The Belgian Waffle Co. Scales Operations To Over 300 Outlets With Posist

Belgian waffle co.

Owned and operated by Bloombay Enterprise Ltd, The Belgian Waffle Co. is India’s first waffle-centric QSR that offers on-the-go waffle sandwiches. Founded in 2015, the brand chose franchising as the apparent route to scale the business. Being a large franchising business, BWC has been on the lookout for a technology partner that could enable them to manage their supply chain efficiently, give them complete control over the entire business and provide avenues to increase overall revenue. 

With 200+ outlets, it has been essential for the brand to track the performance of each outlet, maintain consistency, customer loyalty, identify the gaps in the business and create innovative sales strategies. 

We follow the Franchise Model and hence it is important for us to have a strong technological backbone that can manage the billing, discounts, and raw materials. Posist was our first POS vendor and I’m happy to say that we’ve grown together. Posist has really pushed innovation when it comes to this industry.
Shrey Aggarwal
The Belgian Waffle Co.

Posist’s Stock and Inventory module ensured consistency in food preparation and quality through recipe standardization. Their central stock circulation meant any changes in the recipe being updated in real-time across all 200 stores.

Features Used:

BWC features used

In a multi-outlet enterprise QSR, there is a scope of revenue leakage at various touchpoints raising the need for accurate sales forecasting and in-depth analysis. With Posist’s yield management solutions, BWC tracks the variance between ideal stock and actual stock. In addition, the smart user roles and permissions enable BWC to track any misappropriations happening at an outlet level. 

Given that Posist is a cloud-based solution, it gives us real-time updates and helps us understand the consumption patterns across the country which actually helps us tailor-make our marketing campaigns. It helps us think through products that should be put on discounts, and understand what hours of the day work well for us and what don’t.
Ankit Patel
The Belgian Waffle Co. 

BWC monitors the performance of individual outlets by relying on live data and analytics to take immediate actions and enable their marketing teams to create campaigns during lean hours and specific locations. 

The CRM module also helps to focus on understanding customer preferences and brings innovations to the menu. With Posist customized loyalty programs, the brand runs loyalty programs by the name “Hashtag Loyalty” based on customer ordering frequency and behavior, resulting in increased customer delight and improved profits that help incentivize their customers. 

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