First Fiddle Restaurants Succeeds in Gaining Enterprise Control and Boosting Customer Retention with Posist

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First Fiddle Restaurants is one of the world’s largest F&B holding companies which operates some of India’s most iconic restaurant bars and 20+ brands with 35+ restaurants. Each brand has a unique product proposition. Be it The Warehouse Cafe, Plum by Bent Chair, Lord of the Drinks, each of the First Fiddle brands has a distinct story to tell and a great experience to offer to its customers.

Running and managing multiple restaurant brands is no easy feat. Managing one restaurant is a challenge in itself but monitoring the operations of each restaurant in an enterprise model is a task on its own. For example, not having definite control over pilferage issues adds up to the inventory costs and leads to higher costs. Internal pilferage has been a major concern for First Fiddle Restaurants over the years. Secondly, customer retention and increasing the number of repeat visits has also been one of the focus areas. 

Features Used By First Fiddle Restaurants

Features used by First Fiddle Restaurant

All these factors led First Fiddle Restaurants to seek a reliable and scalable POS partner that not only gave them centralized control but streamlined the process of managing multiple brands with ease. 

Posist’s Enterprise Module ensures proper management and timely resolution of issues for each outlet. Real-time reporting eliminates the need for visiting each outlet or franchisee and eliminates the need to rely on the restaurant manager for data. 

First Fiddle Restaurant group analyzes the performance data for each outlet through Posist’s live-reporting and analytics module. This helps them understand customer preferences, item wise performance and accordingly bring in updates in the menu. 

Posist’s anti-theft module allows real-time tracking of void bills or fraudulent activities that can be tracked by individual staff logins and sends real-time notifications in case of possible pilferage. This helps in keeping tight control on billing operations and helps in identifying the exact source of revenue leakage.

Posist’s comprehensive CRM solution has enabled the brand to retain more customers and increase customer satisfaction. The customer data captured in the system helps in running highly targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty programs that encourage repeat visits. The Feedback App seeks item-wise feedback from customers and notifies the management instantly in case of any negative feedback. This helps First Fiddle take corrective actions immediately and increase customer satisfaction. 

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