automates the entire process of seeking customer feedback. Read below to know more about this new age digital app that is on the lookout of acquiring customer feedback in the easiest way possible.

1. Get Specific Feedback From Customers

Filling a long restaurant feedback form that has little to do with the actual guest experience is a pain. You obviously cannot ask for a specific feedback on the basis of what your customers ordered on a restaurant feedback form. This is because your feedback forms are printed beforehand and do not include the feedbacks for the specific items ordered by the different customers. This is where digital feedback forms help.

Integrated with the Point of Sale software, the Feedback App generates a specific customer feedback form based on the items ordered by a particular customer. This way, the customers end up answering only the relevant questions.

how a restaurant feedback form helps you gather specific feedback from customers

2. Measure the Performance of Each Aspect of Your Customer Service

If you are using restaurant feedback form, integrating them with your POS is nearly impossible. However, the feedback form will make your operations seamless. You will be able to receive a detailed report of all the items ordered by the customers and the reviews that each customer provides for each item. You can measure the performance of each item from the feedback garnered. From this, you can also compare the popularity of each item in your restaurant and will enable you to improve the ones which are not performing that good. It will also help you identify what was it that went wrong in your service and what was it that your guests appreciated.

3. CRM Integration

One of the major advantages of restaurant feedback forms is that it collects precious customer data such as Name, Contact Number, Email ID. These can be further utilised for restaurant marketing activities such as sending promotional SMS and emails. While using paper-based restaurant feedback forms you have to manually document all the information of the customer to maintain the complete customer history.

Not only this is tedious, it also has a lot of scope for errors. For instance, often the handwriting of the customers filling the form is incomprehensible, making it difficult to enter the data into the CRM. Paper-based feedback forms can also easily be misplaced.

On the contrary, a feedback app will automatically sync the customer information in the CRM. On the basis of this, you can run a loyalty program on the basis of the items ordered by the customers. In addition to this, you can also view the entire order history of the customer. Based on this, you can segment your customers, and send them customised SMS and emails. For example, a customer who orders non-veg items frequently would be more interested in knowing about the new grilled chicken item on your menu than the customers who only order veg dishes. With the help of digital feedback forms, you can give another dimension to your Customer Relationship Management.

4. Receive Real-Time Alerts

The entire point of asking for feedback is to ensure customer satisfaction. When a customer gives a bad review on the feedback form, it is not possible for you to take real-time actions since, here everything is done manually. Even if a customer leaves a bad comment on the restaurant feedback form, the waiter who is taking the feedback may not give it much thought, and ignore the review, and leave the customer disgruntled.

When it comes to the feedback app, whenever you receive a bad review, you will instantly get a notification on your mobile phone and you will have the chance to pacify your disgruntled customer even before they walk out of your restaurant. This way, even if you are not in your restaurant, you can still keep an eye on the customer service provided.

5. Easier For Both the Customer and the Staff

Filling up long restaurant feedback forms seems a daunting affair for most customers. In fact, most of the times customers don’t even end up filling the form, or only fill a few details. Using a digital restaurant feedback form that asks only the relevant questions increases the probability of customers filling it completely.

On the other hand, not being able to tap into the customer feedback and data received is one of the major gaps in restaurants. Often illegible handwriting or an error in entering the data into the CRM makes the entire process of asking for feedback useless. It also reduces the human effort of entering the data manually into the CRM and thus eliminating errors.

instant notifications is a benefit of digital feedback forms

In today’s age of technology, restaurants are constantly looking for new ways to improve their operations as well as service. Restaurant feedback forms are now being swiftly replaced with the more sophisticated digital feedback forms that not only improve the guest experience and increase customer delight but also provide the much-needed insights to boost your restaurant business. Here are the top restaurant management apps that you need to install right away in your restaurant.

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