Why a POS is Vital to Streamline Your Cloud Kitchen Operations Based in the UAE


The food delivery segment has grown by leaps and bounds with a steep rise in the number of restaurants shifting towards this formative model. According to statistics, the food delivery sector in the UAE is expected to grow at a rate of 6% annually which is set to continue for a minimum of five years. Cloud kitchens operate entirely via the backend and accept orders from various online food aggregators and online ordering websites/ mobile app. As the delivery segment and cloud kitchen business is on the rise, so is the need for investing in POS software that helps in running the kitchen operations smoothly. It is thus necessary to have a POS that accepts all orders centrally and ensures higher profitability. This article discusses how POS software is effective in streamlining cloud kitchen operations in the UAE.

Streamlining The Cloud Kitchen Operations In The UAE With A POS System

As the cloud kitchen business thrives entirely on online orders, it’s vital to have an integrated system that manages the orders centrally, integrating different channels, and speeding up the delivery process. Mentioned below are the ways in which a Point-of-Sale system can prove to be efficient in streamlining the cloud kitchen operations in the UAE. 

1. Centralized Order Taking 

When a customer places an order online, his/her information such as contact details, location, and preferred dishes reflects real-time in the POS system and is pushed to the kitchen located closest to the delivery point. This is where the preparation of food takes place.

The call center panel, an integral part of the cloud kitchen POS, helps in upselling by suggesting meal options to customers based on their past order history. Also, the POS software lets you define a menu for all kitchen outlets based on their respective bestsellers, thus streamlining the ordering process, reducing delivery time, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

2. Multiple Brand Ordering

The cloud kitchen business model is extremely versatile and cost-effective. Operators can smoothly run multiple brands from the same kitchen, giving customers more extensive menu options and the ability to place orders with different brands. A single cloud kitchen POS integrates orders from multiple brands making it convenient to process them. It helps generate greater revenue. Cloud kitchen operators can also customize restaurant management software according to their requirements. 

3. Live Data Reports and Analysis

Third-party aggregator services in the UAE enable customers to track the status of food preparation and delivery for better transparency. Similarly, a cloud kitchen POS also allows the management team to view the order status and access real-time reports on sales. The real-time reporting feature in the POS helps in tracking kitchen operations, such as the time taken to prepare the dish, etc.

As soon as the order is prepared, a delivery executive is appointed for speedy delivery. A robust POS also maintains a proper record of the critical details such as the discount offered, frequency of a particular dish ordered by a customer, etc. Monitoring this data greatly helps in evaluating your staff’s performance and increasing productivity. 

setting up processes of a cloud kitchen

4. Sales Management And Overview

For cloud kitchen brands operating in multiple outlets or countries, the right  POS can streamline the entire operations and provide a complete overview of the overall sales and transactions. A restaurant management software estimates the appropriate food cost such that even if there are different prices for each item on the basis of your kitchen location, you can monitor the entire transaction with ease. 

The transactions also include details of the delivery partners and discounts applicable on each order in each kitchen, all of it on a single screen. Analyzing this data also helps to determine the top source for order delivery, prime location, customer demographics, etc. Cloud kitchen operators in the UAE can readily utilize this information to understand the sales patterns and make data-driven decisions. 

5. Unified Dashboard

A single, unified dashboard helps in managing operations centrally. Specific order details such as delayed orders, higher delivery times, or employee scheduling can be identified on a single screen. POS systems help cloud kitchen restaurants to deliver faster by specifying the time span required for preparing each item along with the estimated time of delivery. It is easy to customize recipes for each item centrally, which is automatically updated at the respective kitchens. 

6. Management Of Multiple Kitchen Outlets

The cloud kitchen management software creates a blueprint for managing kitchen operations, inclusive of all the equipment.

Operators can customize the layout of the kitchen equipment according to their requirements. The efficiency of your kitchen workflow can be monitored through a single software. This makes it easy for the kitchen staff to prepare and track dishes, track inventory and raw materials, and make changes wherever necessary.

7. Instant Order Assignment To Delivery Partners 

Once an order is punched into the POS system, it is automatically assigned to the respective delivery partner. The optimization ensures that the time taken for preparing the order is close to the time taken by the delivery executive to reach the kitchen outlet. With high precision order-taking and delivery, POS systems can help in bringing more orders and reaching out to more customers.  

Cloud kitchen is becoming a popular trend and the hottest investment option in the UAE’s restaurant space. Invest in the right cloud kitchen software and foster your business like never before!

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